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Potatoes with white carnaciori / Mashed potatoes and white pudding

Potatoes with white carnaciori / Mashed potatoes and white pudding

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The potato crush is a simple and tasty recipe for firmer potatoes boiled in their skins and then crushed with a fork, so that the larger pieces remain, mixed with various aromatic herbs, with butter or olive oil, with small shallots or with other finely chopped vegetables. It is found in dozens of forms, it has a special taste both due to the fact that you can feel the small pieces of potato and due to the various combinations and although it seems a trivial recipe I saw many chef en cuisine proud of this recipe using it in amazing combinations. But I better show you what can be done with a handful of mashed potatoes… ..

Preparation: boil the 4 potatoes in salted water and when they are ready to cook, take them out a little to cool.

They are cleaned while they are still hot and do not cool in any form with water (order from chef en cuisine) so I respected it. After I cleaned them, I crushed them with a fork with the small pieces of butter placed on them, I added finely chopped onions, finely chopped greens and salt and pepper.

While preparing the potatoes, put the sausage on the grill (I boiled it 5 minutes beforehand) and let it brown enough to make some stripes on it.

After the sausage is done, it's time to arrange the plate. I avoided making any moves with utensils that are not available to everyone so I did not use the stainless steel ring to arrange the potatoes but I placed them in a small form of soufflé greased with olive oil and then I turned them on a dish .

I arranged the sausage slices around the potatoes, sprinkled them with a dressing made of balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, greens and olive oil. I simply decorated it with a few chives and the meal was ready.

You wouldn't even say that they are simple mashed potatoes with sausage slices… nor are they, it's a real fun menu made in 20 minutes, cost per serving under 1 euro, which is excellent, I say. So I present "ecrasée de pomme de terre et boudin blanc" a food that sounds pretentious but is available to anyone.