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Julianne Hough Won’t Change Her Diet for Upcoming Wedding

Julianne Hough Won’t Change Her Diet for Upcoming Wedding

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The celebrity says she plans to continue her regular eating habits throughout her engagement

As for fitness, Hough tends to combine workouts five days a week, according to a 2016 interview with

Dancer, singer, and actress Julianne Hough is best known as a two-time champion of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She’s also known for her incredible physique, but it doesn’t come easy — the celebrity prioritizes her fitness, even while she plans her wedding to hockey player Brooks Laich.

According to People, Hough says she doesn’t want to look any different for her wedding day than how she looks any other day. Hough plans to enjoy her engagement without falling into any crazy wedding diets, although she typically manages to eat “clean.”

“I’ll probably want to enjoy the night before, have like beer and a burger, stuff like that,” Hough told People. “This is my lifestyle, so I have cheat days, but if I have a cheat day, the next day I’m really good.”

Hough’s diet usually consists of healthy salads, carbs (in moderation), a lot of protein, consistent snacking, and plenty of water, Redbook reported.

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