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Nashville’s 1808 Grille Hires New Executive Chef

Nashville’s 1808 Grille Hires New Executive Chef

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1808 Grille, the award-winning New American restaurant in Nashville’s celebrity hot spot Hutton Hotel has named chef Jacob (Jake) Strang as its new executive chef.

Strang is no stranger to 1808 Grille — he was the executive sous chef at the midtown property from 2008 to 2013, having opened the restaurant with former executive chef Charles Phillips. The pair collaborated on everything from the overarching concept to the menu.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Jake Strang back to the 1808 Grille-Hutton Hotel family. In 2008, as sous chef, Jake was an integral part of designing the original concept for the restaurant,” says Lisa Bush, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing. “Returning now as executive chef, he will guide our staff in creating the same fresh, quality food, while adding his own unique style to our seasonal menus, and maintaining the four-star service he helped shape.”

Strang left 1808 Grille in May 2013 to become the executive chef at Frescos Restaurant, adjacent to The Chadwick Hotel in Wexford, Pa. With his return to 1808 Grille, Strang brings a unique advantage as he helped develop current relationships with local farmers, a priority for the restaurant.

"These relationships ensure quality of products and allow us to create the best seasonal menus, and it's environmentally responsible, which is important to everyone at the Hutton," Strang said.

Back in July, I visited the Hutton Hotel and could see why the spot is buzz-worthy. Its ultra-modern, light-filled lobby resembles an art gallery, and the restaurant beside it looks sleek without being stodgy. I can honestly report that I didn’t eat anything I didn’t enjoy at their press preview to welcome back Strang. The menu here is familiar but dynamic. For dinner, you are likely to find small plates like wild boar dumpling with New Brunswick stew and house sauerkraut, mid-course offerings such as pumpkin spice ale soup with bacon, smoke gouda, pumpernickel toast, and entrées like Monkfish scaloppini with cabernet vinaigrette and caper pesto.

If one of Nashville’s hottest hotels continues to serve the same delicious food, I will be returning there on my next visit to the city, and I highly suggest you do the same.

Teresa Tobat is a travel writer and editor. View her website at Follow her tweets @ttobat88.

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