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Desert scorched

Desert scorched

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Mix all the ingredients, then add the flour and knead for 5-10 minutes (it must be a soft dough that can be easily worked with). Spread a sheet about 0.5 cm and cut into diamonds then in the middle cut with the tip of a knife and insert one end through that cut and remove on the other side. Some twisted donuts or lies will come out.

Fry in hot oil, over medium heat, until golden brown on all sides. Remove on paper towels, then powder well with powdered sugar.

Quick banana dessert / Quick banana dessert

From the first moment I tasted this dessert I knew that it is a keeper, the really cool part is that it is made in three minutes, with ingredients at hand. If you want, you can quietly add cereal (muesli, oatmeal, etc.) & # 8211 you will get the most wonderful and pampered breakfast!


1. Cut the bananas into thick slices.

2. In a non-stick pan, melt the butter, add the bananas, brown sugar and cinnamon and leave to caramelize for a few minutes. You will see that the bananas soften a little and start to release crazy flavors & # 8230

3. Mix with yogurt (and, optionally, cereal) and serve hot.

Pampered for the weekend, the middle of the week, the cold evening.

From the first moment I tasted this, I knew it was a keeper. It & # 8217s fast to make and flavored & # 8211 kids will love it!

The brunette has repeatedly stated that she never wants to wear a wedding dress. Moreover, during the show Xtra Night Show, Daniela Crudu admitted that she had plans to get married to her bully Croatian boyfriend.

But after the violent episode he had, he returned to the old idea. "I don't feel like getting married anymore, I'm fed up. I wanted to have a relationship with a Croatian for a year and a half. I stayed with a boy who was not Romanian. I wanted something more serious and after that it didn't happen again. I don't want it anymore, I want to live my life ", Daniela Crudu transmitted on Facebook.

Moşmon, the forgotten fruit

The old man (Mespilus germanica), known in our country and as oak, moss, mustache or German scorch, is a fruit tree from family Rosaceae.
It is not pretentious on the ground, it grows from lowlands to mountainous areas, it blooms late, so it is not affected by frost.
In Romania it grows wild in meadows and at the edge of forests, but it can also be cultivated.
Its fruits seem to be the combination of apple and rosehip, are the size of a walnut and have been known since antiquity. The old women enjoyed great popularity in Western Europe in the Victorian era, being even mentioned in the verses of William Shakespeare.

What nutrients do mosses contain?

Santa Clauses contain a lower percentage of the water (70%-74%), nitrogenous substances, fats (0,44%), tannins in dried fruits (12%), mucilages, citric, malic and tartaric acid, potassium, sugars, proteins, mineral salts, cellulose.
Santa's tea is rich in beta-carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin C, calcium and iron.

When can I introduce my grandparents to my child's diet?

Being a fairly rare fruit, there is no concrete information about the age at which children can consume old people. But because we are dealing with a berry, it not recommended for children under 1 year. As with any new food, seek the advice of your pediatrician and follow the 4-day rule.

What are the benefits of body aids?

The old men are fruits tonic, diuretic and have the ability to regulate intestinal transit. They are recommended for the relief of gout (eliminates nausea), rheumatism, treatment of diarrhea, colitis and kidney stones.

How do I choose and how do I keep my grandparents?

The old ones are picked late, after the first frost. Either they must be left in the tree until they take on a copper color and soften, or, if they are picked earlier, the fruits must be kept in hay-covered crates until they ripen well.

How is it prepared?

The old women can eat them after they have been left to ripen. They can be eaten as such, peeled, or in the form of jam, compote, jelly, syrup, tarts or fried in butter and cloves. Muskweeds are an excellent winter dessert, and in gourmet restaurants you can find a variety of mashed potatoes served with fine cheeses, mushrooms, truffles or caviar.

Lies recipe for & # 8211 dry & # 8211 crispy bows & # 8211 scraps & # 8211

The recipe lies in crispy dry & # 8211 dry & # 8211 bows, sieves, sieves, scoruses & # 8230 or whatever other names they have in various areas of the country, without yeast, without baking powder. If you want to eat some lies & # 8211 extremely crispy vanilla-scented candies, I recommend this recipe. They are ready in 20 minutes and are very strong.

For lovers of lies & # 8211 candles Crispy I recommend this recipe without yeast or baking powder. You will be amazed at how the cherries grow and swell in oil! The real rum (or other alcohol & # 8211 brandy, liqueur) that is put in the dough has the role of looser & # 8211 it gives the fragility of these lies. The alcohol evaporates when fried. The recipe is Hungarian and is very popular in Transylvania. The Hungarians call these bakings pálinkás csöröge & # 8211 ciurigai cu palinca. In English they are called "angel wings" & # 8211 source.

The lies it is traditionally prepared during the carnival (Fasching, Farsang) which precedes the Lent of Catholic Easter. They are well known in Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and in Transylvania and Banat. There are some strips of dough fried in oil and powdered with sugar, very crunchy and tasty. The dough must be spread very thin (max. 1.5 & # 8211 2 mm or as thick as a knife blade & # 8211 like homemade noodles) to get basic and crunchy lies.

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