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Mimosa cocktail

Mimosa cocktail

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Mimosa Cocktail Recipe by of 20-06-2009 [Updated on 04-06-2015]

The mimosa cocktail is a fresh and light drink made with orange juice and champagne, it owes its name to the yellow color that recalls mimosa and is known and loved all over the world. It is usually prepared with 1/3 of orange juice and 2/3 of prosecco wine or champagne, and if the oranges are not very sweet (as in this case), just make an addition of sugar syrup, and make it perfect. The mimosa cocktail is a variant of the most famous bellini cocktail made with peach puree and prosecco (you will also see the one soon on the blog), it is very simple to make and is perfect to serve for an aperitif along with appetizers or as a welcome cocktail. a party. The recipe is yours :)


How to make the mimosa cocktail

Prepare a syrup by melting the sugar in a saucepan with the water on the stove.

Squeeze the oranges with a juicer and filter the juice with a colander.

Pour the orange juice into a large bowl and add the cold champagne from the fridge and the cooled sugar syrup.

Stir and put in the fridge to cool.
Serve the mimosa cocktail in flutes garnished with an orange wedge.

  • pentru 4 ports of 150 ml
  • 300 ml suc proaspat stors de portocale (6-7 average portocale)
  • 300 ml prosecco sau sampanie, reci

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Differences between Mimosa cocktail and Buck's Fizz

The Mimosa cocktail and the Buck's Fizz are two drinks prepared with same ingredients: orange juice and champagne. Differentials are only the doses. Mimosa has the same amount of orange juice and champagne, while Buck's Fizz has double the amount of orange juice. But both are part of the big one Fizz family, i mixed drinks ideal to accompany aperitifs, fish dishes and brunches. Buck's Fizz can be enriched with the addition of Grand Marnier, while a variant of Mimosa provides for the addition of grenadine. In both cases, the variants increase the alcohol content and give a more intense color to the drink. But here's how to make a perfect Mimosa cocktail.

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Making the mimosa cocktail is really very simple. Cut the oranges in half to get the juice *, then strain it if necessary. Pour it into the glasses, considering that then, in each one, you will also have to add the same sparkling wine.

Pour in the sparkling wine and serve the mimosa cocktail immediately. If you wish, you can decorate the glasses with a thin slice of orange or lemon on the rim.

Mimosa cocktail: notes

* I don't suggest you use packaged orange juice, it tastes different! The ideal would be to squeeze oranges at the moment, I highly recommend it.

Mimosa cocktail: conservation

Once prepared, I recommend that you serve and sip the cocktail immediately! It is not suitable for freezing.

10 Vermouth Cocktail Recipes Anyone Can Make

If vermouth isn't in your current alcohol arsenal, we're here to convert you. The fortified wine is super versatile & mdashyou've probably already tried it in a cocktail or two & mdashand although you can drink it on the rocks, both its dry and sweet varieties really shine when paired with something harder. We went to the experts for some delicious vermouth cocktail recipes for when you don't feel like leaving your couch but are in the mood for a professional-tasting aperitif. Cheers!


Mix equal parts sweet vermouth and Campari over ice, top with a splash of club soda, and garnish with an orange wedge.


1.5 oz Tod & amp Vixen & rsquos Dry Gin 1651

1oz Cocchi Storico Vermouth of Turin

Stir with ice in an ice-filled rocks glass, garnish with orange wedge, then serve. (Finger-stirring optional.)


2 dashes Angostura bitters

Stir ingredients in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into chilled martini glass or cocktail coupe.

Courtesy of Town and Country


1 1/2 oz. Carpano Antica or other sweet vermouth

3 oz. club soda or seltzer

Fill a rocks glass with ice. Pour the Carpano Antica over the ice and top with the club soda or seltzer. Stir, then garnish with the bitters and mint sprig.


.5 oz Carpano Antica Formula vermouth

3 dashes Bar Keep apple bitters

Add all ingredients to mixing glass and stir with ice. Strain over large ice cubes in a rocks glass and garnish with orange peel and a brandied cherry.

Courtesy of Town & amp Country and Eddie Eakin of Boulevardier in Dallas, TX


1 barspoon Orange Marmalade

Shake, strain into double rocks glass with crushed ice. Garnish with a lavish mint bouquet.


.5 oz Dolin Blanc vermouth

Orange twist expressed and rolled on skewer with a brandied cherry for garnish

Stir with ice and strain into an absinthe rinsed Nick and Nora glass. Garnish as described above.

Courtesy of Flora Bar in New York City


.5 oz Carpano Antica Formula Vermouth


Build / shake like a ramos. Pour into fizz appropriate glass, and top with soda, creating frothy & ldquohead. "Rest straw, mint sprig, and grated nutmeg on top.

Courtesy of Jessica Braasch at Bible Club, Portland OR


1 part Carpano Dry Vermouth

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a highball glass with crushed ice. Garnish with lemon wheel.


1 oz Honeydew Genmaicha Mint Sherbet *

Add everything but matcha powder into a shaker filled with ice. Reverse dry shake. Fine strain into a chilled cappuccino mug. Garnish with matcha powder dust on top.

* Honeydew Genmaicha Mint Sherbet

t10 oz (wt) Chopped Honeydew

10 oz (wt) Matcha Iri Genmaicha Tea

Place honeydew, mint and sugar in a non-reactive container, shake to coat and let sit refrigerated overnight.Blend honeydew, mint and sugar mixture with matcha iri genmaicha tea until well incorporated.Strain through nut bag.Bottle and refrigerate for up to 2 weeks.

Courtesy of Merandia Adkins of L.B.M Bar in Cleveland, Ohio

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Mimosa Cocktail - Recipes

I love Prosecco, and all bubbles in general. Here are three famous simple and always welcome cocktails, pleasant and fresh, pleasing to the palate for the low alcohol content and the intense and delicate aroma, perfect as an aperitif, excellent as an accompaniment to savory and sweet finger foods, nice for a cheerful thirst-quenching break during day.

6/10 of Champagne or Prosecco
4/10 of squeezed non-red orange

Peel the peaches and cut them into small pieces, put them in the blender adding only a finger of sparkling wine to be able to blend them well (always if necessary) and crushed ice and blend. Pour the sparkling wine into the glass, followed by the peach smoothie. Serve immediately.

This recipe participates in the collection of the Culinary Abbecedario for Veneto (organized by the enterprising Trattoria MuVarA).


We love the same cocktails then. I love all three, but the Rossini is my favorite.

Cla:. few tastes. but good.
And then the bubbles always.

But where has one ever seen a sparkling wine blend. That is any carbonated drink. Are we kidding? So let's shake them too and then boom. a nice bang. try x believe

Giorgio, but just a finger, just to better blend the fruit and if needed :-)
Oh well, I correct for newbies, who maybe really understand to blend all the spmante! . :-)

George. but please recover.

Hello! I ask you for advice. For a lunch with friends I would like to make an aperitif with celery which is usually very popular (celery, lemons, ice and sugar) but I would like to make it slightly alcoholic. Do you think I can add some prosecco? In what quantity? Thank you :

Rather than prosecco I would see a vodka well, acting as a kind of caipiroska. For the quantity I always go by eye, starting with a little and tasting, and diluting with ice, even a little chopped. Consider that sugar tends to raise the alcohol content :-))

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Mimosa Cocktail - Recipes

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How to cook the recipe

  1. Put the peeled oranges in the jug: 4 speed strokes. Turbo.
  2. With the blades moving at speed. 4 add the prosecco from the hole in the lid: 20 sec. speed 4.
  3. Transfer the mixture into a pitcher, filtering it with a colander.
  4. Serve very cold with orange slices.
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