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Bread soaked with shrimp (Açorda de camarão)

Bread soaked with shrimp (Açorda de camarão)

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Shrimp are boiled in hot water with a little salt (if you use shrimp already cleaned, do not boil them, only those in crust) until they change color. Keep the water in which they boiled and remove the shrimp crust.

The bread is crushed well and the milk and water in which the shrimp were boiled are added, so that it softens well, without being too liquid.

In a pot put a little olive oil, bay leaf, crushed garlic and all the shrimp and let it harden over low heat, taking care not to fry the garlic too much, 3-4 minutes are enough.

Optionally, take out 2-3 shrimp to put on top at the end, remove the bay leaf, then add the bread and mix well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Break the egg on top and mix well enough to mix the bread with the egg, about 2-3 minutes.

You can add a little fresh coriander and it is ready to serve.

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