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Yacht Partying on the Duchess Lounge

Yacht Partying on the Duchess Lounge

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Sail around New York City and celebrate a fabulous occasion at the same time

We’re big on parties here at The Daily Meal — really big. We like them all — themed parties, birthday parties, weddings, parties of all shapes and sizes. So when we were introduced to the idea of partying on a yacht, we thought, "Why not?"

World Yacht at Pier 81 in New York City is located on the Hudson River, and has unveiled its new Duchess Lounge, an oasis on the sea. The yacht sets sail nightly, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., and the lounge onboard is able to house anywhere from eight to 100 guests for any and all occasions all year long, from birthdays to after-work cocktails, rehearsal dinners, and everything in between.

With an extensive cocktail menu, light fare, music, and undeniably gorgeous views of the New York City skyline, where else would you rather be for three hours?

We strongly suggest partying on a yacht — unless of course you’re not pals with the sea and boats. Then stay a shore, for all our sakes.

Ten Interesting Facts about Her Majesty’s Yacht Britannia

Missing proper British Food? Then order from the British Corner Shop – Thousands of Quality British Products – including Waitrose, Shipping Worldwide. Click to Shop now.

In service to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II from 1953 until 1997, HMY Britannia was the royal yacht and the second to bear the name. Since it’s retirement from service, it has been moored at Ocean Terminal, Leith, in Edinburgh where it is a major tourist attraction for the Scottish city. It’s forty-four-year service time and nearly twenty years as a living exhibit have produced plenty of interesting facts to digest. Have a look at ten of these interesting facts below and if you’ve been to see the yacht for yourself, let us know your story in the comments.

Apocalypse Now

Should nuclear war have ever come to the United Kingdom, Britannia was to be a refuge and base of operations for Queen Elizabeth. The plan, dubbed the “python system”, would have had the ship located on the northwest coast of Scotland in sea lochs with Her Majesty, the Duke of Edinburgh, and the Home Secretary, while other cabinet officials would be scattered.

Doomed Honeymoon Cruise

At least four royal couples used Britannia for their honeymoons: Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981, and the Duke and Duchess of York in 1986. All four of the marriages ultimately ended in divorce.

A Long Line

HMY Britannia was the 83 rd royal yacht commissioned by a monarch, the first being HMY Mary, which was built for King Charles II by the Dutch East India Company. Since Britannia was launched 16 April 1953, it carried the Royal Family on 968 official voyages until it was decommissioned in 1997.

Its Predecessor

The prior Britannia was a sailing yacht commissioned by King Edward VII in 1893. The second Britannia’s steering wheel came Edward’s ship.

Other Purposes

Britannia was also designed to be a hospital ship in time of war, though it never saw this purpose during its service. It was, however, also used to evacuate 1,000 refugees from Aden during the South Yemen Civil War in 1986.

End of an Era

One of Britannia’s last voyages was to Hong Kong for the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom to the People’s Republic of China on 1 July 1997. The ship set sail for Hong Kong in January and served to escort British Governor Christopher Patten back to the UK.

Oh Well

Prior to the 1997 general election and as the fate of Britannia was being debated, the Conservative Party announced that one of its campaign pledges would be to construct a new yacht. However, Tony Blair’s Labour party, which had not released any promise for the yacht’s future, won and opted to have it retired instead. Queen Elizabeth has since chartered the MV Hebridian Princess, a private charter cruise ship, on two separate occasions for family trips around the Scottish islands.

Not So Above It

When HMY Britannia would come into port, blowing its foghorns, Queen Elizabeth herself would reportedly imitate the foghorn noise, much to the amusement of anyone in earshot.

Admiral on Deck

Unlike most ships, Britannia was the only ships in the world where the captain was always an Admiral. The crew were volunteers from the Royal Navy, officers were appointed for a period of two years, while enlisted crew (known as “yachtsmen”) served for a period of 365 days, after which they could be admitted to “The Permanent Royal Yacht Service”. If accepted the Royal Yachtsmen were permitted to serve until they left the Royal Yacht Service or were expelled for medical or disciplinary reasons. An attachment of Royal Marines would also be stationed on the yacht when the Royal Family was present.

Old School Sleeping

HMY Britannia was the last ship in the Royal Navy to have hammocks in sailors’ quarters.

A look inside The Duchess on the North Bergen waterfront

A grand opening party was held for The Duchess, the brand new apartment community on the Hudson riverfront in North Bergen.

It has a collection of 320 world-class apartments -- ranging from $2,400 to $9,800 per month -- accompanied by a remarkable assortment of Paris Forino-designed amenity spaces and common areas.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Guests enjoyed music, cocktails and hors d'oeurves in the two-story lobby.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Located at 7601 River Rd., the Duchess offers amazing views of the New York skyline.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

The Duchess' units feature recessed LED overhead lighting, energy- and water-efficient Electrolux washers and dryers ultra-sleek ceiling fans in every room, and huge closets with built-in millwork closet systems and mirrored closet doors.

With an exterior designed by Hoboken-based Vijay Kale Architects, PC, The Duchess is a three-towered building featuring spacious apartments with large bathrooms, living areas and walk-in closets.

Set on the western bank of the Hudson River at 7601 River Road, The Duchess comprises a mix of spacious studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments that offer sweeping views of Manhattan.

For residents who commute into Manhattan, Post Brothers will provide shuttle service to the NY Waterway ferry, which offers an under-10-minute trip to Midtown Manhattan. Additionally, residents will have access to NJ Transit bus route 158, which provides a direct route to the Port Authority Bus Terminal at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue.

A two-bedroom, two-bathroom model unit. (Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal)

Post Brothers has equipped each residence with floor-to-ceiling, high-efficiency tilt-and-turn windows, built-in roller shades and European oak solid hardwood flooring throughout. Kitchens feature a choice of two finish packages, quartz countertops, induction cooktops, Bosch dishwashers, Grohe fixtures, and a French-door refrigerator.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Bedroom suite of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom model unit.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Another bedroom with en suite bathroom and a walk-in closet.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Here's another view of the bathroom, with a futuristic shower.

(Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal)

A one-bedroom, one-bathroom model unit.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Bedroom with walk-in closet.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Bathrooms are decked out in travertine tile surrounds, mirrors with integrated makeup lighting, and extremely large walk-in showers with rain shower heads and glass doors.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

The cycling studio offering instructor-led group fitness.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

The Wellness Center, which features state-of-the-art fitness equipment and interactive Expresso bikes.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

The Wellness Center with weight-lifting equipment.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

An architectural rendering of The Water Terrace, which features a heated lounge pool, hot tub, private cabana beds, direct sun chaises, lounging pods, and a New York City skyline overlook.

Reena Rose Sibayan | The Jersey Journal

"We like to call the residences at The Duchess 'grown-up homes' because the entire development is designed to meet the needs of those who rent by choice and therefore demand the type of select amenities that would normally only be found at the most upscale of condominium buildings," said Michael Pestronk, CEO and co-founder of Post Brothers. "It starts with being able to offer one of the most sought-after panoramic views in the world, but it's The Duchess' bespoke details and amenities that make it unlike any residential building that's ever been built in New Jersey."

In addition to being the first New Jersey project for Post Brothers, which is best known for elevating the level of luxury that's expected from renters in the Philadelphia residential market, The Duchess also marks the first New Jersey project for Forino, the celebrated designer known for creating elegant, contemporary interiors.

Ethel Kennedy

I'm watching "Jackie, Ethel and Joan: The Kennedy Women" on cable tonight.

Why did (does) Ethel speak with such a weird accent? I thought she was raised in Greenwich. And why is she such a bitchy drag?

Also, in the miniseries she's played by Lauren Holly, but in real life she was nowhere near so pretty--she has huge ugly horseteeth. Why did Bobby keep fucking her? they ended up with something like 13 children, so he must have found her attractive.

Here she is, surrounded by her enormous brood, looking as if she's ready to chew down a few trees so she can build them a den for the winter.

Oh god, R1. Your post made me snort while I laughed.

Her kids were raised pretty freely--she hardly had anything to do with them once she had dropped them from her capacious womb. In the 70s they were notoriously wild and irresponsible things changed once the one died on a heroin OD and the other one got arrested for drug possession in South Dakota. Now, naturally, they all make money off their parents' and grandparents' memory, except for the one gay one, Rory, who is a pretty intelligent documentary filmmaker.

Sorry, my mistake: she "only" had eleven children, not 13.

I hope she used the life insurance she collected on Bobby to have massive vaginal reconstruction in 1968. All those births must have made her pretty loose!

the "gay one, Rory". Isn't she married?

Ohhh gosh I love Ethel Kennedy!! I used to see her frequently at Tyson's Corner Mall (with one of her lackey secretaries)when she lived in Virginia. I've met her a few times and she just seemed to be scatterbrained, yet cool. Halloween at Hickory Hill (RFK's estate) was always fun.

Bobby's will left her strapped financially, apparently. At one point she had holes in the roof of Hickory Hill, and nobody in the family would authorize paying for the roof. Jackie found out about it and paid for it herself. She also lent Ethel $50,000 at one point when she was married to Onassis. She had money problems until the late 80s, when she was able to free up millions of dollars that were part of her Skakel inheritance.

She never should have had that many children. She never got over Bobby's death and was a terrible mother as a result.

Read "The Other Mrs. Kennedy" by Jerry Oppenheimer. Delicious dirt.

My sister was one of her assistants years ago. Ethel is unable to keep staff-my sister quit after 3 months. She is a bitch on wheels and pays nothing, like the rest of the Kennedys.

My sister told me she liked Kathleen and Bobby Jr. the best out of all of the children. She said Rory was a bitch.

That's a good trashy book, r9! It is a Kitty Kelley-esque hatchet job-he has nothing good to say about her.

It's typical Jackie should have been so kind as to bail her out financially, even though Ethel was such a bitch to her every summer at the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport. She would make fun of Jackie's pronunciation of her own name ("Zha-KLEEN") and mock her for being a sissy. Ethel was a real tomboy and wanted to mix it up with the Kennedy men and their tomboyish sisters--I think she felt threatened by Jackie being so genteel and elegant. Also, I think Ethel was always in love with JFK -- she wrote her senior thesis in college in 1946 on his (ghostwritten) book "Why England Slept," and immediately went to work after graduation on his first congressional campaign. The Skakels were as rich as (if not richer than) the Kennedys, and Joe Sr. could not pass up the opportunity to have one of his boys marry such a rich Catholic girl.

Bobby had some many kids to overcomensate for his anquish over being gay.

Who would name their child Ethel anyway? Did her parents hate her? Did they die in that plane accident just to get away from her?

she is a dreadful woman who has nice kids. a devout catholic who instructs her congressman son how to vote, incedently, joe the third is pat robertson's fave kennedy!

I always thought bobby was confused about his sexuallity. He adored his kids and they were beyond devestated when he was killed.

Ethel DESPERATELY wanted to be more of a true Kennedy than just an in-law that she vowed to have more children than her mother-in-law. Which she did.

But the problem was that once she had the child, she promptly left the children with nannies, nurse-maids and tutors.

Ethel would not win mother of the year, considering how some of her children have turned out.

BTW she is deeply religious that she viewed sex just for producing children. Which is why Bobby looked elsewhere. Once Bobby died, she never had sex again. She wasn't going to have any more children, what was the point?

I recall reading in some trashy book or another that Bobby had an affair with Jackie after JFK died and that Ethel pretty much turned a blind eye to the whole thing. Apparently Teddy tried to kiss her one drunken time at a function and she stopped him cold by stating that there would be no repeat of the Bobby/Jackie situation in the family.

R18 that story has been repeated in "A Woman Named Jackie" and "The Other Mrs. Kennedy"

Despite the Kennedy family myth, both Ethel and Rose were horrible mothers and that has been well documented.

And as was posted previously, the Skakels were much wealthier than the Kennedy's.

After Bobby's death, Ted was reviewing some of Ethel's outlandish bills that were sent to the Kennedy family's financial people for payment, and reportedly asked, "Why can't she use her Skakel money?".

Bobby and Ethel look like brother and sister.

Drunk. Bitch. Not bright. Rude. Lousy mother.

Laruen Holly is ugly, just not ugly in the same way as Ethel Kennedy. She has more of a stunned burn victim look.

Ethel Kennedy always seemed like a dyke.

Ethel is notorious for using the sure sign of a mean loser line: "Don't you know who I am?"

Poor Joan has fallen off the wagon again.

Funny that she was a cunt to Mrs. Onassis yet it was Mrs. Onassis who bailed her financially more than a few times. And always remaining anonymous about it.

Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular?

Joan seemed like she was the nicest, but Teddy was a shit to her

I thought that was Holly Hunter.

While old Joe Kennedy was still living, Ethel made a pretense of being thrifty. She out-foxed Joe by hiring identical twin butlers at one point. He was never aware that there were two butlers at Ethel's as only one would be on duty when Joe was on the premises.

Joan seems totally crazy in that photo, but surprisingly youthful (pulled back) for a 70 year-old.

Local boutiques dreaded when Ethel came into their shops. She'd take pricey items of clothing out 'on approval' and eventually return them after she'd worn them on several occasions. She was also a notorious slow pay on those items that she decided not to return.

Ethel has taken to small claims court more times than any other Kennedy for not paying her bills.

She believes as a Kennedy she should get stuff for free.

When you look back on all the Kennedy's, there really was only one great one, only one deserving of the myth, only one who was American Royalty and that is Jackie.

Jackie was a high-priced hooker.

Yeah a high priced hooker. Every hooker has the man's kids, sticks buy him through affairs, puts up with his family, travels around the world for him, wears his brains. yeah hooker all right. Idiot.

I gather she was not the most together woman. She did not run the kind of tight household one would expect from a very wealthy wife in a very prominant family.

The Skakels did not and do not have more money than the Kennedy's by the way. She was not left destitute by Bobby. Rather she was lousy at running her life and managing her money. My Mom knew Skakels growing up in Westchester and NYC. she told me they were the only family kicked out of the Larchmont Yacht Club. She always said Skakels and Kennedys deserved each other. My Mom could not stand the Kennedys as well. I was walking around our neighborhood in NYC and Mom pointed out an town house on Beekman Place (or very near there) as the Kennedy mistress house- about 1970. This was the place Joe bought for his and his sons various tarts du jour.

Ethel also used to stiff a fancy store I worked at in NYC in the late 70s early 80s, as did all the Kennedys except Mrs O, who was not really a Kennedy. Steven Smith used to periodically pay Lawford, Kennedy, Shriver, Smith bills that individual Kennedys would never pay. Smith ran the Kennedy trusts.

Not classy people the Kennedys and the Skakels. Ethels family was also famous for trashing rentals in Aspen.

More stories on her crazed but really rather normally crazed 60s/70s kids storming around the Cape and Islands. Basically just your run of the mill rich kid drinking and drugging too much in the Summer (just like their Uncle Ted).

Wreckless people. Not real classy. But her kids, all considered did their best. Not hard to understand the problems associated with their chaotic and way too public lives far as I am concerned.

poor Joanie Kennedy drinking mouth wash.

Why did it take so long for Ethel to get some of that Skakel money?

I will say that Lauren Holly, a very pretty woman, looked horrible in that part, and made her voice sound as coarse as possible.

"The Other Mrs. Kennedy" is so intrusive, it should have been sold with a speculum.

"she is a dreadful woman who has nice kids. a devout catholic who instructs her congressman son how to vote, incedently, joe the third is pat robertson's fave kennedy!"

Joe hasn't been in Congress for years. He runs that Citizen's Oil Co.(or whatever it is called) that he supposedly founded. I say supposedly because he never came across as that bright.

Joan was way too fragile for that family. She deserved better.

Well, it's not like she is still a member of the family seeing that she divorced Teddy 25 years ago.

Well, r45, she will always be the mother of Ted's children.

"sticks buy him through affairs"

What a wonderfully appropriate slip. Yes, Jackie bartered with Joe to stick by JFK in exchange for more cash.

Hooker? That may be a bit hyperbolic, but certainly within the ballpark.

Joe Sr. gave Jackie a million dollars not to leave JFK when she found out her husband was cheating on her immediately after the stillbirth of their first child, Arabella. That's been well documented.

R48: That's what I hear every time I play the Zapruder video backwards!

There was an incident that made the media back in the 1980s, when Ethel hired a caterer to serve a complete holiday meal for about a dozen family members and then she totally stiffed the caterer, who took her to court.

I wonder how rich the Kennedys are today. I know they have more money than 95% of the rest of the world but in comparison to other wealthy people they've always seemed like they were hanging on by a thread and relied on marrying daughters off to much more rich families to survive like the dying aristocratic families of Europe do.

In a way they are very much like an aristocratic family. Trading marriages and such. we get your wealthy son who will help fill our coffers and you'll get our daughter and be associated with a royal title, but instead of the title being Duke or Earl it is Kennedy which still means something in America.

r47, everyone can be a "hooker" by your standards then. Marriage isn't always about love. In many instances it's about financial security.

R54: If the fuck-me-pump fits . . .

"Who would name their child Ethel anyway?"

Probably a name that was in the family. And why not name her that? Should they have consulted you? You'd have given them a "pretty" name. How common.

Ethel was born pre-1950s. Up until the 60s/70s the name "Ethel" was a popular name.

I'm sure in 50 years people will ask why people named their daughters Tiffny, Lacey and Ashlee

"Marriage isn't always about love. In many instances it's about financial security."

Marrying someone for the money isn't that different from having sex with someone for money

A little bit of info on their wealth.

A whore is a whore is a whore.

Jackie just had her prices set very high.

The Kennedys still have quite a bit of money. They sold the Chicago Merchandise Mart for $550 million in 1998. Caroline is the richest one, since she inherited JFK's, Jackie's, and JFK Jr.'s estates.

Ethel put Hickory Hill up for sale in 2003 and it is still for sale-she's reduced the price from $25 million to $12.5 million.

"And why not name her that? Should they have consulted you?"

No, I wasn't alive when she was born. Evidently, you were--which evidently explains your little fit. Calm down, Gramps, or you'll stroke out.

Which sounds worse. the "Ethel" or the "Skakel"??

I thought Ethel was friends with one of JFK's sisters at college and she brought her home and that's how she met Bobby. Apparently the girls loved her bcz she fit right in with the coarse, rowdy rough bunch they were. I also heard that Elthel felt that fucking was for babies. Bobby only fucked her to get her pregnant. Then he was free to do as he liked. I also recall that she had a relationship with Andy Williams that lasted for years. And they never fucked bcz he was gay.

Ethel was friends with Jean who married Steve Smith.

She was involved with Williams after Bobby died and Williams was divorced. Supposedly, she didn't marry Andy because she didn't want to dishonor Bobby. Something like that. Andy sang Ave Maria at RFK's funeral.

If she is so well known as someone who doesn't pay her bills, why don't the merchants she goes to demand cash.

I mean, really. What a tacky bunch.

>>>>Also, in the miniseries she's played by Lauren Holly, but in real life she was nowhere near so pretty--she has huge ugly horseteeth

Bobby had huger horseteeth

>>>>My Mom knew Skakels growing up in Westchester and NYC. she told me they were the only family kicked out of the Larchmont Yacht Club.

Please. Lots of people have been thrown out of the Larchmont Yacht Club.

Years ago I worked in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. The company I worked for happened to be on the same floor as the main office for the management of the building.

Quite frequently I would see Christopher Kennedy in the hall or elevator since we got off on the same floor. The first time I saw him, I knew exactly who he was, even though I was not expecting to see him. His family resemblances (of both his parents) were very, very strong. He is not too tall, and from the back looks a lot like Bobby as far as his build = shift sleeves rolled up, etc.

When I worked there, there was a food court on the 2nd floor of the building. (It may still be there.) Very crowded at lunch time with people who worked in the building. Also it is very near to one of the CTA stations as the train stops right at the building. Several times while heading to or from lunch, I would see William Kennedy Smith (You know, the one who was tried for rape in Florida) in the halls, carrying a lunch tray. (This was after the trial and he was very recognizable. He was a doctor and worked at the Rehabilitation Insitute of Chicago, also downtown.) I assume he was heading upstairs to have lunch with his cousin, Christopher. He was quite tall and after all the TV coverage, very easy to pick out in a crowd.

I think I read that, before the $1M Joe paid to Jackie early in her marriage, he gave her a valuable painting (a Braque? Picasso?) during her engaqement because she wanted to dump JFK for some reason (cheating?STD? can't remember. Anybody?)

This movie was fucking hysterical but The Other Mrs. Kennedys is a must for any Kennedy Queen.

After reading this thread, I kind of like her. She's the anti-Jackie, who always struck me as a simpering holier-than-thou bore. Ethel sounds like she can hang with the best of them. And pecuniary difficulty, (not responsibility, Edie) is the true hallmark of the aristocracy.

Lots of reporters thought Ethel K. was the most friendly of the Kennedy in-laws: Jackie hated the press and Joan was shy with inner demons.

#73 = the author of the book and most of the posts here.

One thing the Kennedys are not: aristocrats.

Political family is better.

I know of no instance where a Kennedy married for money to keep the family name front and center. Maria Shriver and Arnold would not be an example. They are a modern power couple.

Mrs O was not a Kennedy- she was a Bouvier and fortune hunter- very classy one at that.

"I know of no instance where a Kennedy married for money to keep the family name front and center."

They don't need money and their name still, to a degree, is still front and center. The Kennedys, being arrogant, wouldn't marry a better known name because it would overshadow theirs.

A pity that the 3rd generation didn't have an Old Joe pushing them to accomplish in politics what the 2nd generation did.

To a certain extent, Old Joe was a monster- his oldest son volunteered for a risky mission over Germany to out do his younger brother Jacks PT Boat heroics, and all the sons jeapordized their careers and others with their wreckless partying etc trying to out macho each other.

You can keep Joe Kennedy. Not a great man. A shrewd man, yes. He made a fortune, much of it bootlegging during the 20s, and lots of good insider trading. He was a power player. He was a biggot and a major Nazi appeaser- FDR and Churchill despised him. I think he drove his children to the brick and literally to their deaths in some cases.

She sent a really abusive message to Marilyn on the last day of our beloved icon's life. For that, she can fuck right off.

[quote]Joe hasn't been in Congress for years. He runs that Citizen's Oil Co.(or whatever it is called) that he supposedly founded. I say supposedly because he never came across as that bright.

He was my congressman in MA and he is seriously dumb. I went to a local "meet your congressman" thing and he was quite the deer caught in the headlights when locals asked some pointed questions. His stupidity wasn't an issue, really, he just voted the way Uncle Ted told him to and that was fine.

He didn't found Citizen's Oil Co., that company was one of the Kennedy's going concerns long before he joined it. The family gave him that job when he couldn't hack it in Congress anymore. I believe that the only piece of legislation Young Joe ever introduced was something about bike paths.

It's true that Ethel never pays her bills. She'll stiff anyone for anything, even the poorest service people in Hyannis. She's a cunt.

Some say Joe Jr. was a suicide.

"He was my congressman in MA and he is seriously dumb."

His competition in the family was Bobby, Jr that 1 family friend described in the early 1970s as "bright as a star" but RFK, Jr screwed up any political chances he had with drug problems. Wasn't he considering a run for NY attorney General but decided against because of his past?

JFK, Jr would have been a pretty face. Too bad he didn't inherit intelligence like his sister. He might still be alive and in office.

"Some say Joe Jr. was a suicide."

Wasn't he in love with an English woman that his parents wouldn't/didn't approve of?

Remember Kathleen and how horribly her mother treated her when she married Billy Cavendish? IIRC, she didn't attend her daughter's funeral. I don't know if Old Joe did. I know he flew to France to bring her body back to England. For those who don't know, Kathleen died in a small plane crash in France in 1948.

Not dirt on Eunice and Sargent Shriver? Is their marriage the only happy and successful marriage of that generation of Kennedys?

That woman, without a doubt, is one of the ugliest womwn I have EVER seen.

She must have agreed to put up with his adulterous behavior in exchange for shelter.

Note: A womwn is a an underground gnawly gnome masquerading as a regular woman, in case you're wondering.

The only dirt I've ever heard about the Shrivers is that they are mean to their employees and that Sarge Shriver is very extravagant and prissy.

Barbara Gibson, Rose Kennedy's secretary, said he reminded her of the title character from "The Princess and the Pea."

They probably have had the happiest marriage of Joe and Rose's kids. Bobby and Ethel were happy with each other, but Bobby cheated on her, of course. They also were probably the most successful at raising their children, next to Jackie.

Joan is back on the booze, saw it on the Today show

"Remember Kathleen and how horribly her mother treated her when she married Billy Cavendish"

Kathleen must have been incredibly charming. Even seasoned American-haters like Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford had nice things to say about her. And Rose's behavior was inexcusable I wonder if she was jealous of her daughter?

About the Shrivers. I remember reading that at one time the Shrivers used to spend the whole of summer vacation at the Kennedy "compound". Ethel's kids were really, really wild (this was when they were in their teens). Involved in car accidents, etc. (Anyone here believe the local cops would do anything to them?)

At one point, Bobby Shriver was in the same group during some of their (illegal?) shenanigans.

His father took him aside and told him that he was at a crossroads in his life. If he continued on the way he was going, that he would end up in real trouble. As a result the Shrivers ceased spending the summers up at the compound. They would go up for the 4th of July, but did not stay for the whole summer. Sarge Shriver (and presumably Eunice) pulled their children out of that negative environment to protect them.

I will give them credit fot that.

bobby's kids were called "the hyanis port terror"

It wasn't just RFK, Jr and Bobby Shriver who were the Hyannisport Terrors there were other boys as well. David may have been involved but not sure. RFK, Jr and Bobby Shriver busted for pot possession in 1970 and RFK, Jr in 1971 was arrested for loitering and spitting at a cop when told to move on. I think it was a $50 fine.

The Kennedy clan is, indeed, "lace curtain Irish." Joe made the family money from bootlegging, stock investing, film production (had a big affair with Gloria Swanson, btw) and other ventures. The family is NOT aristocratic and the evil Joe cast his pall over the entire clan, being a very much hated man of ill principle. He pushed his children to achieve, shunned those who were not "perfect" (the lobotomized Rosemary) making him not much better than a Hitler. The children had a horror of a mother and a tyrant of a father, which screwed them all up in various ways.

Jacqueline Kennedy was not a hooker by any means. She was an educated, elegant, sophisicated, and very shrewd woman who simply married well. So did (and do) millions of women. In that era, she was simply achieving the highest goal that most women aspired to anyway: to marry well. JFK actually married UP when he got her and he knew it.

By the time she married Onassis she DID do it for the money, for security and why NOT? She saw another Kennedy gunned down, thought "they are killing all the Kennedys" and wanted to protect her children, thereby moving them out of the country on Onassis' dime.

"The family is NOT aristocratic and the evil Joe cast his pall over the entire clan, being a very much hated man of ill principle"

Maybe not, but Kathleen was pretty damn close to becoming the Duchess of Devonshire.

"Ethel sounds like she can hang with the best of them."

Not really, she has quite an acid tongue behind the scenes, and can lash out at the help. She has gotten physically abusive at times. She has slapped a maid, punched a cab driver, and even assaulted a secretary.

She has a lot of pent-up rage, you never know when she is going to blow her top. She had so many kids, she didn't know how to control them all.

On camera bubbly and effervescent. Off-camera verbally and sometimes physically abusive to deal with.

"By the time she married Onassis she DID do it for the money, for security and why NOT?"

So you flat-out admit she married just for money, but think it's wrong to compare her to a prostitute?

Rather amusing to be talking about aristocracy, since we've presumably done away with that sort of thing here in the Colonies. If one were to get right down to it, the Bushes and the Kennedys are essentially the same: money that goes back at least two generations. The only difference is that the Kennedys can read.

The Kennedys are America's Royal Family.

Let's not bash the Kennedys anymore, it's been done and done again too many times.

Let's bash the Bush crime family for a change.

There is no royal family in the US.

JFK Jr., while apparently a nice guy, was NOT a prince.

R99 must be one of those cable TV hacks.

Did we ever find out why Caroline openly snubbed Bill Clinton at Lady Bird Johnson's funeral?

Is there bad blood there? Will Caroline support Hillary if she gets the Democratic nomination?

For the Kennedys, their primary loyalty is always to the Kennedys.

Teddy, in particular, sees himself as the most important Democrat. You don't really think that he wants any part of a Clinton "dynasty", do you?

A Clinton dynasty would only serve to dilute the power of the Kennedy dynasty. And the Kennedys do not want that at all.

"why Caroline openly snubbed Bill Clinton"

That is really strange. When JFK Jr plane went down, Clinton ordered double the search and rescue teams. Some conservative criticized Clinton for that. But Clinton said it was justified as the son of a former President was missing at sea.

Did we ever find out why Caroline openly snubbed Bill Clinton at Lady Bird Johnson's funeral?

I watched Mrs. Johnson's funeral on TV, and have no idea what you are talking about. How did Caroline snub Bill Clinton?

Robert Kennedy Jr might have been out-of-control as a teenager, but he seems to be ok now - I like his work for the environment. He seems passionate and knows his stuff.

Caroline was sitting next to Barbara Bush as I recall and didn't look happy about that.

Ethel's life was ruined by RFK's assassination. She could barely hold it together before - baby-making machine, ultimately Bobby Supporter, Good Catholic Woman - but, after he was shot, it went to hell because she had no real role. The babies were now useless because there was no RFK presidency. (All that effort for nothing.) There was no Bobby to support, even though he was fucking anything else, and he wasn't there to keep the money in check. As long as she could be more Kennedy than the Kennedy's it was fine. She had a brief shining moment as The Widow but Jackie was much better at that because, once Ethel's black dress got dirty, she didn't really have the widow's wardrobe together. (Widow tennis whites, anyone?)

RFK Jr. is the one who keeps insisting that his cousin, Michael Skakel, is 100% innocent in the 1975 Martha Moxley murder, for which he was convicted several years back.

The only way he could be "100%" sure was if he was there the night of the murder and either witnessed it or took part.

I can understand how a relative would defend a family member who is accused of murder. So, as his cousin, for RFK Jr. to support Michael Skakel - well, I could understand it.

He lost me, though, when I actually saw him on TV, accuse another man, by name, of the crime. I was shocked that he would do that - but then anything to protect a family member, regardless of making accusations against some other, less powerful, man. Someone that had already been investigated by the police.

At that point, despite his work for the environment, I began to detest Robert Kennedy Jr.

I wonder if he was pushed into defending his cousin because of he and his siblings he seems to be the most prominent and, of course, he's a lawyer.

I always liked Sargent & Eunice, they seemed like the only ones with any sense. I love the story about how the whole family was playing football in Hyannisport and one of his sons got hurt and started crying. Another family member yelled out "Kennedys don't cry" and Sarge responded "he's a Shriver and he can cry if he wants to".

I know an elderly Swiss woman who worked for Bobby & Ethel as a nanny prior to his assassination. She said he was very nice, loved his children (but was possibly crazier about his dogs), but Ethel didn't have any interest in her kids and left them entirely to the nannies, and was a real slob.

Ethel was on the news yesterday - visting JFK's grave on the anniversary.

"By the time she married Onassis she DID do it for the money, for security and why NOT?"

As I recall, we weren't arguing about her *motivation* for being a hooker.

But thank you for otherwise agreeing with us.

Ethel was probably in Arlington too on the 20th as that was Bobby's birthday.

"Is there bad blood there? Will Caroline support Hillary if she gets the Democratic nomination?"

According to Newsmeat, Caroline contributed $2300 to Hillary in June and $2300 to Obama in September.

I saw RFK Jr. at my gym in White Plains. Have only seen him there once, and literally ran into him coming/going from the locker room. Very intense eyes and a little too tan, but otherwise handsome and definitely a "presence" to him. Must have been there on a guest pass, as I've never seen him since. I believe his environmental organization is headquartered in WP.

Bobby teaches at the Pace University Law school in White Plains.

I know Rose Kennedy and Jackie O never really got along, but I wonder how old Rose got along with Ethel & Joan.

Rose got much closer to Jackie after Jackie married Onassis. They didn't get along before that, because of Jackie's spending and desire to be independent of the Kennedys.

She felt sorry for Ethel she was angry that RFK campaigned for president, knowing the danger to him, and leaving Ethel with a bunch of kids. The kid's unruly behavior and overspending angered her.

She was annoyed by Joan. She didn't underestand Joan's drinking problem, and she was displeased with the interviews Joan did in the 70s, openly talking about her alcoholism and marriage troubles. She felt Joan should get her act together.

"She didn't underestand Joan's drinking"

I always figured that the problems the family has had with booze was inherited through Rose because Old Joe wasn't much of a drinker.

Patrick Kennedy, father of Joseph Kennedy, owned a saloon. But then when the Kennedys talk about their grandfather, they only seem to mention Honey Fitz, the Mayor, not Patrick, the saloon owner.

Ethel was and is a vile person.RFK, Jr. is amazing. If it weren't for that disease he has that makes him talk funny, he would be THE Kennedy to run for office. There are rumors floating around NYC, that if Hilary gets the nomination, and wins, he will be appointed to fill her seat as the Senator from New York. How cool is that! He kicks Bush's ass a lot and has done some good pieces in Rolling Stone in addition to his work as an environmentalist. I love him.And he is much better looking than his father, who had tiny meat.

Too bad Caroline never had any political ambitions. If there had to be a Senator Kennedy from NY, I'd prefer her. She's intelligent and I don't think she has many skeletons in her closet.

Too bad the females in this family are treated like 2nd class citizens by the males. Seems like Jackie favored John too.

And Ted is wring his memoirs due in 2010. should be interesting. He's getting $8 million.

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Shopping For A New Yacht In Miami? These Are The Features You Are Going To Want To Have

2020 Ocean Alexander 90R Motoryacht (Image: Weller Yachts)

With the beautiful water rolling into the various shores, Miami has the perfect awe-inspiring environment for being on the water. Whether it’s spending days at sea or enjoying a daytime party close to the shore, having a yacht can be your key to making it happen. But, before you head out to purchase your very own yacht, you should consider which of these features you want yours to have.

One of the latest features that is making headways on yachts throughout the world is water misters. These can be placed in areas around jacuzzis, sun loungers, and even outdoor dining areas. They provide a slight mist every so often to cool off your passengers. These are perfect for helping keep everyone cool on those strikingly hot summer days.

If you plan on being on your yacht for days on end, then you need to consider your physical health. Having an onboard fitness area is essential to staying in shape. Depending on the type of exercise that you do, you’ll want to select an area that is big enough to house your activity. Consider adding some fitness machines so that you can get a well-rounded workout every day.

Covered Outdoor Seating

When you head out to Miami yacht sales to get your newest toy, you should consider buying one that has some covered outdoor seating. Sure, your passengers will be lounging in the sun for some of the day. However, it’s nice to have a cover that protects them from the sun and even the light rain. To scale it up a notch, look for a yacht that has lighting under the cover so that you can enjoy some evening dining outdoors.

When you’re on the water and soaking in the sun, your body naturally wants to relax. While having upright seating is necessary for dining and having formal meetings, it can be uncomfortable for a day of relaxation. For this reason, it’s imperative that you consider lounge couches. Have them on the deck of the boat, and don’t forget to have some pillows nearby for an added level of comfort. You’ll be glad that you did when you enjoy a nice afternoon nap on your plush lounge couch.

When looking at potential yachts to buy, you should consider your kitchen needs. If you plan on being on the water for lengthy periods of time, then you’re not going to want to purchase a yacht with a small kitchenette. Rather, you’ll want to upgrade to a full-sized kitchen. This way, you have adequate space to prep your meals while out on the water.

Spending time on the water can be a lot of fun. However, spending that time on the water with your closest friends can be even more fun. If you really want to have a good time, you’ll need to provide some lodgings for your friends and family. A yacht with guest suites is the perfect solution. Ensure each suite has its own bathroom and lounge area to be more accommodating.

An interior lounge is a must for any high-quality yacht. It provides some necessary comfort from the blasting heat of the sun and the sounds of the ocean. An indoor lounge can be a great place for your family and friends to congregate during the hottest hours of the day. It also serves as the perfect place for elderly parents who can’t take the natural elements on the deck.

You can’t go to Miami yacht sales without getting a yacht with a jacuzzi on board. These provide the perfect place to enjoy the water while out on the ocean. They’re especially comforting in the darker hours when the summertime heat fades away. This bubbling massager will provide comfort like no other. We’re sure that it will turn out to be one of the most well-used areas on your yacht.

Yachts are well-known for their offering of high-class indulgence while on the water. Therefore, your yacht can’t be complete without an on-deck bar. Depending on the size of your yacht, it can be as big or small as you need it. Each bar should have, at the bare minimum, a refrigerator, glasses, mixers, an assortment of beverages, and mixing equipment. Try to stock beer, gin, whiskey, wine, and rum as this provides a wide assortment to encompass everyone’s taste.

Lots Of Windows Throughout

The best part about having a yacht is taking in the beautiful views of the ocean. However, you shouldn’t have to be on the top deck to do so. Rather, there should be a variety of windows throughout your yacht. Each room should have at least one large picture window so that you can enjoy the view, no matter where you are on your yacht. Typically, the taller the window, the more open the interior of the yacht will feel.

Investing in a yacht takes a good chunk of change. Once you buy it, you’ll want to enjoy spending a lot of time onboard. For this reason, it’s imperative that you get a yacht that is fully stocked with a washer and dryer. This will prevent you from having to go ashore to restock your clothing. These are especially important for days where you find yourself getting wet in the water. Having a washer and dryer to handle your wet clothes is a must.

While in the daytime hours you won’t need a lot of extra light to see what you’re doing, in the evening, that all changes. You need to ensure that your yacht has a lot of lighting for those dark hours. Remember that you won’t have the light of the shoreline to illuminate your boat. You’ll be relying solely on the lighting that your boat comes stock with.

The Aquarium Restaurant, Grenada

Sometimes described as a 'jungle by the sea', the Aquarium Restaurant is set in a leafy beach house complete with stunning koi ponds and a central waterfall feature.

The restaurant and bar offers incredible dishes in an intimate beachside location where you can watch one of the best Caribbean sunsets while sipping on a sumptuous rum cocktail. Aside from the critically acclaimed Sunday barbecue, chefs serve up vast offerings of fresh seafood, traditional Caribbean dishes, salads and sides in a buffet-style dining experience.

Guests can enjoy their meal while listening to live music before going for a dip in the ocean, which is just a few steps away, making it the perfect spot for anyone discovering Grenada on a luxury yacht.

The Best Yacht Party one can organize on Apogee

One of the safest and most luxurious ways to travel during the global pandemic remains on board a charter yacht . With the holiday season fast upon us, why not consider booking a charter yacht with plenty of space and throw yourself the ultimate yacht party? The 62.5m Apogee offers guests a truly unique charter experience, thanks to her ample amenities. Featuring everything from a 12 person jacuzzi to her own private night club, she is the best choice for planning a yacht party.

Built by Codecasa in 2003, she has been maintained in immaculate condition. Undergoing an extensive refit in 2013 and refreshed on an annual basis, she features an interior design by Franco & Anna Della Role that offers the ideal balance between space and privacy. Able to accommodate 12 guests in six staterooms in addition to a crew of 17, yacht Apogee features one of the highest crew to guest ratios of any charter yacht, guaranteeing impeccable service during your travels. When planning your ultimate yacht party, why not make use of her spectacular sky lounge which houses one of the longest bars available on a yacht her size? Modeled after Monaco’s Cafe de Parie and Miami’s Delani Hotel, it features a 22ft long backlit onyx top, complete with dance pole, jukebox, and more. But for those who really love to dance, Apogee has another space that acts as the perfect dance floor. After sunset, her expansive sun deck can be transformed into your own private night club, complete with a karaoke machine, lights, and entertainment system. Perfect for hosting the best yacht party with your loved ones, Apogee has sufficient space for everyone to enjoy while maintaining social distancing rules. And following the night’s festivities, you can spend the next day relaxing in her forward jacuzzi or working up a sweat in her fully equipped gym.

Summer nights: St-Tropez

Planning to party after a day of the beach? In this new series, we show you how, starting with a guide by Tania Cagnoni to St-Tropez.

It's official: the season has begun. From now until September, every weekend will be one long party, starting at lunchtime at the Plage de Pampelonne beach clubs and going on till dawn at the ludicrously glamorous nightclubs.

Brigitte Bardot may complain that St-Tropez is not what it was, but that doesn't deter dozens of other film stars, pop stars and models from hopping off yachts for some light shopping and the greatest party of the year.

These people are rich. It's easy to spend £10,000 without blinking. You can't party in St-Tropez-style on a tight budget, but you can still have the time of your life for as much as you would spend on a weekend in London.

As the music throbs - "Put Your Hands up in the Air" - exhibitionists get wild at Nikki Beach (route de l'Epi, 0033 494 798204 ). Playboys, stars (P Diddy, Naomi Campbell), bankers and captains of industry bankroll private parties on VIP poolside cushions, consuming magnums of Champagne (€320-€1,800) or spraying it over babes in Dior bikinis. You can hire loungers and four-poster tepees (€20-100) for more intimate parties, or quaff cocktails (€15) alongside wanabee starlets at the bar.

Chic 25-30-something Versace-clad fashionistas drink Champagne cocktails (€20) and dance to the DJ's eclectic range of chill-out to house at the newest and most fashionable party beachclub, Maison Ocoa (0033 494 798980, bd Patch), a black and white space with hot pink loungers, a purple and gold dining platform and stone lions guarding the entrance.

More fun and less bling is on offer at Voile Rouge (route de Tamaris, 0033 494 798434), where Russian billionaires spray Champagne and guests dance on the tables to the thumping beats of the in-house DJ. Cash only.

Yacht owners arrive for lunch on tenders and the top hotels shuttle their most esteemed guests to Club les Palmiers (route de l'Epi, 0033 494 798270 ), a beachfront restaurant with great service and blinding all-white décor, serving exquisitely presented food.

Served under a white parasol at the edge of the golden beach, Linguine aux gambas, with a chilled glass of rosé, and followed by the prettiest desserts could not have been improved on. The clientèle hide behind chic D&G shades while leggy girls model beachwear. Two courses from €46. Early booking recommended.

H20 (route des Tamaris, 0033 494 562858 ), the newest addition to Pampelonne's beach joints, opened just three weeks ago. This great little bar-lounge-restaurant beside the naturist beach has the loveliest staff serving the best vegetable risotto with summer truffles I have ever tasted (€21).

Palm trees, four-poster curtained daybeds, violet cushions and white decking surround the pool, while tranquil ambient sounds ooze from the bar. In the evening, dine by candlelight from a choice of two gastronomic menus, well priced at €33 and €45 (excluding wine), created by the chef, Luca Peirano.

The well-heeled French choose Tahiti (route de Tahiti, 0033 494 971802) for lunch, the oldest and busiest beachfront restaurant of Pampelonne. A family of totems, originally used in Tahiti, which was filmed here, stares at you over pale green extremities as you lounge on orange- and beige-cushioned teak sofas eating the freshest fish Pampelonne has to offer. The catch of the day, a rare sea bream known as beaux yeux, was particularly delicious (€37). Two courses from €40.

The most romantic candlelit terrace bar hides in the shadow of a French mansion house hotel, La Maison Blanche (place des Lices, 0033 494 978923/975266). A mixture of contemporary sculptures and furnishings and oodles of candles create this comfortably chic hangout for professional 30-somethings.

Charming white-clad waiters serve delicious cocktails (try the Yin-yang with guava juice, lychee liqueur and Champagne, €19), nibbles and jars of sweets.

Live music
The most recent addition to S t-Tropez's fashionable Joseph chain is Le Quai Joseph Cocktail & Piano Bar on quai Jean Jaurès. Sophisticated drinkers sit on small linen armchairs lining the terrace, looking at the superyachts and, as the sun sets, move inside to the black and silver lounge with classy neon blue lighting and a black, volcanic sand floor, to sip a "piscine" (pool-sized glass of Champagne, €15) while a singer performs until the DJ starts spinning at around midnight.

For those who prefer pubs to clubs, L'Octave (place de la Garonne) has a less glitzy, friendly beer-drinking crowd and a live band singing old cover versions till 5am.

Queue at the door with nubile girls in silver lamé before the midnight opening in an attempt to get into Les Caves du Roy (Hotel Byblos, avenue Paul Signac, 0033 494 566800) to blag a decent dance spot at this iconic nightclub, under golden electric palms and giant mirror balls.

George Clooney, Kate Moss, Robbie and Posh and Becks have all grooved to Jack E's lively mixes in the VIP area, where the minimum order for Champagne is a magnum of Dom Perignon or Cristal and a bottle of vodka costs €940. The beautiful non-millionaires make up the mass of bodies on the main dance floor below and drink bottles of water at €16 a shot.

At around 2am Les Caves ' wealthiest clients head off to the equally glamorous VIP Room (Residence du Nouveau Port, 0033 494 971470), where the décor is Ian Schrager meets New York loft, the music is techno meets pop and the crowd may include Madonna, Jade Jagger and P Diddy (its entrance policy is hellish: sneak in by dining there first).

The silver lamé girls change beat and cavort on dance poles for a younger, scruffier clientele at Papagayo (Residence de Nouveau Port), with more unfriendly bouncers to get past and a Coke costing €18 (including entrance).

Let the new Byblos Spa (0033 494 566800, therapists knead away your toxins with a three-hour Sisley Global Anti-Age treatment the less damaged can enjoy a one-hour aromatherapy massage. From €140 an hour.

Book a sunlounger (€27) and parasol (€8) by the sea at Les Palmiers (see ''Beachfront bites'') and chill out with a book and a bottle of San Pellegrino. Take your own towel and save €5.

Take time out from partying to see the newly curated exhibition of Picasso's landscapes and ceramics at the Musée d'Annonciade (quai Epi, 0033 494 178410) from mid-July to October.

In Conclusion

These are by far the most popular nautical cocktails that you can enjoy while on your seafaring adventures. Whether you simply want to enjoy a cocktail solo while aboard a yacht in summer or want to hold an evening cocktail party on a catamaran, these recipes can be quite useful. While each of them uses a set of different ingredients, you can always vary some of them especially the gins, rums, and vodkas to come up with your desired flavor.

Want to Know More Recipes?

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What about you? What’s your favorite cocktail? Feel free to share your favorite recipe in the comment below.

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