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Baked chicken stuffed with vegetables

Baked chicken stuffed with vegetables

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Preparation: in a saucepan, heat the vegetables in a tablespoon of oil over low heat, seasoning them to taste with salt and pepper. We leave them for a few minutes until they are half done, without adding water at all.

Wash the chicken well, clean it and dry it with a paper towel. We carefully fill the chicken with vegetables and place it in the pan, I used the Romanian dish this time too because I like how the meat is tender in the oven. If you don't have a Romanian dish, I recommend using a yena bowl with a lid so you can let it simmer in the oven for the first 45 minutes. Over the chicken I poured a mixture made of 100 ml of olive oil, 50 ml of water, a tablespoon of paprika, salt, pepper, spices for chicken and then I sprinkled over the chicken a little more salt, greens, peppercorns.

If you use the yena pot you can put more water, in the Romanian pot it does not have to be steamed, being kept before use in cold water. Put the chicken in the oven with the lid on and leave it at a temperature of 230 degrees for 45 minutes.

Then carefully remove the lid, lower the temperature to 210 degrees and leave for another 30 minutes in the oven to drain the water well and brown lightly. From time to time we put a tablespoon of oil from it on the tray. It is ready when we see it browned and the water has dropped.

I served it with slices of boiled potatoes for 8 minutes and then put in the oven with butter, accompanied by mujdei and pickles, of course it's the season. I wish you good appetite!

Chicken breast stuffed with vegetables ->

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Chicken breast stuffed with baked vegetables

Chicken breast stuffed with baked vegetables. Chicken breast roll stuffed with mushrooms, peppers, corn, peas and a little smoked (bacon). Baked chicken breast with vegetables, butter and herbs. How to fill a chicken breast with vegetables?

How to make chicken breast stuffed with vegetables? It can also be an appetizer roll of chicken breast with vegetables because it looks very cold, cut into slices.

I was left with a chicken breast that I made paprika. Some friends were coming to visit and I kept thinking about how to give a & # 8222festiva & # 8221 note to this chicken breast. I had prepared in the past chicken in Kiev (breaded chicken breast stuffed with flavored butter) or chicken breast with ricotta and spinach.

For the vegetable filling you can also use a & # 8222mix mexican & # 8221 or choose a few from several types. In addition I put mushrooms and smoked meat.

From the quantities below it results approx. 2 servings of chicken breast stuffed with baked vegetables.

  • 1 whole chicken breast
  • 100 g mushrooms
  • 50 g corn
  • 50 g peas
  • & frac14 peppers
  • 2-3 slices of smoked meat
  • aromatic herbs (rosemary, oregano)
  • salt
  • pepper
  • 30 g butter 82%
  • 30 m oil

The recipe for chicken stuffed with quince and baked pumpkin it is extremely simple.

I would have loved to cook it at slow cooker crock pot, but the chick did not fit in it.

But it came out quite fragile in the oven as well, especially since I put it in a yena bowl with a lid.

But you can find on the blog several recipes with chicken, which I highly recommend.

You can also follow my recipes on the page Facebook, but I am waiting for you with culinary surprises and on Instagram and on Pinterest or Twitter.