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Yafa cake

Yafa cake

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Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


beat the egg whites, add the sugar and mix until you get a meringue. Add the yolks one by one, then the oil in the thread, water. preheated 175 degrees, 25 -30 min, check with the toothpick for safety. now the cake is left in the oven for 10 minutes then add the cherries from jam, compote, sour cherry, but drained on an absorbent towel. of course I forgot to put them in the cake, however, as I kept the mortzis to have cherries, I put them in the cream. of vanilla cream and glass of milk until we get a consistent cream. we put the cream between the countertops and the cherries in case you forget to put them on the countertop. we make the chocolate syrup from a bitter chocolate 100 -150 gr butter or margarine, 4-5 tablespoons of n essquik a box of sour cream for whipped cream. Melt the butter or margarine, add the chocolate cubes when they have melted, add the rest of the ingredients, leave everything to blend and set aside. when it has cooled we put it over the cake. I put a little juice from an orange over the tops, so for the cake.

Oua Benedict

If you take a look at the Wiki you will see that there are more stories related to the origin of this recipe and more people want to attribute their learning to it. To be honest, I don't know to what extent this matters, as much as the fact that somewhere, someone, thought to put on a half of English Muffin a thin slice of ham, a boiled egg (Romanian eyes) and Dutch sauce. It's like putting on a slice of bread everything you like the most and making a super-sandwich with a very large audience. Personally, I thank the person who invented the combination from the Benedict egg recipe, I ate honestly.

Romanian mesh ingredients:
& # 8211 2 eggs
& # 8211 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar
& # 8211 apa
& # 8211 a pinch of salt

Bring water to a boil over medium heat, along with vinegar and salt. Spaghetti eggs, each in a separate bowl. When the water approaches the boiling point, respectively it does not boil, but has many & # 8220 bubbles & # 8221, as in the picture, it is time to add eggs. The eggs are laid one by one, slowly, so that the yolk does not break and the abuse does not spread.

Use a wooden spoon, with which to gently pull the egg white over the yolk, so that the stitches keep their specific, round shape. Remove the eggs from the water with a whisk and place them quickly in a bowl with very cold water to stop the boiling process. The egg white must be hard and the yolk, depending on your preferences, can be hard or soft.

Ingredient Oua Benedict:
& # 8211 English Muffins
& # 8211 unt
& # 8211 Romanian stitches
& # 8211 bacon or ham (I used Parma)
& # 8211 sos dutch

Cut the muffins in half, heat them a little in the oven or microwave. Grease each half with a little butter and place over a slice of ham, then the egg and then the Dutch sauce.

It's true that it's something to work on if you want to make the whole recipe yourself, but I say it's worth it. No sauce in stores will be like homemade Dutch, nor will English muffins. With a little patience you can make some absolutely perfect Benedict eggs!

Lettuce. It is present in supermarkets throughout the year, but spring is its season of glory. Now it is rawer, sweeter, otherwise, at least from my point of view, it tends to get a bitter taste.
Lettuce can be eaten raw or in salads and is a healthy food, being appreciated and introduced in diets for its low energy intake (13 calories per 100 grams) and for the fact that it has the property of giving the feeling of satiety. It also contains a high density of minerals and vitamins. It can also be consumed in combination with other vegetables, but also with other foods.
Many housewives use lettuce in salad soup, which is very popular, but which I don't like, which is why lettuce for me can only be found in salads - with vinegar, a little sugar, salt and pepper (delicious!) Or in sandwiches or as an edible ornament on appetizer coats.
Green onions. I think she is the star of the spring season! Honestly, I'm delighted to see the world in the spring with the shopping bags from which the green onion tails come out! If you have green onions on the table, it's clear - it's spring!
Green onions are a medicinal food, but also a spice! Most of our foods contain onions. It has diuretic, hypoglycemic (blood sugar lowering), antibacterial properties and is recommended in the diet for lowering cholesterol.
Onions can be eaten in any version you prefer! Besides the fact that it makes the meals tastier, it has a special effect on decorating the appetizer plates. Plus, I really like to combine it with cheese, which is why I use it for pies, appetizer tarts or simply cut the green tails and mix them with cheese, form balls and good appetite!
Green garlic. Like onions, it has medicinal properties, which is why it is recommended to be included in our diet. Green garlic is more tender, juicy and less hot. It can be consumed in its entirety.
It is a source of allicin, a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antifungal substances. They help the immune system protect the body from infections and diseases, including cancer.
It can be used in salads, as a green onion or in the preparation of sandwiches. It can also be added to stews, soups, with the recommendation to be added when food has been taken from the fire, so that it does not lose its properties.

Nettle, leurda, dandelion, stevia and spinach they are also part of the category of seasonal vegetables. They really aren't as common as the ones above, but for those who like them they are recommended. Personally, I only eat spinach in the form of salads or low. But the others can be eaten as such - in salads or in various dishes - soups or in the form of stews. They have a high iron content, which the body, now, in spring, needs. Fresh nettles make a tea that can be drunk instead of water, up to two liters a day - good for the liver, helps detoxify the body.
Wild garlic it resembles garlic in taste and has properties similar to it, it is eaten in the form of salads. Recommended to be consumed for rheumatism, kidney disease, nervous system disorders.
Stevie or sorrel has depurative, curative and healing actions - mixed with sour cream is good for cracks on the feet. It has a sour taste and can be used in salads, soups or eaten as such.
Spinach it does not need a wide presentation. Who hasn't heard of Popeye the sailor ?! Rich in iron, vitamin C, mineral salts, helps strengthen the immune system, remineralizes, stimulates growth.
In addition to all this, I recommend the introduction of green parsley and freshly grown dill in salads in the garden. Mixed with cottage cheese and raw tails of green onions or garlic, they give rise to a tasty spring appetizer.

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Bigger. I see that spring has come to you. It's almost summer, after how many goodies you have here.
I love you so much!

Speaking of Sidy, when you put it here, you made me want cherries !!

Too bad we only find all these goodies in the spring. I mean the natural ones, from their mother in the garden! Not in supermarkets, and in winter! We must take advantage of this immediately, as they appear!

Hi Mari, I ran to you to invite you to a new challenge on my blog. I eagerly wait for you

I am as eager for these goodies as you can imagine! For now, I'm happy with the imported salad and onion, because our greenhouses are gone!

Nico's agenda

The idea to make these eggs is taken from here, blog "Radu's recipes" . Really good, I'm without mayonnaise. therefore even lighter. Now for Easter I thought of making them again and then I will make the colored hard-boiled eggs, according to the Romanian tradition.
However, the quantities of ingredients are variable. if you like more pesto, or cheese. or more sun-dried tomatoes, put them to your liking.

Firm the eggs, peel them and divide them in half. Remove the yolks, mash them with a fork and whisk them with the cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and chopped capers, chopped anchovies, pesto. Season with salt, add a little pepper. Put the mixture in a cake syringe and fill each half egg, decorated to taste with sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, olives, basil leaves, parsley.

With this recipe I participate in the collection of Piera Ciccia pasticcia "Easter in the plate."

I got the idea to make stuffed eggs in this way from Radu's Recipes blog. They are very good, they don't have mayonnaise like the classic ones ... so to speak. they are even lighter.
The proportion of ingredients can vary to your liking .. you can put more or less pesto, cheese, dried tomatoes.

Boil eggs and after they have cooled, peel them, cut them in half. Remove the yolks, crush them well with a fork. Put them in a blender with the rest of the ingredients, mix them well until it becomes a homogeneous cream. Salt if necessary and pepper. With a garnish syringe, fill the eggs, then decorate them with whatever you want, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, pine buds, parsley, basil.

Gnocchi with cauliflower, bacon and saffron / Gnocchi with cauliflower, bacon (bacon) will suffer

With the advanced cauliflower leftovers from the preparation of a cauliflower dish with meat ragout, I thought of making a sauce, which I must say is not bad at all. I seasoned the potato dumplings. however, other types of pasta are also good. Here is the recipe:

Finely chop the onion and brown it in a little olive oil, add the thinly sliced ​​bacon or bacon, brown for a few minutes, add the boiled cauliflower, mash it lightly with a fork. Stir and add the cream and saffron, a little vegetable broth (or water), cook over medium heat for another 8-10 minutes. Season with salt and pepper if you like. Meanwhile, boil the gnocchi in salted water, drain them and put them in the pan with the sauce, add a little cooking water if necessary. Top with chopped fresh parsley and sprinkle with grated or parmesan cheese.

With this recipe I participate in the collection of Federica, her blog Notes of chocolate

Apple pie and yogurt (recipe by Anna Moroni) / Apple and yogurt cake

This cake was prepared by Anna Moroni in the broadcast & # 8221 La prova del cuoco & # 8221 on Tuesday, February 23, 2010. Try it and it's great!

Peel the apples, cut into thin slices, mix with the lemon juice. Whisk the egg well with the sugar (half the amount), the yoghurt, the softened butter, the lemon zest and grated orange, a pinch of salt and finally the flour and the sifted yeast.
Knead everything quickly, until you get a smooth, homogeneous dough.
Divide the dough into two parts, one slightly larger than the other, and roll them out into a thin sheet on the floured platter. With the largest part, line a rectangular pan of about 22X32, distribute the apples and sprinkle with the remaining sugar (half) and hazelnuts or almonds.
Cover with the rest of the dough, making the edges adhere well (folding those of the dough that covers the bottom) and bake in the middle of the preheated oven at 180 & # 176 for 30-40 minutes, it is ready when it becomes golden. Cut the cooled cake and sprinkle with icing sugar.

* * I prepared the cake with half the ingredients and only 2 apples. even large masses by me, they seemed few. Instead of hazelnuts, almonds. I put the pine nuts and some cinnamon. I used a round pan with a diameter of 26 cm.

Peel the apples, cut them into fairly thin slices, mix them with the lemon juice. Make the dough, rub the egg well with the sugar (half the amount), add the butter to make it softer, the yoghurt, the grated lemon and orange peel, a pinch of salt and at the end the sifted flour and baking powder. Mix everything well so that it becomes a compact and homogeneous dough. Divide the dough in two, one larger piece and one smaller piece. Spread the larger piece of dough on the board with a little flour. Line a rectangular tray of about 22X32, fill with sliced ​​apples, sprinkle with remaining sugar and hazelnuts, almonds. Close the top with the other sheet. Close the edges well and bake the cake in the preheated oven at a temperature of 180 & # 176 for about 30-40 minutes, until golden brown. Cut when it cools and powder if you want with sugar.
It is very tasty and tender!

* I made the cake from half a quantity and it seemed to me about 2 apples for the filling. and mine were quite large. I used a round tray with diam. 26 cm. Instead of hazelnuts or almonds, I put some pine seeds and a little cinnamon.

Pdf collection of recipes with coconut / Pdf retete cu cocos

Finally yesterday I finished the PDF of the coconut recipe collection.
Anyone can easily download the PDF of the collection by clicking who .
Click on the text download and then on the second icon at the top & # 8230 so save the file on your computer.

However, those who just want to see the entire collection can do so by browsing this ebook.

The recipes are only in Italian, if you are interested in any recipe, you can contact me at [email protected] and I will send you the translated recipe.

Puff pastry spirals with coconut and jam / Foietaj spirals with coconut and jam

These days I'm working ..I'm almost done. to the pdf of the collection of recipes with coconut and among the many recipes I found these puff pastry with coconut and jam. I really liked them, I prepared them yesterday and they ended right away.
Recipe proposed by Thoughts and sweets.
The tests. they are really good!

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar, add the chopped cookies and the 25 g of coconut.
Spread the jam on the pastry, spread coconut on top and pour the cookie mixture on top, trying to level it well and evenly. Roll up the pastry, wrap it in cling film and place it in the freezer to compact for an hour. I kept 3/4 h and it came out great.
Cut it into slices, put some more grated coconut on top and place them on the baking sheet covered with parchment paper, bake until golden brown at 180-200 & # 176.
15 pieces came to me.

Vánoční koláče na Vánoce

Tradice výroby vánočních chlupů vznikla v Evropě před několika staletími. A v každé zemi pečený koláč symbolizující určitý objekt spojený s tajemstvím narození Spasitele. Tak, ve Francii a Německu, ženy upéct dort ve tvaru log - pálení v noci na Vánoce v protokolu krbu symbolizuje vítězství světla nad tmou, přinášet do domu prosperity a štěstí. A v Německu připravují galerii a obalují těsto zvláštním způsobem - tento tvar symbolizuje dítě v plenkách. V naší zemi má trochu jiný přístup k přípravě vánočního stolu, máme jiné tradice. Ale nikdo zabraňuje připravit na pravoslavné Vánoce prevkusneyshy vánočky na staré anglické nebo německé recepty.

Vánoční chléb se skořicí
Dovolená dort
Vánoční deník
Oranžový košíček na Vánoce
Zázvorné sušenky na Vánoce
Vložit s kuřetem na Vánoce

Téměř všechny recepty vánočního koláče jsou podobné - obsahují velké množství sušeného ovoce, ořechů a kandovaného ovoce, stejně jako koření. Reception na vánoční pečení na kvasnici velmi připomínají naše koláče. Pro přípravu vánočního dortu získáte nejčerstvější, nejlepší produkty. Téměř všechny recepty obsahují alkohol (je namočený do sušeného ovoce nebo impregnován koňakem nebo rum připraveným koláčem), ale současně může vánoční dort na Vánoce jíst děti.

Klasický vánoční koláč

200 g of pumpkin,
280 g mouky,
200 g more,
3 years old,
150 g mandlí,
50 g vlašských ořechů,
100 g candied oats,
80 gram bezsemenných rozinek,
50 grams of chocolate,
1 orange,
1 lemon,
1 sáček prášku na pečení,
špetku soli,
koňak, koření (mletá skořice, zázvor, muškát, hřebíček), glazura na ozdobu.

Zahněte rozinky s vařící vodou a nalijte koňak (30-50 g). Nakrájejte ořechy a čokoládu, vložte do misky, přidejte kandované ovoce, rozinky a koření. Nakrájejte vejce jeden po druhém, přidejte změknuté máslo a šlehačkou, pak nalijte cukr a zopakujte. Odstraňte kůru z citronu a pomeranče, stlačte šťávu z oranžové a přidejte do těsta společně s 3 lžícemi. koňak. Míchá se až do homogenity. V samostatné misce kombinujte mouku s práškem do pečiva a sůl a přidejte do ostatních ingrediencí. Míchat a umístit do mazané formy. Cook for 40 minutes at 160 ° C and cook for 40 minutes at 150 ° C. Ozdobte glazed.

Americký vánoční koláč

500 g cookies,
250 g more,
1 bank z condenzovaného mléka,
3 žloutky,
200 g slivky,
200 g of sour cream,
100 g rozinky,
100 g powdered egg yolk,
100 g mandlí,
100 g koňaku.

Kousek nakrájejte, přidáme máslo a hněteme. Squeeze the mixture into the form, then drain and heat to 180 ° C for 15 minutes. Smíchejte žloutek s kondenzovaným mlékem, protlákněte a nalijte do připraveného těsta. Rozemleteme ořechy a sušené ovoce v mixéru, přidáme koňak a promícháme. Add the condensed milk for 30-45 minutes. Dokud nezhustne. Ozdobte.


100 g mandlí, mleté ​​na mouku,
75 gram drcených mandlí,
125 grams of dried rosemary,
100 g lehké rýže,
50 g sšených třešní,
100 g citronového kandovaného ovoce,
100 g orange candied egg,
1 balíček vanilkového cukru,
oloupeme 1 lemon,
5 hours Rome,
500 g mouky,
60 g čerstvých kvasnic,
100 g of pumpkin,
140 ml mléka,
250 g more,
1 žloutek,
1/3 lžičky salt.
100 g more,
150 g práškového cukru.

Jeden den před vařením rozemlejte všechny sušené ovoce, kandované ovoce a mandle, nalijte rum, promíchejte, zakryjte a nechte naplnit. Druhý den vylejte mouku do misky, dělejte díru do středu a rozdrtíme kvasinky, posypeme špetku cukru a nalijeme do teplého mléka. Když se kvasnice rozptýlí, přidáme sůl a změkčené máslo a hněteme hladké těsto. Zakryjte ručník a nechte ho na teplém místě. Když se těsto zdvojnásobí, upravte a přidávejte ochucené ovoce, mandle a sušené ovoce. Rozmícháme a necháme to přijet. Přijít těsto dát na stůl, posypané moukou a tvoří obdélník 30 x 40 cm. Přeložte těsto na polovinu na dlouhé straně a opatrně přesunout do odnímatelnou formu položené pečicí papír. Nechte ho vystát a pečte při teplotě 180-200 ° C po dobu 40 minut. Odstraňte horký gallod z formy, namažte roztaveným máslem a posypeme práškovým cukrem.

French Dort "Poleno"


500 ml 30% cream,
1 stoh. práškový cukr,
& frac34 stack. kakaový prášek,
1 balíček vanilkového cukru,
6 vajec,
& frac34 stack. cukru,
špetku soli.

Whip studený krém, & frac12 sklenice práškového cukru,
& frac12 stack. kakaový prášek a & frac12 pytel vanilkového cukru do tlusté silné pěny a vložte do ledničky. Oddělíme bílé z žloutků a zlikvidujeme žloutek & frac12 stack. cukr před bělení, přidejte & frac14 stack. kakaový prášek, & frac12 balíček vanilkového cukru a špetku soli a promícháme. V samostatné misce rozmlákněte veverky, až do jemné pěny a postupně nalijte & frac14 stack. cukr a bič až do hustého. Jemně připojte bílé a žloutky a rovnoměrně těsto po povrchu pánve je položen papír před pečení a mazané olejem. Heat at 170-180 ° C for 12-15 minutes, then dry for a while. Nalijte čistý ručník hustě s cukrovým práškem a položte na něj teplou sušenku z pečení. Vyjměte pečicí papír a v roli jej přesuňte na roli, začínající na úzkém konci. Nechte vychladnout po dobu 30 minut, jemně rozšířit a umístěte na sušenku šlehačkou, odchýlení se od okraje 3 cm. Roll válec, vložíme do misky a ozdobte zbývající krém, kůra tažné vidlice. Před podáním posypeme cukrem.

Savarin (French: vánoční dort)

2 years old,
200 g mouky,
1,5 lžíce prášek do pečiva,
150 g of pumpkin,
25 g margarine,
150 ml vody.
For impregnations:
2 polévkové lžíce cukru,
1 polévková lžíce. citronová šťáva,
kůra & frac12 lemon,
20 g liquor.
Pro výzdobu:
oranžová, malinová a jahodová.

Šlepejte bílkoviny s cukrem v husté pěně, přidejte žloutek, změkčené máslo a mouku smíchanou s práškem do pečiva, míchat a nalít do mléka. The test is carried out in the form of glue, and the powder is then heated to a temperature of 175 ° C for 30 minutes. Vyjměte košíček z formy, mírně jej vychladněte a vložte zpět. Připravte impregnaci vařící vodou s cukrem a přidáním poloviny citronu a likéru. Dostanete povrch dortu s párátkem na několika místech a namočte. Umístěte na misku a ozdobte je bobulemi a oranžovými plátky.


A pear:
150 g mouky,
1 balíček suchých kvasnic,
250 ml teplého mléka,
1 lžička cukru.
400 g mouky,
3 years old,
100 g more,
1 lemon (kůra),
150 g of pumpkin,
1 stoh. směsi ořechů, kandovaného ovoce a sušeného ovoce,

Smíchejte přísady pro opaire, zakryjte fólií a nechte stát 1 hodinu. Pečeme citrónovou kůru na jemném strouhaní, mícháme s cukrem, máslem, 2 vejci a jedním žloutkem. Smíchejte mouku se solí, položte na stůl sklíčko, připravte drážku a nalijte lyžičku a postupně hněteme těsto. Basket by nemělo být lepivé. Přidejte k němu směs sušeného ovoce a ořechů, dobře hněte, přelévejte těsto do misky a vložte do misky. Zakryjte film a nechte 1 až 1,5 hodiny. Poté, co je těsto vhodné, umístěte jej na stůl s moukou a trochu pípněte. Těsto obalte do ubrousku a odložte jej. Vytvořte košíček s olejem, vložte do něj těsto, přikryjte filmem a nechte ho na hodinu. Rozštěpte bílkovinu z 1 polévkové lžíce. vodou, namočte dort a vložte do předehřáté trouby na 180 ° C. Doba pečení je 1 hodina. Vezměte připravený košíček z trouby, nechte nůž podél hrany formy a nechte trochu vychladnout. Odstraňte z formy a ochlazujte na roštu.

Panforte (Italian language)


& frac34 stack. lískových oříšků,
Stack 2/4. loupané mandle,
& frac14 stack. Surové mandle,
& frac34 sklenici sušených fíků,
& frac34 Věci ze sušených meruněk,
& frac34 flush mouky,
oloupeme 1 lemon,
1 lžička mleté ​​skořice,
& frac12 ch.n. muškátový oříšek,
& frac12 ch.n. mletý coriandr,
& frac12 ch.n. mletý zázvor,
& frac34 stack. zlato,
& frac34 sklenici cukru,
1 polévková lžíce. vody.

For kropení:

2 polévkové lžíce práškový cukr,
1 polévková lžíce. popcorn chocolates.

Odřízněte spousty sušených meruněk a fíků. Smíchejte mouku, koření a sušené ovoce ořechy. V hrnci zahřejte na nízkém ohni až do varu medu, cukru a vody, neustále míchání, vaříme pár minut a odstraňte z tepla. Mírně ochlaďte a nalijte tuto hmotu na mouku. Důkladně promícháme lyžičkou a jakmile se ochladí, m jižete ji míchat rukama. Těsto se ukáže jako velmi těžké. Vytvoříme plech s pečicím papírem, vložíme do něj těsto a zaboříme ho. Formulář umístěte do vyhřáté pece na teplotu 150 ° C po dobu 30 minut. Po pečení zcela vychladnout, vyjměte papír, posypeme práškovým cukrem a čokoládou.

"Vanochka" (český vánoční dort)

1 kg mouky,
80 g čerstvých kvasnic,
1 polévková lžíce. cukru,
3 years old,
250 g změkčeného másla,
250 ml mléka,
200 g práškového cukru,
1 balíček vanilkového cukru,
špetku soli,
k sra s 1 citronem (pomeranč nebo grapefruit),
sušené ovoce, drcené ořechy.

V teplém mléku, nalijte kvasnice, 1 polévková lžíce. cukr, 2 polévkové lžíce. mouku, promíchejte a nechte se přiblížit na teplém místě. V misce smíchejte 2 vejce, máslo a chuť, přidat práškový cukr, vanilkový cukr, sůl a mouku. Spojte se s blížícím se vařit a uhněteme těsto. Dejte je na teplé místo, zakryjte utěrkou a nechte to dvakrát. Polo test on the stole, naolejované, rozdělena do 9 částí a vrátit každý do délky lanového 40-50 cm. Sloučit postroje ruku, posypeme sušeným ovocem a ořechy a napojit region. Z těchto svazků plněná tie tři copánky: 4-bičíky 3 a 2. Na plech, položené papírové pečení, položte širokou cop se na něm - přívodní kabel ze 3 svazků a na vrcholu - nejtenčí. Zajistěte špejle do celé konstrukce není se rozšířila během pečení, a dal na kynutí po dobu 30 minut, na něž se vztahuje s ručníkem. Namočte s rozbitým vejcem a posypeme mandlemi. After mixing for about 175 ° C, after 20 minutes, heat to 150 ° C for 30-40 minutes. Roztaví se roztaveným máslem.

Yafa (srbský vánoční dort)

3 years old,
250 g cukru,
250 ml mléka,
80 ml roasted oil,
200 g mouky,
1 sáček prášku na pečení.
250 g cukru,
100 ml vody,
250 g apple puree,
150 grams of chocolate,
50 g more.

Vezměte cukr s vejci, přidejte mléko, vaření oleje a mouku práškem do pečiva. Míchat a umístit do pekáče, olejované. Peel a squash at 180 ° C for 25-30 minutes. Do te doby připravte náplň: promíchejte vodu a cukr a rošt až do hustého sirupu, přidejte pomeranče a vařte na nízké teplotě a míchání. Vyndejte koláče z trouby, odřízněte okraje, rozdrtíme zbytky a přidáme k oranžové hmotě. Roztřepte náplň na dort a ochlaďte. Roztřeďte čokoládu s máslem na vodní lázni a nalijte dort.

"Vasilopita" (řecký vánoční dort)

500 g more,
500 g of pumpkin,
2 zásobníky. mléko,
1.5 kg mouky,
50 g čerstvých kvasnic,
1 orange,
3 years to 1 year,
sezamem nebo strouhanými mandlemi - ochutnat.

Rozpusťte droždí v malém množství teplého mléka, přidejte mouku, 3 vejce, roztavené máslo, cukr, zbývající mléko, kůru z pomeranče a hněte si těsto. Vložte do misky, zakryjte ručníkem a nechte na teplém místě 2-3 hodiny. Když těsto stoupá, hněte ho a nechte to znovu. Maso rozemleteme na máslo, vložíme těsto a necháme 20-30 minut na kontrolu. After a short period of time, the seeds are sown at 180-200 ° C for about 1 day.

Dánský vánoční koláč s kořením

3 years old,
350 g cukru,
100 g more,
50 grams of fresh rosemary,
50 g candy oats,
25 g matic,
2 zásobníky. mouka,
1 stoh. kefir,
1 lžička prášek do pečiva,
1 lžička skořice,
1 ljička karafiáty,
1 lžička cardamom,
& frac12 ch.n. zázvor.

Vejce naplňte cukrem a změkčovaným máslem, přidejte mouku s práškem do pečiva a kořením, rozinkami a ořechy. Šlehač, nalijte kefír. In the case of the form of the form of a turkey, it is heated to 175 ° C, for 1 day (for the first time).

Dánský vánoční ovesný koláč


400 g egg yolk,
250 ml mléka,
1 year old,
3 polévkové lžíce hnědý cukr,
2 polévkové lžíce mouka,
1 lžička prášek do pečiva,
1 lžička skořice,
& frac12 ch.n. karafiáty,
& frac12 ch.n. cardamom,
kůra & frac12 lemon,
& frac12 stoh rozinky,
& frac14 stack. drcené mandle,
špetku soli.

Vločky nalijte mlékem. Vezměte vajíčko s cukrem, přidejte mokrý ovesný tuk a promíchejte. Smíchejte mouku s práškem do pečiva, kůrou, rozinkami, ořechy a kořením a přidejte k ovesné vločce. Formu namažte olejem, posypeme ovesnou kaší a těsto položíme. Formulate the mixture until it is heated to 175 ° C for 40 minutes.

Elena's kitchen

Unfreeze the sheets, and remove 6 + 1 sheets, which are covered with a damp towel. The rest is collected and used for something else immediately or re-frozen (not recommended!).
Take a sheet, cut it in half, grease it with an oil brush and press it with a little brown sugar.

When the tray is finished covering, pour the fruit composition and press lightly in an even layer.

If the top sheets are browned, cover with aluminum foil and bake until the composition is ready.

If you know how to bake the oven is very good, but I use a transparent tray and then you can see when the cake is baked. Leave to cool a little and powder with fine sugar flavored with vanilla.

Cut into slices only after it has cooled, being careful not to crumble the whole baked sheets on top.

It is light, fragrant, not very sweet, special. Try!


what a beautiful method of packing! I suddenly missed an apple pie, I didn't do it for a long time. Have a nice Sunday!

I think she's special. And she looks special, good.
Nice Sunday.

looks very good. worth a try.
I challenged you to a return to childhood, if you have the time and pleasure.

What goodness you have done!
I did it too but I didn't put figs in it, with figs it is definitely even better.

What a craving you made me. She is very handsome)

Super method of making pies. And your composition is delicious. I would come to your table too. Kiss you.

Very interesting way of "packing" the cake. I really like the idea. Thank you

Alison, I was also impressed by the way she assembled it and gave me the opportunity to make the cake. Who likes sweeter can add more sugar, but it is only light, flavorful, slightly sour, so only good. Have a nice Sunday too!

Yvonne, thank you very much. Have a nice Sunday.

Veronica, thank you, it's really worth a try! I'll come and see what I'm talking about in the evening, when I come back from a visit, because you made me curious!

Daniela, if you put figs on it, it's even better, because from the combination with nuts, more flavors develop.

Olgutza, do you want a piece? Take, with the greatest pleasure, from the house!

Brandusa, lust! What a joy it would be to have such guests in the evening, I would only do one more, to get there!

Welcome my thesis, Tear! I tried to see more of you, but my access was blogged and I was sorry about that. My family code name is Lacrima! I also liked this packaging, that's why I tested it! Have a nice Sunday, as much as is left of it!

wow, how interesting! let me implement it too, because I still have some apples in the pantry!

e spectaculoasa prezentarea finala.dar cred ca se taie facut-o intr-o forma de tort ? banuiesc ca atunci cand e rumenita e si gata .

ingenioasa ideea de prajitura, ingenioasa , dar mai ales gustoasa umplutura.

Elena, nici nu e nevoie sa ma imbii de doua ori.. ma servesc cu mare placere :D
Eu cred ca m-as simti tare bine in vizita la tine. ai asa un dar de a face oamenii sa te simta aproape )

Apropo, poate stii, poate nu stii. Cunostiinta aceea comuna care a avut accidentul acela in tren e acum la recuperare la Iasi si face pasi mici, dar siguri spre o viata normala :)

O saptamana frumoasa iti doresc!!

umplutura mi se pare interesanta si delicioasa.arata de vis prajitura.pupici draga Elena

Si pe mine m-a uimit umplutura. proxima ocazie amestec si eu cu smochine , nu am incercat inca. arata tare bine prajitura ta. apetisanta rau! :)

This looks wonderful, like an apple strudel with phyllo.

elle est superbe cette recette, succulente et appétissante, j'aime beaucoup
bonne journée

Zazuza, ma bucur ca ti-am dat o idee! Pe mine m-a incantat metoda, pentru ca umplutura am mai folosit-o.

Pansy, de data asta m-am cam chinuit sa o tai, pentru ca n-am facut in forma cu pereti detasabili. Data viitoare o sa fac in ea, iar foile erau o idee cam uscate, pentru ca atunci cand faceam chestia cu foile a venit o vecina sa ma intrebe ceva si foile deja aranjate s-au cam uscat putin.

Boscodina, umplutura merita incercata, pentru ca este foarte gustoasa si nu gretos de dulce.

Olgutza, ma bucur ca te-ai servit! E valabil pentru toata lumea, pana incercati voi insiva. Ma bucur de vestea pe care mi-ai dat-o!

Sarah, multumesc frumos de aprecieri. M-as bucura s-o incerci si tu.

Ana-Maria, daca Luanei ii place mai dulce, poti sa mai pui miere. O va amuza teribil cum arata, asa ciufulita, prajitura!

Ivy, thanks. Filled is slightly different from the strudel. I think if you put fresh figs would be even more beautiful and perfect!

Painea Iepuras

Am devenit pasionata de diferite procedee de modelare a painii, si mi-a venit ideea sa fac o paine-iepuras. Din acelasi aluat ca si la Painea Floarea Soarelui am modelat si acesta Paine Iepuras prin a carei postare sper sa va dau o alta idee pentru masa de Paste care va fi apreciata sigur, mai ales daca aveti copii:

If you like it, share it with your friends!

A pack of 4 sheets of Dolce Iulius honey (very good)
1 liter of milk
350g sugar cough
4 sachets of vanilla sugar
7 tablespoons flour
200g margarine Rama
100g old powder
1 jar of apricot jam 360g

Method of preparation:
The milk, caster sugar, vanilla sugar and flour added in the rain are put in a pan and boiled on a steam bath, stirring constantly, until the composition thickens. After it has thickened, take the pan off the heat and leave it to cool.

Meanwhile, rub the foam, margarine and powdered sugar in a bowl. This mixture is added over the milk cream and the already cooled flour, and mixed until it is homogenous.

After we get the cream, we move on to filling the cake sheets. Take a sheet on which to spread half of the prepared cream, then cover with a second sheet on which we will spread the apricot jam, again, cover with another sheet, over which we will put the remaining cream and again we will cover with another sheet - which is the last.

The cake is placed in the refrigerator, preferably until the next day, so the sheets will become soft. The next day before serving, powder with sugar. It is a fine and delicious cake recipe that is definitely pleasant for the whole family.

The full recipe, in pictures, can be downloaded here: Honeycomb Cake & # 8211 Bee Cake (PDF Format)

4 comments. Leave new

Hi. where do we find these Dolce Iulius honey sheets ?? I haven't seen or heard of them in stores. please answer, ms ..

Elena's kitchen

Amestecati, sa se dizolve bine mierea. Turnati intr-o sticla de 1,5-2 l zeama de lamaie, o parte din pulpa de lamaie si ghimbirul razuit. Turnati deasupra apa plata, inchideti si agitati bine. Sa faca spume de suparare!

Turnati in pahare inalte si adaugati o frunza de lamaita.

Este foarte buna la gust si este de nshpe mii de ori mai sanatoasa si mai buna decat . cola, pepsi etc.

Restul de frunze se adauga in sticla si se tine la rece.

Stiti care este frumusetea acestei limonade? Se pot adauga cuburi de gheata sau o parte se poate transforma in cuburi de gheata si sa fie servita rece. Dar se poate face si cu apa plata infierbantata si facuta limonada calda, iarna mai ales.

Este o bunatate, oricum ati prefera-o!


Tipic balantelor, nu am rabdare si gata. Da eu cred ca sunt facuta si in goana calului. Mereu trebuie sa am ocupatie, sa nu cumva sa stau mai mult de 5 minute degeaba ca deja ma plictisesc. SI la fimle cand ma uit imi gasesc o ocupatie secundara. Asa suntem noi, balantele.
Cat despre sucul de lamaita. cel facut in casa e mai sfant si mai sanatos decat orice chimical din comert.

Ce pofta mi-ai facut de-o limonada.

Nu-i rau! Ce chestii am baut si noi azi dimineata!

Veronica, sunt de acord cu graba, dar si cu sucul. Eu rezist cu stoicism sa nu cert cate o mamica de bebe de cel mult 2-3 anisori care impinge in manutele intinse sticla de cola. Imi vine sa le bat, cu vorba bineinteles!

Laura, aceasta limonada cu ghimbir si lamaita, daca faci si pui cateva cuburi la congelator si le adaugi in cea proaspat facuta, este demential de buna. N-am avut timp, dar o sa va arat cubulete cu cate o frunza de lamaita in fiecare.

GDC, ce chestii ati baut voi? Eu, la pranz, m-am rasfatat cu ceva interzis la dieta: o gura de cognac bun. Deh, este saptamana luminata!

vai, o nebunieeeeeeeeeeee! abia astept sa fac si eu! cred ca e delicioasa!

Pentru Ioana

Stiu ca subiectul abordat nu are nimic de-a face cu bucataria si gatitul, insa are multe in comun cu ceea ce punem noi de cele mai multe ori atunci cand gatim: suflet. Si un suflet de copil are nevoie de noi, de fiecare, dupa posibilitatile lui. Este vorba despre Ioana, o fetita foarte bolnava, dar care are sanse foarte mari de recuperare daca este ajutata la timp.

Am primit acest mesaj de la Ana si vi-l transmit in forma in care a ajuns la mine, in speranta ca va trece dincolo de monitor, pana in inima voastra si vom face toti ceva sa usuram suferinta acestei familii:

“Este vorba de fetita prietenei mele care are 17 ani si 2 forme grave de cancer =Carcinom scuamos nediferentiat cu proliferare celulara si in ganglionii latero-cervicali, fara a fi exclus insa si un posibil limfom de tip Hodgkin= . Le trebuie aproximativ 80.000 de euro ca sa mearga la o clinica in strainatate pt chimioterapie si alte tratamente.
Daca se strang banii si ajunge acolo sansele de vindecare sunt de 97%.
Ai un blog minunat pe care intra foarte multa lume, te rog ajuta-ma! Iti multumesc !”

Donaţiile pot fi făcute pe numele:

Spahiu Laura
Cod IBAN EUR: RO21RNCB05000834973 60002
Cod IBAN RON: RO48RNCB05000834973 60001
Banca Comercială Română – sucursala Sebastian”

De asemenea, puteti participa la licitatia pe care Yafa a organizat-o pe blogul ei, pentru cei care vor sa o ajute pe Ioana si sa mearga intr-o vacanta in Elvetia. Mai multe detalii AICI.

Va multumesc mult!

Friptura la cuptor cu cartofi aromati

Desi iubesc cartofii la cuptor cu friptura, de cele mai multe ori imi dau seama ca pot deveni plictisitori. De aceea trebuie sa le adaugam o aroma deosebita. Si daca de obicei carnea este cea rasfatata in tava, marinata si condimentata in cele mai fanteziste moduri cu putinta, iata ca azi va propun sa lasam carnea in pace ( o saram si piperam cu maxima simplitate) si pastram condimentele pentru cartofi.

Si pentru ca ei sunt azi vedeta ii vom rasfata intr-o marinata cu multe condimente inainte de a-i arunca in tava si apoi in cuptorul bine incins pentru a fura doar cat este necesar din aroma ardeilor si ierburilor.

cartofi (ar fi ideal sa fie noi, dar sa nu ocoliti reteta asta nici cand nu vor mai fi cartofi noi!)
1 red pepper
1 green pepper
optional 1 ardei mic iute
1 large onion
2 lingurite de busuioc
1 teaspoon thyme
chilli flakes
1 lingura mare de Worcestershire
salt pepper
sucul proaspat stors de la o lamaie
a little olive oil

Tocati ceapa si ardeii, adaugati restul condimentelor si amestecati.

Adaugati cartofii si amestecati bine cu condimentelor sa se unga bine.

Puneti intregul amestec intr-o tava, asezati deasupra feliile de carne si puneti la cuptorul bine incins.

Tineti in cuptor pana se rumenesc bine, intorcand din cand in cand cartofii.

Video: Mikiyas Chernet - Emamaye 2013 Official Video


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