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Norman Van Aken's Kitchen Conversations: Sanford "Sandy" D'Amato

Norman Van Aken's Kitchen Conversations: Sanford

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Norman Van Aken, a member of The Daily Meal Council, is a Florida-based chef-restaurateur (Norman's at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando), cooking teacher, and author. His most recent book is a memoir, No Experience Necessary: The Culinary Odyssey of Chef Norman Van Aken. This is the fourth in a regular series of Kitchen Conversations — informal but revealing interchanges with key culinary figures — that Van Aken will be contributing to The Daily Meal. He also writes a regular series of Kitchen Meditations for us.

Sanford D'Amato, known to everyone as "Sandy," was brought up in Milwaukee, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, and went on to hone his craft in a number of New York City restaurants. He returned to Milwaukee in 1980 to work at John Byron’s Restaurant, during which tenure he was named one of the country's top 25 “Hot New Chefs” by Food & Wine. He became Milwaukee's best-known chef–restaurateur with Sanford, which he opened in 1989 with his wife, Angie, on the site of a grocery store that had been run by his grandfather and father. Ten years later, the D'Amatos opened a second restaurant, Coquette. Over the years, D'Amato and his restaurants won many honors — he was named Best Chef Midwest by the James Beard Foundation in 1996 — and he was one of a dozen chefs Julia Child asked to cook her 80th birthday dinner in 1992. In the early 2010s, the D'Amatos sold first Coquette and then Sanford, and moved to Hatfield, Mass., next door to Amherst, where they run Good Stock Farm, a small cooking school.

Norman Van Aken’s “Kitchen Conversation” with Chef/Author/Teacher Sandy D’Amato:

Norman Van Aken: What is the very first thing you remember eating and enjoying?
Sandy D'Amato: I was in my high-chair in our apartment above my dad's grocery store. I was just served a steaming bowl of pastina blanketed with creamy Wisconsin butter and a sprinkling of grated pecorino romano, a Sicilian kid’s first mac and cheese.

Are you the first chef in your family?
I'm the first "formal" chef, but my paternal grandfather had some serious skills and was a chef at heart. He was not an overall pleasant man as he had a huge mean streak and did most of his communicating with the back of his hand. But when he was cooking it was the only time he was truly happy and was the grandfather that we all really craved.

When did you start cooking?
Informally, when I was about 12. The first recipe I made was inspired by a Julia Child TV crêpe. I used the crêpe recipe from my mother's "bible," The Settlement Cookbook. I cooked it on a 12-inch-square skillet and filled it with summer strawberries, a full can of Reddi-wip, and blackened (not intentionally) sliced almonds. Formally, I was 17 and it was at Kalt’s German Restaurant in Milwaukee. I started as a lunch helper working the hand pump steamer to reheat the sandwich fillings and cutting cabbage on the slicer for two days for the Friday night fish fry and eventually working my way up to the fryer station and spending most weekends buried under orders with my hands looking like breaded mittens.

When did you realize that cooking was serious to you, and where were you cooking when that moment took place?
I was working in kitchens for two years when I started at a restaurant called First Place. The lunch chef unpacked these huge hunks of meat, the thickest ribs I had ever seen. He browned them in a large black roasting pan and covered them with a brown liquid he had been cooking on the stove from the previous day. When he let me try the finished dish, it was my first taste of braised short ribs and I decided at that moment that I knew nothing about real-deal cooking. That led to me starting night cooking classes at a local free program put on by the Jewish vocational services. After a few months of classes, I was really discouraged as I was the youngest one in the class by a good 10 years and the only one who didn't need a shave. I knew I was really out of my league when the instructor, chef Radcliffe, pulled me aside after class. He said "You're really interested in cooking aren't you?" I said "Of course, isn't everyone here?" He replied "Oh my, you don't know — you're the only one who doesn't have to be here. All the rest of these fellows are on work release from prison!" He then recommended a few cooking schools around the country and told me about this small school in New Haven, the Culinary Institute of America [the school moved to Hyde Park, N.Y., in 1972]. He gave me a letter of recommendation and I was off.

What was the first dish you made you felt proud of?
It was a night when my sister and I where home alone and I made Pastorelli Pizza from a box. You mixed the pre-portioned flour and yeast with water and let it rise, then pressed and flipped out a pizza like disc and coated it with the supplied sauce, but then it was up to me. Pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, and romano, baked to a crispy turn. It was a masterpiece of fast food, and I felt like a magician!

What part of your body has taken the biggest beating over the years in the kitchens?
Hands by far, from cuts to burns, stiffness and arthritis — they took the brunt of the abuse.

What was the closest you came to quitting the business and finding something saner?
Actually, we are quitting and starting a new life in Hatfield, Massachusetts. On our 25th anniversary, my wife, Angie, and I took our first substantial time away from the business since we had opened, a 32-day cruise through Asia. We came out of it as different people and decided to change our lives, and an exit plan was born. We sold Coquette to two former employees, Nick and Chris, in 2010, and sold Sanford in December of 2012 to our chef de cuisine, Justin, who had worked with us for 10 years. This enabled us to start our new life at Good Stock Farm on the banks of the Connecticut River, where we are doing personal hands-on cooking classes in our newly built place. It's my dream kitchen in Angie's dream home.

What was your arc in terms of the first kinds of cookery you loved and how it morphed over your career?
In the beginning, it was a struggle between my mother's "Midwest Succulent Mastery of Pork" against my grandfather's "Southern Italian Brilliance" from the first bite of his meatballs with mostaccioli. But I was swayed for years by his ethereal beef spiedini. When I started cooking school in the early ‘70s we were shown a movie, The French Lunch, about a day in the kitchen at La Caravelle in New York City. I was seduced, but at the same time completely frightened, as this was something I just had to do but I didn't know if I could ever be that good. Upon meeting and starting to work for chef Peter Van Erp at the C.I.A., a whole new world of exotic cuisine was opened up to me. His range and depth of knowledge could whisk you around the world faster than the Internet, all the while feeling like you were actually visiting those exotic ports of call; he was truly an unmatched visionary of ethnic cuisines that were almost untouched by Americans at that time. The combination of his tutelage along with the precision and repetition of working in classic French kitchens of New York City shaped my food vision of modern ethnic cuisine. This became the blueprint for the food at Sanford. But after 45-plus years of cooking, when I just want to be soothed, I always go back to a red sauce palette.

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Justin Aprahamian and Sanford – Milwaukee, WI

Justin Aprahamian entered the culinary world at the age of 12 helping out with his uncle’s catering company. What started as small family favors ended up being the beginning of Justin’s intrigue to the culinary field. At the age of 16, Justin applied for work at the chef-owned and operated, Steven Wades Café. Wanting to learn all aspects of a kitchen he accepted a job as dishwasher and worked his way up to garde manger. During his time at Wades, Justin graduated high school and immediately enrolled in the culinary program at Waukesha County Technical College.

At the age of 18 Justin’s eagerness and determination earned him an associate’s degree in May of 2002. At this time he joined the kitchen staff at Sanford Restaurant, then owned by renowned Great Chef Sanford D’Amato and his wife, Angie. Hired as a prep cook, his drive and passion helped him to move up the line and by 2005 was promoted to Sous Chef.

After working closely with Sandy on recipe and menu development as well as the daily function, he was named Chef de Cuisine in 2008. In 2010 and 2011 Justin was honored as a semifinalist for Rising Star Chef from the James Beard Foundation. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 he received nominations for Best Chef Midwest.

In December of 2012 Justin purchased Sanford Restaurant from his mentors and is excited to keep the traditions alive and continue to evolve over the coming years. He keeps aspects that have always made Sanford special, from the care shown to the guests, to the care shown in each ingredient.

But he is also taking steps to make this restaurant his own. Case in point, in May of 2014 he won the James Beard Award for Best Chef Midwest 2014.

Norman Van Aken's Kitchen Conversations: Sanford Sandy D'Amato - Recipes

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USA - Simple Fare, Karen Mordechai (Abrams)

A14 – Self Published

Bosnia - The Lost Chef, Andrew Chalk France - Les Genies du Chocolat, Eri Ikezi
Germany - Essend durch China,Piet Schonherr
Guatemala - Postres Divinos, Maria Jose Carpio
Hong Kong - Dim Sum Girls, Christina Lai (Partridge)
India - Delightful Desserts, Manimekalai Chelliah
Ireland - Behind the half door, Kady O’Connell, Brighid Biddy McLaughlin
Italy - Il Coccio Magico Angelo Spena (Createspace)
Lithuania - My food odyssey, June Molloy Vladicka (Createspace)
Mauritius - Fadilah’s Kitchen, Fadilah Jhenghoor-Mooraby
New Zealand - Healthy Lunch Box, Wick Nixon
Russia - Fashion Cakes, Anna Krasovskaia, Vladiena Ustimenko
South Africa - Through the eyes of an African Chef, Nompumelelo Mqwebu
Spain - Recetas con Alma, Julio Fernandez Quintero (Abantai)
Sweden - Sjomagasinet, Tragardh, Wagner, Elfving (Sjomagasinet)
UK - Carib Asian Cookbook, Sherrie and Patrick Eugene-Hart (Silverwood)
USA - Elote Cafe Notebook, Jeff Smedstad

A15 - Cooking School / Education

Austria - Online Cooking School, Hochschule Steiermark
Canada - Cooking with the Wolfman, David Wolfman, Marlene Finn (Douglas McIntyre)
China - Shandong Lu Cuisine, Zhang Jia Min SCTH Jinan (CHLIP) 9787518409945
Colombia - Panela, Rosahelena Macia Mejia, Universidad Autonoma
Finland - Nami Namaste, Sikke Sumari
France - Collection Jean Michel Perruchon (Bellouet Conseil)
Greece - For Cooks, Gogopoulos (Le Monde)
India - The Best of Epicure’s Nouvelle Indian Cuisine, Asha Khatau (Popular Prakashan)
Iran - Samira Janatdoust Cookies (Paniz Mehr)
Ireland - Good Food, Tara Walker ((Mercier)
Italy - Cucina Evolution, Chiara Manzi (Art Joins Nutrition Academy)
Japan - Niseko Gourmet, Tess Stomski (Niseko Gourmet) 9784990930004
Spain - 100 recetas estrella, Escuela Hosteleria La Rioja
(Banco de Alimentos de La Rioja)
Sweden - Sara Begner, Barnens kukkola (Norstedts - COOP)
UK - 40 Feasts for foodies (DACA)
USA - Haven’ Kitchen Cooking School, Alyson Cayne (Artisan)


B01 - Best Cookbook Publisher

China - PHEI Publishing House Electronic Industry 9787121313622
France - French Universities Food Publishing, Bordeaux, Bourgogne Paris - Sorbonne, Rennes, 9791023105698
Indonesia - Gramedia
Philippines - Anvil
UK - Kyle Books, Kyle Cathie
USA - The Cooking Lab

B02 - Best Food Book of the Year in all categories

Canada - English - Cooking with the Wolfman, David Wolfman, Marlene Finn (Douglas McIntyre)
Canada - French - Cuisine d’Ethne et Philippe de Vienne (Trecarre)
China - Nulle Part Ailleurs, Terroirs, Lin Yu-sen (CITIC) 9787508676562
Colombia - Caldas, Gomez, Muñoz (Pispirispis)
France - Agrumes, Anne Sophie Pic (La Maison)
Germany - Schwarzwald Tapas 2, Manuel Wassner, Verena Scheuidel (Cook & Shoot)
Ireland - Cook Well, Eat Well, Rory O’Connell (Gill)
Japan - Taste in Progress, Hidemi Sugiro (Shibata) 9784388062676
Lithuania - Wie der gepolkelte Sier nach Konstanz, Lanzikas, Astraukas (Lietuvos Kulturos Institutas)
Netherlands - Fish Tales, Bart van Olphen (Pavilion UK)
New Zealand - NZ Land & Food Annual, No Freelunch (Massey University Press)
Norway - Eallu (Arctic Council - International Reindeer Centre)
South Africa - Curry, Ishay Govender-Ypma (NB)
Sweden - Fran grunden med systrama, Eisenmann, Lisa & Monica Eisenmann (Bonnier Fakta)
UK - Tasting Georgia, Carla Capalbo (Pallas Athene)
USA - Modernist Bread, Nathan Myhrvold, Francisco Migoya (The Cooking Lab)

B03 - Cookbook Reviews - Newsletters

Australia -
Austria -
Canada -
China - China Publishers Magazine
France -
Spain -
Sweden - Boktugg
USA - Kitchen Arts & Letters newsletter

B04 - Online Food Magazine

China -
Hong Kong -
India -
Spain - Gusto in English

B04 - Print Food Magazine

France - 180º C
Germany - Journal Culinaire, Martin Wurze-Berger, Thomas Vilgis
Ireland - Go Wild
Italy - Cook inc, Officina Internazionale di Cucina (Vandenberg)
Sweden - Vego Magasinet, Mattias Kristiansson

B06 - Photography

Bulgaria - Bulgarian Chefs, Photo lian Iliev
France - Michel Sarran, Photo Anne Emmanuelle Thion
Germany - Taste of Marrakech, Muriel Bruswig-Ibrahim, photo Lutz Jackel
India - Dining with the Nawabs, Photo Karam Puri
Ireland - Fearless Food, Booth, Photo Joanne Murphy (DCS)
Israel - Arava Photo Dan Perez, Alex Levac (Lunch Box)
Japan - Harvest Niseko, Photo Junichi Miyazaki (Niseko Gourmet) 9784990930004
New Zealand - Source New Zealand, Photo Gerhard Egger (Lasting Images)
Portugal - Living the Xtra Virgin Life, Claudia Villax (Casa das Letras)
Spain - Irreductible, Diego Guerrero, Photo Fernando Prieto (Montagud)
Sweden - Minigourmeter & Matgladisar, Photo Deleau, Wiklund (Skabett)
Turkey - Un Tariai-Tarifi, Aydan Ust Kanat
UK - Quick and Easy Thai, Photo Jean Pierre Gabriel (Phaidon)

B07 - Illustrations

Chile - Niños a comer, MJ Buttazzoni, Sol Fliman (Ombu)
China - Spicy China (Vorwerk)
FAO - World Food Day 2017 Activity Book, Lorenzo Terranera, 20 pages Free PDF
France - Le carnet de Guillaume Gomez, Aurélie Sartres (Glenat)
Germany - Taco Tales, Anne Werkel
Maldives - The Grand Plan, Hushan Shafeeq (ARC)
Scotland - Artist’s Cookbook, Rudy Kanhye, Claire Dearnley (Center for Contemporary Arts-Glasgow)
Sweden - Herrgardsfruns Recept, Stina Wirsen (Norstedts)
Switzerland- Globis grosses Fruhstuckbuch, Marc Zollinger (OFV)
UAE-Sharjah - Anise loves green food, Nathalie Curabba (Edible Rainbow Project)
UK - Bake me a festive story, Clair Rossiter (Hodder Children Books)
USA - A Grandfather’s Lessons, Jacques Pepin (HMH)

B08 - Design

China - Cake Decoration (Qingdao) 9787555254775
Denmark - Food trends 2018, Norgard Mikkelsen, Hanne Harbo
France - Chocolat so chic, Corinne Decottignies, Serge Bloch (La Martiniere)
Germany - Der Dinners mit Gala, Salvador Dali (Taschen)
Hong Kong - Wedding Graphic Design, Xia JiaJia, Yang Ruizhu (Art Power)
Japan - Kyoto Sweets Adventure, Eri Sekiya (Sekaibunka) 9784418173013
Mexico - Otro Stylo para Cocinar, Geraldine Romero, Mariana Correa
Netherlands - One Pot Calendar, Kamer 465 (Snor)
Russia - Fashion Cakes, Anna Krakovskaia, Vladiena Ustimenko
Singapore - The Vibrant Table, Clara Luboff (Gatehouse)
Slovenia - Koline, Janez Bogataj (Rokus Klett)
Spain - Irreductible, Diego Guerrero (Montagud)
Sweden - Azur, Lotta Kuhlhorn (NOK)
Thailand - Suk Cafe Design (Karb Studio)
UK - Catalonia, Jose Pizarro (Quadrille)
USA - Leave me alone, Sarah Rich etal (Bloomsbury)

B10 - Series

Australia International - Flavours of Bali, Sydney (Smudge)
Australia National - The Tasmanian Pantry, Eloise Emmett
Canada - Savoir quoi manger (Groupe Modus)
China - CITIC Art Museum - Han Xi-zai Banquet 9787508664262
Japan - Mukoita Cutting, Techniques (Japanese Culinary Academy) 9784908325069
Malaysia - Eveything Series, Everything Eggs (MPH)
Spain - Tapas Futbolisticas, Jose Campos Martin
UK - How to cook, Leith’s (Quadrille)
USA - Eat Smart Guides (Ginkgo Press)

B11 - Corporate

Canada - Beautiful Bundts, Julie Anne Hession (Robert Rose)
Chile - El Pan en Chile, Ferran (Memoria Creativa)
France - Cuisiner avec Thermomix, Elise Delprat-Alvares, Noemie Andre (Larousse)
Hong Kong - Miele, A Traditional Taste (Asia One Book)
Ireland - The Cookery Shool, Donnybrook Fair, Niall Murphy (DF)
Israel - Smoke, Adam Vaya (Doris Katzavim)
Jamaica - The Marley Coffee Cookbook, Rohan Marley, Maxcel Hardy (Quarry)
Malaysia - Malaysian Palm Oil (Malaysian Palm Oil Council)
Singapore - The Carvex, Zosimo Bagsican (Partridge)
Spain - Gran Libro Cocina Gallega, Productos Alfaro (Espasa)
UK - Claridges The Cookbook (Mitchell Beazley)
USA - We have cookies (Double Tree Hilton)

B12 - Translation

Belgium - Gert De Mengeleer unplugged,(Luster)
China - Simplissime (PHEI) 9787121313622
Cuba -Cuban Country Food, Eddy Fernandez, Miriam Rubiel, Ana Portela (EsiAete)
Cyprus - Cyprus Culinary Journey, in Russian, Marianne Salentin-Traeger
Egypt - Treasure Trove, Nawal Nasrallah
El Salvador - Sabores Deliciosos, Alicia Maher (Pacific Apicius)
France - Cuisine & Dietetique Occident Arabe Medieval, Catherine Guillaumond (Harmattan)
Iran - Pomegranates and Roses, Ariana Bundy (Rowzanesh)
Mexico - Flavors of Nayarit, Alondra Maldonado (Paz Mexico)
Monaco - Signature Dishes, Bradley Milton, Zsolt Szmerszky (Createspace)
Netherlands - Green Kitchen at Home, David Frenkiel, Luise Vindahl (Becht)
Portugal - Manger comme un Portugais, Lucy Pepper, Celia Pedroso (Lua de Papel)
Russia - I love to eat Fruits and Vegetables (Kid Kiddos -Canada)
South Korea - On va deguster, Translator Hyun Jeong Kang (Citron Macaron)
Spain - Mallorca in der Kuche, Margalida Castells (Souvenir Edicions)
Sweden - Nordisk Kokbok, Magnus Nilsson (Max Strom)
Syria - Scents and Flavors, Charles Perry (Library of Arab Literature)
Taiwan - Jerusalem, Ottolenghi, Tamimi (Emily Publishing)
USA - Mouthfeel, Ole G. Mouritsen (Columbia University)

B13 - Printer

China - Asia Pacific Offset Printer - NZ Book Essential: Annabel Langbein
France - A La Table du Roi Soleil, Marie & Francoise de La Forest (Editions du Reve)
Hong Kong- C and C Offset Printing -USA Book: King Solomon Table, Joan Nathan
India - Thompson Press, New Delhi - Book: Dining with the Nawabs (Roli Books)
Spain - Samper Impresores, France Book Collection (Bellouet Conseil)
Sweden - Exacta, Book Blakokboken, Anna Benson (Benzer)
Thailand - Sirivatana Interprint, Book: Lickerland, Jason Licker
USA - Eclipse Printing, Book Senses in Sucrose, Roberto Cortez

B14 - EBook - Online

China - Nutritious Food for Pregnant Ladies (Chemical) 9787122260277
Colombia - Mi Cocina Creativa, Catalina Aritizabal (Planeta)
Costa Rica - Cooking in Costa Rica, Gloria Yeatman (Amazon)
Germany - Kase Brotchen, Luiza Medeiros Monteiro Barros
Indonesia - Healthy Cookbook (Pullman Djakarta)
Mali - Gourmandises de Dilly, Oumou Nomoko (Editions Aifel Aissa - Bamako)
Mexico - Nuestro Estilo de Vida, Health & Go (Ink)
Palestine - Sudfeh Kitchen Cookbook, Abeer Safi, Bayan Safi, Amna Safi, 26 pages free PDF
Peru - Avocados from Peru Cookbook (Peruvian Avocado Commission) 146 pages free PDF
UK - Supra, Tiko Tuskadze (Pavilion)
USA - Sweater Weather Cookbook, Taste (Crown Publishing) /p>

B15A - National Tourism website - Asia

Bhutan -
Cambodia -
India -
Indonesia -
Iran - Japan -
Jordan - Nothing tastes like Jordan
Lebanon -
Malaysia -
Maldives -
Nepal -
Palestine -
Qatar - www.visitqatar/eat
Saudi Arabia -
South Korea -
Timor-Leste -
UAE- Abu Dhabi - www.visitabudhabi/localcuisine
UAE- Dubai -

B15B - National Tourism Website - Pacific

Australia -
Guam -
Micronesia -
New Zealand -
Palau -
Tonga -
Vanuatu -

B15C - National Tourism website - Caribbean

Barbados- Visit Culinary capital of the Caribbean
Cayman - www.visitcaymanislands/cayman-cookout
Cuba -
St Kitts Nevis -
St Lucia
St Vincent -
Trinidad -

B15D - National Tourism website - America

Bermuda -
Brazil -
Canada -
Chile -
Ecuador -
El Salvador -
Honduras -
Mexico - www.visitmexico/gastronomy
Nicaragua -
Uruguay -
Venezuela -

B15E - National Tourism website - Europe

Belgium - www.belgium-tourism/flavours-of-wallonia
Croatia -
Czech -
Finland -
France -
Greece -
Greenland -
Hungary -
Ireland -
Italy -
Liechtenstein - Lithuania -
Macedonia -
Malta -
Monaco -
Netherlands -
Northern Ireland -
Portugal -
Scotland -
Slovakia -
Slovenia -
Spain -
Sweden -
Turkey -

B15F - National Tourism website - Africa

Cape Verde -
Ghana -
Kenya -
Mauritius -
Morocco -
Seychelles -
South Africa -
Tunisia - www.discovertunisia/saveurs-de-tunisie

B16 - Best Sellers

Belgium - Martine fait la cuisine (Casterman)
France - Les semaines legeres de Sophie Dudemaine (La Martiniere)
India - 100 Chinese Recipes, Sanjeev Kapoor (Popular Prakashan)
Portugal - Arte de Cozinha, Domingo Rodrigues (Relogio de Agua)
Sweden - Sjusorters Kaker - Fika, the Swedish Way (Norstedts)
USA - America’s Test Kitchen 2001-2018

B17 - Institutions Brochures - Free PDF

Belgium - From Flanders with Food ( 80 pages
Chile - Tu Receta, Tu Historia (Consejo Nacional Cultura Artes) 228 pages
Colombia - Modelo Competividad Turistica Regional (Fundacion Universitaria CAFAM)107 pages
Costa Rica - Recetario Saludable (Casa Costarricense Seguro Social) 24 pages
Greece - Gastronomy (( 24 pages
Ireland-Origin GreenSustainabilirty Report 2016,Irish Food( pages
Latvia - Food Lovers guide to Riga region (Latvian Tourism) 18 pages
South Korea - Explore traditional markets (KNTO) 74 pages
Spain - Recetas de la red de Biosfera (Biosfera- MesetaIberica)
Switzerland - Savourer les repas & Rester en bonne sante, Strategie Suisse Nutrition 2022, 14 pages

B18 - app

Australia - uwai app for Chinese visitors (SATC)
Bangladesh - Harriken fine dining app
Chile- Compass Wine tours, Enrique Rodriguez (Corfo)
France -LaListe app, Jorg Zipprick
Portugal - Wine in Lisbon
Spain - Comete el Mundo app (Fundacion Tomillo)
Sweden - Eldrimner app
UK - velocity app
USA - Farmstand app

B19 - Private websites

Austria - Online Cooking School, Hochschule Steiermark
China - Ctrip Mei Shi Lin
Cuba -
Estonia -
France -
Greece -
Japan -
Netherlands -
Sweden -
Switzerland -, Esther Kern
UK -

B20 - Photographers Publishers

China - Four Seasons Vegetarian (China Nationality Art Photograhy) 9787512209114
France - 20 recettes si francaises, Francoise de la Forest
New Zealand - Source, Gerhard & Henrietta Egger (Lasting Images)
Spain - Gusto Gallego, Luis Carre (Gusto)
Switzerland - Einfach Murner, Rolf Murner (Fotoplus)
USA- I ate the prop, Nancy Ori (Createspace)

B21 - Local Tourism websites

Aland -
Argentina -
Channel Islands -
France -
Indonesia -
Israel -
Japan -
Morocco - www.visitmarrakech/gastronomie
New Zealand -
Norway -
Slovenia -
Spain -

B22 - University Press

Canada - Indigenous Food Security (U Manitoba)
France - Univers d´un Geographe en honneur de JR Pitte (PU Paris Sorbonne)
Mexico - Cacao, (UNAM)
Peru - Mujer, Poder y Alimentacion (USMP)
Spain - Historia Conducta Alimentaria Española (U Extremadura)
Sweden - Making Meals in Restaurants, Lotte Wellton (Örebro University)
USA - Project 258, Zakary Pelaccio, Peter Barrett (U Texas)


C01 - Local

Australia - The Tasmanian Pantry, Eloise Emmett
Denmark - Smagen er Sonderjylland, Buthler, Sorensen, Schulz, Rais (Rais & Buthler)
Finland - Turku Lauta Sella 3, Heli Nieminen
France - Passion Commune, Wilfrid Chaplain, Frederic Huret (de Boree)
India - Flavours of Kala Ghoda Art District (Popular Prakashan)
Ireland - Irish Country Cookbook, Taylor, Tinman (Forge)
Israel - Ingredients Shelly Brenner (Lunch Box)
Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia Via dei Sapori, Walter Filiputti (Via dei Sapori)
Japan - La brise soufflée de Nagano, Hidetoshi Ohtomo, 9784866230139
Malaysia - Everything Kristang, Melba Nunis (MPH)
Mauritius - Fadilah.’s kitchen
Mexico - Tlacualero Cristina Barros, Marco Buenrostro (Fundacion Salvador Zubiran)
Peru - Valores Tradicion Culinaria Peruana (USMP)
Portugal - Eating a la Porto, Helio Loureiro (Almedina)
South Africa - Sandvelkos, Rina Theron
Spain Castellano - El libro de Oro Cocina Aragonesa (Almuzara)
Spain Catalan - Cuina Arrossos del Delta del Ebre (Onada)
Sweden - Hoga Kunsten Var del av Varlden, Steven Ekholm (Hoga Kunsten)
Thailand - Royal project 48 (Karb Studio)
UK - Moderb British Food, Jesse Dunford Wood (Absolute Press)
USA - Florida Kitchen, Norman Van Aken's Florida Kitchen

C02 - International

Austria - Der Gescmack Europa, Lojze Wieser
China - The spiritual quest for fine dining (PHEI) 9787121323904
Denmark - My wildest meal, Lars Birk (Forlaget Spacecraft)
France - A la table des pachas d’Egypte, Caroline Gaultier-Kurhan, Xavier Dufestel (Riveneuve)
Germany - Pacific Food, Heidi Koster (GU)
Hong Kong - Korean Wife’s Secret Recipes, Minji Chae (We Press)
India - On the Dessert Trail, Monish Gujral (PRH)
Israel - Yemenite Jewish, Bone Soup& Flipped Bread, Sue Spertus Larkey (Modan -Gefen)
Japan - British Country Pudding, Tamao Sako (Kodansha) 9784065091036
Malaysia - Malaysian Palm Oil ( Malaysian Pam Oil Council)
Portugal - Pelo Mundo, Diana Pereira,(Casa das Letras)
South Africa - Brunch in 11 countries, Alix Verrips (NB)
Sweden - Malmo Cooking, Titti Qvarnstrom (Norstedts)
Switzerland - Eat better, not less, Nadia Damaso (AT)
UK - Hong Kong Diner, Jeremy Pang (Quadrille)
USA - Peppers of the Americas, Maricel Presilla (Ten Speed)

C03 - French

Australia - Delicieux, Gabriel Gate
China - Don’t tell me you can’t eat French Food (Qingdao) 9787555246541
France - Cuisine, Lecons Pas a Pas, Guillaume Gomez (Le Chene)
Germany - Die geheimen Schatze Franzosischen Kuche,Murielle Rousseau (BusseSeewald)
Japan - French Make Perfect Sweets, Hori Kumi (Showasystem) 978479805933100
Malaysia - Palm to Plate, Chef Rodolphe Onno, Le Cordon Bleu (Malaysian Palm Oil Council)
Peru - La cuisine du Perou a Paris, Alonso Ruiz Rosas (USMP)
Philippines - French Kusina, Xavier Btesh (Anvil)
St Lucia - Taste of the French Caribbean, Denis Rosembert (Clink Street)
Sweden - Sebastiens franska kokbok, Sebastien Boudet (Bonnier Fakta)
UK - New French Table, Emily & Giselle Roux (Mitchell Beazley)
USA - Duck Season, David McAninch (Harper Collins)

C04 - Italian

Chile - Cocinando con las estaciones, Ennio Carota (Planeta)
China - Eat Italy (CHLIP) 9787518413683
Czech - Italy on a plate, Marketa Hribesova (Vorwerk)
France - Venise Creative et Gourmande, Enrica Rocca, Jean Pierre Gabriel
Germany - Kochen mit da Signora (Silberburg)
Italy - Italia in Cucina, Bianca Minerdo (Slow Food)
Japan - Ma-Gohan, Momoru Kataoka
Scotland - Dear Alfonso, Mary Contini (Birlinn)
Switzerland - A Casa, Claudio Del Principe (AT)
UK - Veneto, Valeria Necchio (Faber)
USA - Bianco, Chris Bianco (Ecco)

C05 - Mediterranean

Australia - Greek Life, Eugenia Pantahos
Belize - Nefry’s Kitchen, Nefretery Nancy Marin
Canada French - Savoir Quoi Manger, Régime Méditerranéen (Modus)
Cyprus - Cyprus Food Treasures, Marilena Joannides (Marilenio)
France - Ma Cuisine Algerienne, Sherazade Laoudedj (Solar)
Gibraltar - Cocina de Gibraltar, Mama Lottie’s, Justin Bautista
Monaco-Signature Dishes, Bradley Milton, Zsolt Szcmersky, Olga Taran (Createspace)
New Zealand - The Adriatic Kitchen, Barbara Unkovic (Exisle)
Palestine - The Palestinian Table, Reem Kassis (Phaidon)
Philippines - French Kusina, Xavier Btesh ((Anvil)
Portugal - Living the Xtra Virgin Life, Claudia Villax (Casa das Letras)
Spain Castellano- Cocina Griega, Maria Zannia (Nobel)
Spain Catalan - La gastronomia dels camins, Marisa Benavente. Pilar Herrera (Sidilla)
Sweden - Azur, Joel Ahlin (NOK)
Switzerland - Meze ohne Gronzen, Gabi Kopp (Rotpunkt)
Turkey - Mediterranean Gourmet Cuisine for children, Aslihan Sabanci (Sedes)
UAE - Khadija’s Kitchen, Salwan Alshaibani, Dr.Narine Abushakra (Pellbound Media)
UK - Oklava, Selim Kiazim (Mitchell Beazley)
USA - Lebanese Kitchen, Julie Taboulie (St Martins)

C06 -Scandinavian

Czech - Svenska Kucharska, Dominika Gasparova (Smart Press)
Denmark - Wassim, Frederikshoj, Wassim Hallal, Morten Wilhelm Scholz
Germany - Zu Gast auf Island, Renate Kissel, Ulrich Trip
Iceland - Taste of Iceland, Ulfar Finnbjornsson (Salka)
Sweden - Mathanwerk Eldrimner (Eldrimner)
Switzerland - Velkommen ! Theresa Moser-Ronning (Werd Weber)
UK - Lagom, Steffi Knowles-Deliner (Mitchell Beazley)
USA - Homestyle Icelandic Cooking, Heidi & Ieda Herman (Hekla)

C07 - Eastern Europe

Australia - Dalmatia, Ino Kuvacic (Hardie Grant)
Bosnia - The Lost Chef, Andrew Chalk
France - Les miracles de la cuisine ukrainienne, Tetyana Popova-Bonal
Germany - Ostpreussen, Harald Saul (Buchverlag fur die Frau)
Lithuania - 99 Places of taste in the Baltic (VMG)
Macedonia - Recipes from the Balkans, Katerina Nitsou (Scheme Media)
New Zealand - The Adriatic Kitchen, Barbara Unkovic (Existe)
Slovakia - A Taste of Slovakia, Jarmila Hlavkova
UK - Wild Honey and Rye, Ren Behan (Pavilion)

C08 - Asian - Published in Asia

China - Japanese and Korean (CHLIP) 978751847355
Hong Kong - Korean Wife’s Secret Recipes, Minji Chae (We Press)
Indonesia - 100 Best Foods Joglo Semar, Bondan Winarno (Penerbit Jalansutra)
Israel - Persian Kitchen, Rottem Lieberson (Lunch Box)
Malaysia - Fast Indian Cooking, Sapna Anand (MPH)
Pakistan - Pakistan Heritage Cuisine, Sayeeda Leghari (Markings)
Thailand - Royal Project 48 (Karb Studio)
USA - Lickerland, Asian Accnted Desserts, Jason Licker

C09 - Chinese

Canada - Comment booster votre systeme immunitaire, Dr. Michel Jodoin (Li Shi Zen)
China - Eating in Pig Du (Qingdao) 9787555251736
France - Tribulations de Patna, Destination Hong Kong, Patricia Decorey (Librinova)
India - 100 Chinese recipes, Sanjeev Kapoor (Popular Prakashan)
Ireland - Chinese Consumers and their Food, Thinking House (Bord Bia), Free PDF
Malaysia A Nyonya Inheritance, Pearly Kee (Clarity Publishing)
Portugal - Curar sem Medicamentos, TCM, Tamara Castelo (Esfera dos Libros)
UK - Stir Crazy, Ching He Huang (Kyle Books)
USA - Chow Chop Suey, Anne Mendelson (Columbia University)

C10 - Indian

Fiji - Tropical Vegetarian, Sadhna Wilson
France - Indes, Poonam Chawla (Hachette Pratique)
India - Dining with the Nawabs (Roli Books)
Malaysia - Treasure Flavours, Juanita Arthur Augustine (MPH)
New Zealand - A little bit of this, a little bit of that, Jashri Gandia
Singapore-Parsis of Singapore,Sana Rustom Kanga,Subina Aurora Khaneja (Epigram)
UK - I Love India, Anjum Anand (Quadrille)
USA - Deepa Secrets, Deepa Thomas (Skyhorse)

C11 - Japanese

China - Delicacies Limited (China Friendship) 9787505739031
France - Cuisine Nikkei (Prisma)
Germany - Miso, Claudia Zaltenbach (Hadecke)
Sweden - Japansk grillning, Roland Persson, Jonas Cramby (NOK)
UK - Cook Japan, Reiko Hashimoto (Absolute Press)
USA - Nobu, A Memoir, Nobu Matsuhisa (Atria)

C12 - Muslim - Arab

Canada - Arab Cooking Prairie Homestead, Habeeb Salloum (University Regina)
Germany - Malakeh Jazmati (ZS)
Morocco - Moroccan Ramadan (
Saudi Arabia - Ramadan 2017 (Davita) 36 pages free PDF
South Korea - Muslim-friendly restaurants in Korea (KNTO) 142 pages free PDF
Syria - Scent and Flavors, Charles Perry (Library of Arab Literature)
UAE - Khadija’s Kitchen, Salwan Alshaibani (Spellbound Media)
UK - Ramadan Express, Lina Saad (Austin Macauley)

C13 - African - Published in Africa

Botswana - Taste of Botswana, Ednah Rosen (Rosen Media)
Ghana-Authentic African Cuisine from Ghana,David&Tamminay Otoo (Sankofa Wiase)
Kenya - Breakfast with the King, Jasmine Macharia
Mali - Les Gourmandises de Dilly, Oumou Nomoko (Editions Afel Aissa, Bamako)
Nigeria - Long Throat Memoirs, Yemisi Arbisala (Cassava Republic)
Sierra Leone - What’s Cooking? Muriel Emekunle Davies
South Africa - Safari and Spices, Nico Verster (Jacana)

C14 - Latin American - Published in Latin America

Colombia - Con Sazon, Academia Verde Oliva (IM)
Costa Rica - Castle La Corona de los Santos Cookbook,James Nathaniel Holland (Createspace)
Dominican Republic - Cocinar es facil, Claudia Lopez (Letra Grafica)
Guatemala - Los Frutos de la Identidad (INCAP-SICA) 176 pages free PDF
Honduras - La Mesa Nuestra, Centro America-Peru, G. Gonzales Arica, JL Escalante (Global Center Gastro Diplomacy)
Panama - T’ach, Cocina autoctona, Charlie Collins (Autoridad Turismo Panama)
Peru - Peru, Saber y Sabor (USIL)

C15 -Street food

China - Foreign Taste (Qingdao) 9787555246527
Colombia - Libro sagrado del asador argentino, Mariano Antonio Spena
France - Paris Mexico (Keribus)
Germany - Asia Street Bowls, Stefan & Heike Leistner (Neuer Umchau)
Lebanon - Soufra (RebelHouse US)
Netherlands - Vietnamese Street Food (AW Bruna)
Singapore - Meatmen Cooking Channel (Marshall Cavendish)
Switzerland - Food Truck Kitchen, Sara Noel (AT)
USA - Eatstreet app

C16 - Jewish

France - La Cuisine du Shabbat Light en 30 minutes, Laurence Orah Phitoussi
Germany - Israel Kulinarische Reise mit Mirko Reeh
Switzerland - Israel koch Vegetarisch, Tom Franz (AT)
Uganda- Growing Peace, Richard Sobol
UK - Fress, Emma Spitzer (Mitchell Beazley)
USA - King Solomon’s Table, Joan Nathan (PRH)

C17 - American

Australia - Desserts of New York, Yasmin Newman (Hardie Grant)
France - La cuisine americaine, Cathleen Clarin (Hachette Pratique)
Germany - Das Ethno Kochbuch, Karolina Przybylska (Michel Fischer)
Japan - SouthernVegetables Cookbook,Natsuyo Anderson (Seibundo) 9784416517956
Netherlands - Pindakaas, Peanut Butter, Marije Sietsma, Saskia Lelieveld (Loopvis)
Panama - Opening the gates to Canal cuisine,Panama Canal Museum,Judith Russell (U Florida)
Portugal - A Verdadera Cozinha Americana, Margarida Pereira-Muller (Colares)
Sweden - Holy Smoke BBQ, Johan Fritzell, Johan Akerberg (NOK)
UK - An American Girl in London, Masissa Hermer (Rodale)
USA - The Moosewood Restaurant Table (St Martins)

C18 - Asian - Published outside Asia

Australia - Flavours of Bali, Janet Wilton (Smudge)
France - Woks et Marmites, Jentayu 5, Audra Yang
Germany - Jaan, Zohra Shahi (GU)
Netherlands - Vietnamese Street Food (AW Bruna)
Sweden - Shakshuka, Nidal Kersh (Bonnier Fakta)
USA - Eating Korea, Graham Holliday (Ecco)
UK - Malaysia, Ping Coombes (Orion)

C19 – African - Published outside Africa

Angola - Angolan African Recipes Cuisine, Patricia Pascoal (Life & Success Media)
Cameroun - Patrimoine Culinaire Africain, Christian Abegan (Michel Lafon)
France - Afro Cooking Magazine
Gambia - Yassin’s Kitchen, Yassin Jallow
Ghana - Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen (Mitchell Beazley)
Kenya - Explore the Kenyan Kitchen, Mary Plancherel
Mauritius - Best Mauritian Cuisine, Madeleine and Clancy Philippe
Nigeria - Hiealthy Living with Amara Kanu
Portugal - Memorias de Africa, Filomena Amador (Colares)
Sweden - Cocoa in postconflict Liberia, Skoog (Nordic Africa Institute)
Uganda - Growing Peace, Richard Sobol
UK - Hibiscus, Lope Ariyo (Harper Collins)

C20 - Latin American - Published outside Latin America

France - Paris Mexico (Keribus)
Germany - Fiesta Cubana, Ralf Niemzig (Hadecke)
Portugal - Cevicheria, Kiko Martins (Casa das Letras)
South Africa - A Bite of Latin America, Susie Chatz Anderson (Human Rousseau)
Sweden - Taco, Salsa, Tequila, Alexandra Zazzi (Arena)
UK - Andina, Martin Morales (Quadrille)
USA - Mexican Origin Foods, Pena, Calvo, Valle (University Arkansas)

C21 - Caribbean

Barbados - Bajan Cooking, Margaret E Corbin (Createspace)
Belize - Nefry’s Kitchen, Nefretery Nancy Marin
Jamaica - Jada and Grandpa talk coconuts, Fay Taylor
St Lucia - Taste of the French Caribbean, Denis Rosembert (Clink Street)
UK - Belly Full, Caribbean Food in UK, Riaz Phillips (Tezeta)
USA Puerto Rico - Taste of Boricua, Ava Waddel

C22 - Arctic

Canada English - A Land not forgotten, Indigenous food security in Northern Ontario (U. Manitoba)
Canada French - Le garde-manger boréal, Jean-Luc Boulay, Arnaud Marchand (Ed. Homme)
Greenland -
Iceland -
Norway - Eallu (arctic Council - Intl. Reindeer Herders)
Sweden - Smak av Norrsken, Björn Ylipää
USA - The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen (U. Minnesota)

C23 - South Pacific

Fiji - Kana Vinaka, Chef Colin Chung
Kiribati - The Adventures of Vili, Climate Change (South Pacific Community) 30 pages free PDF
Micronesia -
New Caledonia - Le Taro dans la cuisine du Pacifique (Communauté du Pacifique)
Niue - Traditional Niuean Recipes, Mee, Power, Bagheri, Stewart, Tevi (NZ Canterbury University)
Samoa -
Tonga - www..tongaholiday/cuisine
Vanuatu -

D - Lifestyle

D01 - Sustainable

Canada - Adaptive Farms, Resilient Tables, Jennifer Baumwoll. Andrea Egan, Ipsita Sarkar (UNDP)
France-Si on mangeait local? Patrick Philipon, Yuna Chiffoleau, Frederic Wallet (Quae)
Ireland - Origin Green Sustainability Report 2016, Irish Food ( 128 pages free PDF
Kiribati - The Adventures of Vili, Climate Change (South Pacific Community) 30 pages free PDF
Netherlands - Fish Tales Magazine, Bart van Olphen
New Caledonia - Recettes Benefiques, Pacific Food Lab (Capagro)
New Zealand - Pathways Sustainable Food Systems, Peter Bruce (Local Food Northland) 50 pages free PDF
Norway - Eallu (Arctic Council- International Reindeer Centre)
Spain Castellano - Recetas de la red de Biosfera (Biosfera-Meseta Iberica)
Spain Catalan - Llibre cuina ecologica, Josep Lladonesa i Giro (Pages)
Sweden - Bondens Skafferi, Niklas Kampargard (Norstedts)
UK - Sustainable Diets, Tim Lang, Pamela Mason (Routledge)
USA - Tropical Oil Revolution, Derek Byerlee, Walter Falcon (Oxford University Press)

D02 - Health and Nutrition

Australia - Happy and Whole, Magdalena Roze (Pan Macmillan)
Brazil - Basico, Ana Luiza Trajano (Melhoramentos)
China - Eating Healthily (Economic Daily Press) 9787519601850
Cuba - La salud y la belleza entran por la cocina, Nestor Salazar Silva (Oriente)
France - Sucre, Bernard Pellegrin (Tallandier)
Ireland - Fight the Beast, don’t become Obese (Erasmus)
Japan - Health invigorating soups, Miki Kanda (Magazine Co) 9784865461312
Malaysia - Palm to Plate,Chef Rodolpho Onno, Le Cordon Bleu (Malaysian Palm Oil Council)
Maldives - The Grand Plan Gunge Gloop Group (ARC)
Mexico - Nuestro Estilo de Vida, Nathaly Marcos, Tania Araujo (Ink)
New Zealand - Everyday Strength, Sam Mannering, Karen McMillan (Beatnik)
Nigeria - Healthy Living with Amara Kanu
Paraguay - Recetario Moringa (Ygua Moringa Guarani)
Portugal - As 5 cores da cozinha saludable, Vania Abelha Ribeiro (Lua de Papel)
South Africa - Food for sensitive tummies, Gabi Steenkamp (NB)
Spain - Vida Sana (Vorwerk)
Sweden - Bjorn Franzen diabetiker (Norstedts)
Thailand - Honey, Health benefits for use in medicine, Supra Bee Farm (Karb Studio)
UK - Diabetes, Phil Vickery (Kyle Books)
USA - De Gordita a Mamacita, Ingrid Macher (PRH)

D03 - Children

Argentina - Mon Petit Glouton, Karina Qian Gao
Bangladesh - Nadiya’s Bake me a festive story, Nadiya Hussain (Hachette)
Brazil - O fantastico libro receitas pequenos chefs, Anderson Clayton (Melhoramentos)
Canada - I love to eat fruits and vegetables (Kid Kiddos)
China - Breakfast for Children (Chemical) 9787122289407
Cuba - Los niños podemos cocinar (Conserva)
Germany - Sarap, Saskia Zimmermann (Tredition)
Guatemala - Mas que un Tesoro, Euda Morales (Miguel Angel)
Hong Kong - Dim Sum Girls, Christine Lai (Partridge)
Israel - Cho-Lent Brigade (Kar-Ben, US)
Italy - La Locanda di Asellina, Rosa Tiziana Bruno (La Medusa)
Jamaica - Jada and Grandpa talk Coconuts, Fay Taylor
Japan - Japanese Decorative Sweets, Machie (Tankosha)
Kiribati - The Adventures of Vili, Climate Change (South Pacific Community) 30 pages free PDF
Maldives - The Grand Plan Gunge Gloop Group (ARC)
Mexico - Receta Secreta Abuela Magdalena, Roberto Gatti, Gaston Hauviller (Oceano Travesia)
Nigeria - Yoruba Food for Kids, Olaniyi Balogun (
Portugal - Nhom Nhom, Joanna Barros (Arteplural Bertrand)
Spain - Oficio cocinera, Monica Campabal Gili (Titires)
Sweden - Matlabbet, Martina Jonsson (Titel Books)
Switzerland - Max et Lili veulent bien manger, Dominique de Saint Mars, Serge Bloch (Calligram)
UAE-Sharjah - Anise loves green food, Nathalie Curabba (Edible Rainbow Project)
Turkey - Mediterranean Gourmet cuisine for chidren, Aslihan Sabanci (Sedes)
UK - Nadiya’s Bake me a festive story (Hodder Children)
USA - My Favorite Food (Pacific Universities Libraries)

D04 - Food writing

Canada - Histoires de Bouffe (Ada)
China - Interpreting Chinese Characters and Chinese food (Three Gorges Press) 9787802239876
Colombia - Fogon Antioqueno, Julian Estrada(Fondo Cultura Economica)
Cuba - El Cocinero, El Summelier, El Ladron y su(s) Amante(s) Frank. Padron
France - Mort a Bord, Michele Barriere (Livre de Poche)
India - Jasmine and Jinns, Dhelvi Sada (Harper Collins)
Israel - Food and Power, Nir Avieli (University California Press)
New Zealand - At the Beach, Margaret Brooker (New Holland)
Nigeria - Long Throat Memoirs, Yemisi Aribisala (Cassava Republic)
South Africa - foodSTUFF, Tony Jackman (NB)
Spain Castellano- Las Cosas claras y el Chocolate espeso, Fernando Quesada (CultivaLibros)
Spain Catalan- Netejant Seitons, Mary Herrera Hiruelo (Letras de autor)
Sweden - Smak av Norrsken., Bjorn Ylipaa (Skogsmak)
Thailand - Chiang Mai Food Diaries, Alex Gunn, Joanna Whitehorse (Book Mango)
Turkey - Chef, Rafet Ince (A7Kitap)
UK - The Little Library Cookbook, Kate Young (Head of Zeus)
USA - Kitchen Creativity, Karen Page (Hachette)
Venezuela - Alimentos del Deseo, Maruja Dagnino

D05 Culinary History

Belgium - Belgium Cafe Culture, Regula Ysewijn (Luster)
China - History of Shandong Lu Cuisine (CHLIP) 9787518410330
Egypt - Treasure Trove, Nawal Nasrallah (Brill)
Germany - Bon ! Bon !, Charlotte Birnbaum (Sternberg)
India - Dining with the Nawabs, Meera Ali (Roli Books)
Indonesia - Jejak Raja Nusanka, Fadly Rahman (Gramedia)
Israel - Ein Kerem, Biblical Village, Pnina & Atalya Ein Mor (Lunch Box)
Mexico - Cacao, Consumo, Produccion, Laura Caso (UNAM)
Norway - Lee Miller, A Life with Food, Friends & Recipes, Ami Bouhassane (Grapefruit)
Peru - Mujer, Poder y Alimentaciom (USMP)
Philippines - Via Mare, Gloria Rosales Barretto (Anvil)
Portugal - Arquestrato, Carmen Soares (Universidade Coimbra)
Slovenia - Kransko Klobasanje, Jernez Mlekluz (Beletrina)
Spain Castellano - Historia Conducta Alimentaria Espanola, Antonio Gasquez (Universidad Extremadura)
Spain Catalan - La cuina antiga, Jaume Fabrega (Viena)
Spain- Galego - Cocina Galega Tradicional, Maria Felpeto Lagoa (Xerrais)
Sweden - Smakarv Halsingland, Viola Adamsson
Syria - Scents and Flavors, Charles Perry (Library of Arab Literature)
UK - Barges and Bread, D.Murrell (Prospect Books)
USA - The Gourmands’ Way, Justin Spring (FSG)
Venezuela - Alimentos del Deseo, Maruja Dagnino

D06 - Culinary Travel / Tourism

Canada - Speaking in Cod Tongues, Lenore Newman (University Regina)
China - Eat Something Fresh (Qingdao) 9787555258377
France - Atlas Gastronomique de la France, Jean-Robert Pitte (Armand Colin)
Germany - Forever Yang (Neue Umschau)
Hungary - Gasztronomia es turizmus, Tamara Ratz, Balazs Fureder (Kodolanyi Janos University)
Ireland - Dingle Dinners, Travis L. Gleason (Collins Press)
Israel - Ein Karem, Biblical Village, Pnina & Atalia Ein Mor (Lunch Box)
Latvia - Food Industry in Latvia (Investment/Development Agency) 80 pages free PDF
New Zealand - Source New Zealand, Gerhard & Henrietta Egger (Lasting Images)
Panama - T’ach, cocina autoctona, Charlie Collins (Autoridad Turismo Panama)
Portugal - Top Tesouros de Origen Portuguesa,Fortunato Da Camara (Esfera de Livros)
Spain - Cachetero, Jose Luis Vicente
Sweden - Hungrig pa Vasterbotten, Erik Wennberg (North Chapter)
Switzerland - Guide Bleu, Philippe Dubath (Nouvelles Editions)
UK - Back in the Saddle, Hayden Groves (Face)
USA - A taste of Paris, David Downie (St Martins)

D07 - Culinary Heritage

Argentina - Alimentos, Saberes y Sabores, Atlas Gastronomico Noroeste Argentino, Jorge A. Garufi (Edunse)
Canada - Pantry and Palate, Simon Thibaut (Nimbus)
China - 3 characters of Suiyan (China Commercial) 9787504498298
Colombia - Panela, Rosahelena Macia Mejia
France - Cuisine de Roi a Versailles, Alain Ducasse (Ducasse)
Germany - Das Ethno-Kochbuch, Karolina Przybylska (Michael Fischer)
Hong Kong - A Traditional Taste, Miele ((Asia One Books)
India - First Food,Amitabh Kant,Manjit Gill,Sunita Narain (Centre for Science & Nutrition)
Indonesia - 100 best foods Joglo Semar, Bondan Winarno (Penerbit Jalansutra)
Israel - Yemenite Table, Bone Soup Flipped Bread Sue Spertus Larkey (Modan-Gefen)
Malaysia - Our Malaysian Kitchen, Marina Mustafa, Chong Woon Lee (MPH)
Mauritius - The Best Mauritius Cuisine, Madeleine and Clancy Philippe
Mexico - Tlacualero,Cristina Barros, Manuel Benrostro (Fundacion Salvador Zubiran)
New Caledonia - Le Taro dans la cuisine du Pacifique (Communaute du Pacifique)
Norway - Eallu (Arctic Council - International Reindeer Centre)
Pakistan - Pakistan Heritage Cuisine, Sayeeda Leghari (Markings)
Panama - T’ach, cocina autoctona, Charlie Collins (ATP)
Peru - Native Foods from Peru to the World, Teresa Blanco de Alvarado (USIL)
Portugal - Chef de Raiz, Leonardo Pereira (Casa das Letras)
Scotland - The Book of Bere, Liz Ashworth (Birlinn)
Sierra Leone - What’s Cooking, Muriel Emekunle Davies
Singapore-Parsis of Singapore,Suna Rustom Kanga,Subina Aurora Khaneja (Epigram)
South Africa - Johanne 14, Reak South African Food, Hope Malau (Quivertree)
Spain Castellano - Cachetero, Jose Luis Vicente
Spain Catalan - Corpus Cuina Catala 2, Institut Catala de la Cuina (La Magrana)
Sweden - Herrgardfruns Recept, Olof Hedengren (Norstedts)
UK - Classic Foods of Northern Italy, Anna del Conte (Pavilion)
USA-The Sioux Chef Indigenous Kitchen, Sean Sherman, Beth Dooley (University Minnesota)

D08 – Food Security

Canada- Indigenous food security in Northern Ontario (University Manitoba) )
Central African Republic - La Malnutrition, Barthélemy Doui (Edilivre)
Chad - Securite alimentaire au Tchad, Ali Mustapha Dalal (Harmattan) )
Congo Brqzzaville - Acces a l’alimentation dans les grandes villes, Yolande Berton-Ofoueme (Harmattan) )
Congo Kinshasa - Defi nutritionnel en mileu de crise humanitaire, Papy Baosolange (Agrisud) )
Japan - Food Insecurity in Asia, Zhang-yue Zhou, GuangHua Wan (Asian Development Bank -Tokyo) 375 pages free PDF )
Namibia - Nutrition Strategic Plan 2017-2022 (WFP) 20 pages Free PDF )
Nepal - Food security in post conflict Nepal (Adroit Publishers) )
Seychelles - Food Security Experience Survey 2016 (National Bureau of Statistics) 22 pages free PDF )
Sweden - Mat Myt Vetenskap, Frida Duell (Norstedts - Karolinska)

D09 - Scientific Health and Nutrition

Australia - Everyday Healthy, Themis Chryssidis (Sprout Health Studio) Free 32 pages PDF
China - Kidney Health (CHLIP) 9787518413911
Dominican Republic - Hojas de Salud, Dominique Barkhausen (Senasa) Free 56 pages PDF
India - ICFT 2017, Food Composition Table (National Institute of Nutrition) Free 501 pages PDF
Philippines - Lutong Nanay Nutri budget Cookbook, Marietta Bumanglal (Food & Nutrition Research Institute)
Spain - Alimenta bien tu cerebro, Miguel Sanchez Romera (Planeta)
Sweden - The Helper, Jansson, Skoglund (Holm & Holm Books - Karolinska)
UK- Conversations about healthy eating, Nicholas A. Lesica (UCL)
Uruguay - Guia Alimenticia para la poblacion (MSP)
USA - The Plant Paradox, Steven R Gundy (Harper Collins)

D10 - Diet

Australia - Life Changing Food , Jo Whitton (Quirky Cooking)
Brazil - Gastronomia Funcional en el deporte, Valeria Paschoal
Canada English - Joyous Detox, Joy Mc Carthy (PRH)
Canada - Joyous Detox, Joy McCarthy (PRH)
Canada French - Lunch Reinventes, Marie Jose & Christophe Bettez (Quebec-Amerique)
China - Four seasons Vegetarian diet (China Nationality Art Photography) 978512209114
France - La Patisserie qui vous veut du bien, Marsha Brunelle
India - Gorgeous, Shvetha Jaishankar (Arcopol Chaudhuri)
Portugal - Superalimentos, Mafalda Almeida (Saida da Emergencia)
South Africa - Delicious Low Carb, Sally Ann Creed ((NB)
Spain - Sin Gluten Sin Limites (Vorwerk)
Sweden - Beauty Food, Maria Ahlgren (Norstedts)
Turkey - Sekenz 21 gun, Ozge Bezirci (A7 Kitap)
UK - Sugar Free in a hurry, Davina McCall (Orion)
USA - Fooducate app

D11 - Family

Argentina - Mon Petit Glouton, Karina Qian Gao
Australia - House Husband Guide, Aaron Harvie (New Holland)
Canada - Simple Bites Kitchen, Aimee Winbush-Bourque (PRH)
China - Nutritious Bento (Posts & Telecom) 9787115455432
India - Everyday Love, Sharmila Ribeiro
Malaysia - Bento Fun, Alice Foo (MPH)
Mexico - Receta secreta abuela Magdalena, Gatti, Hauviller (Oceano Travesia)
New Zealand - Healthy Lunchbox Love, Wick Nixon
Portugal - As receitas da minha querida madre, Aveiro (Euro Impala)
South Africa - Weaning, Meg Faure (Quivertree)
Spain Castellano - Cocinando en Familia, Maria de la Fuente Soro (Apila)
Spain Catalan - Cullera, forquillai ganivet, Familia Castanye i Daniel (Pages)
Sweden - Minigourmeter & Matgladisar, Kinn Blom, Blom, Anefalk (Skabetti)
USA - Grandfather’s Lessons in the Kitchen with Shorey, Jacques Pepin (HMH)

D12 - Seniors

Austria - Aus Omas Kochbuch (Red Bull Media House)
Canada - Au menu des 65 ans, Louise Lambert- Lagace (Homme)
Colombia - El Fogon de mis nonos, Ricardo Infante, Camilo Marruni (Gobernacion Santander)
Germany - Das kann Man doch noch essen, Renate Bergmann (Rohwolt)
Italy - Cucina Evolution, Chiara Mansi (Art Joins Nutrition Academy)
Spain - Salsa para tu coco, Martin Berasategui (ASPARGI)
UK - Mid Life Kitchen, Mimi Spencer, Sam Rice (Mitchell Beazley)

D13 - Sport and Nutrition

Belgium - La Diete de l’Athlete, Stephanie Scheirlyyck (Actes Sud)
Brazil - Gastronomia Funcional en el Deporte,Valeria Paschoal
China - Enjoy Food and Exercise Body (PHEI) 9787121322426
France - Cuisine et Confidences, Marion & Romain Grosjean (Rougereau) Racing Cars
Germany - Racing and Recipes, Rudiger Mayer, Jurgen Barth (RMP- Porsche Museum)
Jamaica - Ten reasons Jamaicans run so fast, Grace Cameron (Jamaica Eats)
Monaco - Recettes pour champions,Kuentz,Tiollier,Ostrow (AS Monaco-Sport Food Health)
Netherlands - Joy of Cooking for Climbers, Lotte Meijer
New Zealand - Angelo’s Wild Kitchen, Angelo Georgalli (Beatnik)
Portugal - As receitas da minha querida madre, Aveiro (Euro Impala) Cristiano Ronaldo family
Spain - Tapas Futbolisticas, Jose Campos Martin
Sweden - Maten bakom resultaten, Linada Bakkman (Norstedts)
UK - Back in the Saddle, Hayden Groves (Face) Bicycling

D14 - Spices and Herbs

Canada - Cuisine d’Ethne et Philippe de Vienne (Trecarre)
China - Dried ingredients (Qingdao) 9787555252757
France - Livre Sante des Epices, Genevieve Martin-Callede (Dauphin)
India - The secret’s in the spice mix, Pankaj Bhadouria (PRH)
Italy - Erbe, Fiori, Stefano Masani (Bibliotheca Culinaria)
New Zealand - A little bit of this, a little bit of that, Jayshri Ganda
Singapore - Tropical Herbs & Spices, Wendy Hutton (Periplus)
South Africa - Safari and Spices, Nico Verster (Jacana)
Sweden - Kryddor och Kryddvaxter (Arena)
UAE - Emirati’s Cuisine Cookbook (Platinum Heritage)14 pages free PDF
UK - Herbs, Spices & Flavourings, Tom Stobart (Grub Street)
USA - The Spice Companion, Lior Lev Sercarz


E01 - Easy Home Recipes

China - Local Common Dish (Qingdao) 9787555257066
Brazil - Cozinhar com Amor
Cuba - Que cocinare hoy
Dominican Republic - Cocina Gourmet Rápida, Marisol Jorge (Letra Grafica)
France - Simplissime 2, JF Mallet (Hachette Pratique)
India - The Bhojpuri Kitchen, Pallavi Nigam Sahay
Ireland - Sense of Home, Helen James (Hachette)
Italy - Honestly Good, Csaba dalla Zorza (Guido Tommasi)
Japan - Home Cooking, Hiroyuki Kanda (Kurashi No Techo) 9784766002034
Malaysia - One Pot Wonder, Marina Mustafa (MPH)
Netherlands - chickslovefood (Unieboek)
New Zealand - Homegrown Kitchen, Nicola Galloway (Potton Burton)
Norway - Hjem me hos Trond Moi (Vigmostad Bjorke)
Portugal - Coziinha com amor, Daniela Ricardo (Cha das cinco)
Scotland - Scottish Soup Bible, Sue Lawrence (Birlinn)
South Africa - Eat your words, Louise Geldeblom (Quivertree)
Spain - Cocina Familiar - Javier Romero (Planeta)
Sweden - Supergott Supersnabbt, Jessica Frej (Bonnier Fakta)
UK - 30 Minutes Curries, Atul Kochhar (Absolute Press)
USA - Impatient Foodie, Elettra Wiedemann (Simon Schuster)

E02 - Single subject

Brazil - Guia de Azeites do Brasil, Sandro Marques
Canada - Brad Long on Butter (Harvest Commission)
China - Lonely Instant Noodle (CITIC) 9787549569434
Dominican Republic - Lomganiza Dominicana, Arturo Feliz-Camilo
Germany - Kokos (Heel)
Ireland - Oyster Gastronomy, Mairin Ui Chomain, Michael O’Meara (Artisan House)
Iceland - Stora bokin um sous-vide, Viktor Orn Andresson (Stora)
India- - Simple Egg Delicacies, Bridget White
Italy - Storie della Pasta, Martina Liverani (Dispensa)
Malaysia - Malaysian Palm Oil (Malaysian Palm Oil Council)
Mexico - Miel oro liquido (Fundacion Grupo Mexico)
Netherlands - Wokking Lekker, Danny Jensen
New Caledonia - Le Taro dans la cuisine du Pacifique (Communaute du Pacifique)
Philippines - Coconut Kitchen, Maria Regina T Newport (Anvil)
Spain Castellano - Grandes chefs y el brocoli, Javier Bernabeu (
Spain Catalan - Arrossos, Quim Marques (Lectio)
Sweden - Vildvuxet, Lisen Sundgren (Bonnier Fakta)
UK - Risotto! Risotto!, Valentina Harris (Absolute Press)
USA - Onions, Kate Windsor (Quarto)

E03 - Pastry / Desserts

Argentina - Alfajor Argentino, Jorge d’Agostini
Brazil - Confeitaria Escalafobetica (Senac)
China - Learning pastry from LiGuo-xiong (Textile) 9787518037162
Finland - Micke’s Sweets, Bjorklund, Forth (HSS Media)
France - Des Legumes en Dessert (Terre Vivante)
Germany - Cheesecake (Heel)
Guatemala - Postres Divinos, Maria Jose Carpio
Ireland - The Irish Granny, Tony Potter (Gill)
India - On the Dessert Trail, Monish Gujral (PRH)
Iran - Samira Janatdoust Cookies (Paniz Mehr)
Luxembourg - A Piece of Cake, Cristina Berna, Eric Thomson
Norway - Kaker for sensitive mager, Cecile Agotnes (Vigmostad Bjorke)
Philippines - Bake Magic, Maya Kitchen (Anvil)
Portugal - Uma pastelaria em Casa, Rita Nascimento (Arteplural Bertrand)
Russia - Fashion Cakes, Anna Kravoskaia
South Africa - SA Milk Tart Collection, Callie Maritz (NB)
Spain - Anarkia, Jordi Roca (Montagud)
Sweden - Julgodis, Lena Soderstrom (Semic)
Turkey - Adim Adim Hamur Isleri, Hakan Dogan (Alfa Yayincilik)
UK - Delicios Gifts, Kirby (Absolute Press)
USA- Savory Sweet, Beth Dooley (University Minnesota)

E04 - Barbecue

Canada - On the road with the Cooking Ladies (Whitecap)
China - Have fun from BBQ (Textile) 9787518036868
France - Super Barbecue (Mango)
Germany - Die besten Rezepten, Rudolf Jaeger (Heel)
Netherlands - Smokey Goodness, Jord Althuizen (Kosmos)
South Africa - Sisanyama, Jan Scannell (NB)
Sweden - Holy Smoke BBQ, Fritzell, Akerberg (NOK)
UK - Finger foods from the barbecue, Andreas Rummel (Grub Street)
USA - Praise the Lard, Mike & Amy Mills (HMH)

E05 - Fish and Seafood

Australia - Australian Fish and Seafood (Murdoch Books)
Canada - Lure, Ned Bell (Figure 1)
Chile - Discover the taste of Patagonia (Patagonia Mussel)
France - Recits et Recettes du Ressac, Patrick Cadour (Epure)
Germany - Algen & Kustengemuse (Matthaes)
India- Parsi Seafood - Rita Jamshed Kapadia (Createspace)
Ireland - Oyster Gastronomy, Mairin Ui Chomain, Michael O’Meara (Artisan House)
Japan - All about Sushi, Ginza Kyubey, Yosuke Imada (Shibata) 9784388062768
Netherlands - Fish Tales, Bart van Olphen (Pavilion UK)
Portugal - Cevicheria, Kiko Martins (Casa das Letra)
Spain - Castellano - Sobadoras de Anchoa ((Santona)
Spain - Catalan- Cuina gent de la mar (Onada)
UK - Hook Line Sinker, Galton Blackiston (Face)
USA - American Seafood, Barton Seaver (Sterling)

E06 - Vegetarian

China - Have a taste of future (PHEI) 978121327339
Colombia - De La Tierra, Zandra Quintero (Banco Popular)
Fiji - Tropical vegetarian, Sadhna Wilson
France - Encore carnivores demain ? (Quae)
Germany - Aroma Gemuse, Vilgis, Vierich (Stiftung Warentest)
Italy - Mangiar Sano, Michele Riefoli (Macro)
Iceland - Eldhus grankerans (Salka)
Jamaica - Fine Dining Caribbean Vegetarian, Kelly Henry (LMH)
Netherlands - Leafs, Carola de Kanter (Good Cook)
Portugal - Receitas com Paixao, Maria Soares Goncalves (Arteplural Bertrand)
Singapore - Vani’s Vegetarian Cookbook (Partridge)
Spain - La Cuina dels paradis, Teresa Carles Borras (Pages)
Sweden - Gourmetvego, Jennie Benjaminsson (Norstedts)
Switzerland - Helvetia Vegetaria, Carlo Bernasconi, Juliette Chretien (AT)
UK - The Green Kitchen at home, Luise Vindahl, David Frenkiel (Hardie Grant)
UAE Sharjah - Anise loves green food, Nathalie Curabba (Edible Rainbow Project)
USA - Vegetarian Heartland, Shelly Westerhausen (Chronicle)

E07 - Chocolate,

Ecuador - Cacao y Campesinos (Universidad Central) 224 pages free PDF,
France - Les Genies du Chocolat, Eri Ikezi
Germany - Schokolade & Wein, Eberhard Schell (Hadecke)
Greece - Just Chocolate (Patakis)
Italy - E Autentico Cioccolato, Rossana Bettini,(Linea)
Mexico - Cacao, bebida de los dioses, Martha Chapa (Tabasco)
Spain - Chocolate Postmoderno, Pancracio (Grijalbo)
Sweden - Chokladbollar, Mia Ohrn (Bonnier Fakta)
UK - How to kill yourself with chocolate, Martina Lang, Valentine Ammeux
USA - Bean to Bar, Megan Giller (Storey)

E08 - Bread

China - Natural Fermented Bread (CHLIP) 9787518406920
France - Le Grand Livre de la Boulangerie,, Lanio, Marie, Jaille (Ducasse)
Germany - Brot, Walter Mayer (Insel)
Japan - Encyclopedia of German Bread, Tomoko Morimoto (Seibundo Shinkosha) 9784416517314
Philippines - Breads, Cakes, Pastries, Efren Bunquin (Anvil)
Portugal - O Pao, Mouette Barboff (Scribe)
Spain - La Revolucion del Pan, Jordi Morera (Montagud)
South Korea - Princesses of Bread, She Shil Kim (TanTan) in English
Sweden - Langiast och lattbakat, Maria Blohm (Tukan)
Turkey - Adim Adim Hamur Isleri, Hakan Dogan (Alfa Yayincilik)
UK - Bread Ahead, Justin & Louise Gellattly (PRH)

E09 - Cheese

Belgium - Cheese Manufacturing - 19th century - Italian Experience (Peter Lang)
Canada -, Gary Bader
France - Le Beaufort, Edouard Lynch, France Harvoix (Libel)
Germany - Kase Brotchen, Pao de Queijo, Luiza Medeiros Monteiro Barros
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E10 - Truffles and Mushrooms

Austria - Morchel, Drabosenig, Mischkulnig (Mandelbaum)
France - Ode a la Truffe, Serge Desazars
Philippines - Mushroom Feast, Manaois, Ramos, Ballesteros, Morales (PhilRice)
Span - Cuina Bolets, Albert Cogul Urrea (Pages)
Sweden - Matvampar, Bo Nylen (Norstedts)
UK - The Mushroom Cookbook, Michael Hyams (Anness)

E11 - Fruit

Canada - I love to eat fruits and vegetables (Kid Kiddos)
France - Agrumes, Anne Sophie Pic (La Maison)
Guatemala - Los frutos de la identidad (INCAP)
Haiti - Fwi Peyi Nou, Ayiti, Jean Patrick Lucien
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E12 - Meat

Canada - Le Canard Goulu, Sebastien Lesage (Flammarion Quebec)
China - Enjoy meat, enjoy health (CHLIP) 9787518413782
France - Bleu Blanc Bresse, Georges Blanc (GSL)
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South Africa - Meat Manifesto, Andy Fenner (Quivertree)
Spain Castellano -Cocina Estrella capa blanca (Interporc) 80 pages free PDF
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USA - Perfectly Aged, Nina & Edd Hendee (Taste of Texas)
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E13 - Vegan

Bahrain -
Barbados - Caribbean Vegan, Taymer Mason (The Experiment)
Bulgaria - Vegan Bulgarian Recipes, Vesela Tabakova
Canada - The art of plant based cheese, Karen McAthy
Egypt - Happy Belly Cookbook,Yasmina Nazmy
Flance - Planete Vegane, Ophelie Veron (Marabout)
Palestine - Sudfeh Kitchen Cookbook (Sudfeh Vegan Cafe) 26 pages free PDF
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E14 - Pastry Professionals

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E15 - Breakfast

Canada - First we brunch, Rebecca Wellman (Touchwood)
China - Enjoy Breakfast (CHLIP) 9787518430576
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E16 - Sandwich

China - Make Sandwich in 10 minutes (Textile) 9787518031276
France - El Internacional, Archeological Sandwich (Dilecta)
Spain - Un buen bocadillo, Carlos Crespo (Planeta Gastro)
UK - Sandwich & Snacks Recipes Book 2017 (British Sandwich Association)

E17 - Ice Cream

Cuba - Su majestad el Helado
Spain - 30 Helados Imprescindibles, Jaime Turo (Vilbo)
USA- Hello, my name is Ice Cream, Dana Cree (Clarkson Potter)


F01 - Africa

Morocco - Saveurs du Monde (Cercle Diplomatique de Bienfaisance de Rabat)

F02 - North America - English

USA- The Immigrants Cookbook, Leyla Moushabeck (Interlink)

F03 - Caribbean

Belize - Nefry’s Kitchen, Nefretery Nancy Marin

F04 - Latin America

Honduras - CentroAmerica-Peru, G. Gonzales Arica, JL Escalante (Gastrodiplomacy Global Center)
Mexico - Entre Amigas (Ambar)

F05 - Asia

Cambodia - Hi, my name is Sophal, Jean Lipa, Brian Bibi (Createspace)
Lebanon - Soufra (Rebel House US)
Maldives - Grand Plan Gloop Group (Advocating the Rights of Children)
Singapore - Is Goat Beef ?Jeffrey M. Camp (Partridge)

F06 - Pacific

Fiji - Tropical vegetarian, Sadhna Wilson New Zealand - Gather (Taupaki)
Niue - Traditional Niuean Recipes (NZ University Canterbury)

F07 - Europe

France - Bocuse d’Or Winners, Catherine Guerin (Association Bocuse d’Or)
Portugal - Sopa para a Siria,Barbara Abderi Massaad (Casa das Letras)
Spain - Un buen bocadillo, Carlos Crespo (Planeta)
Sweden - Bla Kokboken, Anna Benson (Benzer)
UK - Back in the Saddle, Hayden Groves (Face)

F08 - Embassies

Italy - 4 Grosvenor Square, Danilo Cortellini, Rachel Heward (Meze - Italian Embassy in London)
Morocco - Saveurs du Monde (Cercle Diplomatique de Bienfaisance de Rabat)
Peru - La Mesa Nuestra, Guillermo Gonzales Arica, Jose Luis Escalante (Global Center for Gastro Diplomacy)
Russia - Gastrodiplomacy, Irina Gusinskaya,
Serbia -, Jelena Jeremic (Serbia Embassy in Tokyo)
Sweden - Swedish Culinary Diplomacy, Lars Ekberg, Matt Lutton (Sweden Embassy in Serbia)

F09 - Peace

Germany - Jaan, Persisch, Israelisch, Palestnensischen Familie Rezepte (GU)
Sweden - Religion and diet in a multi religious city, Ulrica Soderling (Roos & Tegner)
Uganda - Growing Peace, Richard Sobol

F10 - Heads of State

Egypt - A la table des Pachas, Caroline Kurhan, Xavier Dufestel (Riveneuve)
France - Le Carnet de Recettes de Guillaume Gomez (Glenat)
India - Dining with the Nawabs, Meera Ali (Roli Books)
Iran - Dining at the Safavid Court, Rudollah (Mazda)
UK - Royal Teas, Mark Flannagan (Royal Collection)

A Top Chef’s Suicide Has Prompted A Rethink In Kitchen Culture

The death of Benoît Violier in Switzerland over the weekend is renewing calls to address the high-pressure, high-stakes environment that can take a heavy toll in the kitchen.

posted on Feb. 1, 2016, at 3:37 p.m.

Chef Benoît Violier was at the top of his game. On Dec. 12, 2015, the French governmentproclaimed his Swiss eatery, Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville, the best place in the world to eat in its official “La Liste” ranking. “A veritable temple of gastronomy!” the Michelin Guide had remarked in awarding his restaurant three stars, placing it among the very best in fine dining establishments.

According to reports, though, Violier feared his hard-earned success would soon come undone. The influential Gault & Millau guide had recently given his restaurant a slight demotion, and he was said to fear the potential loss of a highly coveted Michelin star.

On Sunday, the French-born chef’s body was found at his home in Crissier, Switzerland. “It would seem that he has ended his life with a firearm,” police said in a statement.

Violier’s death has rattled the world of haute cuisine.

“Without a doubt, one of the most gifted chefs of his generation left us yesterday,” Gault & Millau said in a statement.

But the chef’s apparent suicide has also prompted discussion across the Atlantic about what the U.S. culinary industry is doing to assist those struggling with mental health.

“I learned about Benoît’s death this morning and my first reaction was, ‘Not again,’” Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson told BuzzFeed News. “This industry is so full of stress, and we’re constantly under a microscope. There’s so many personalities that strive to be really something special, and it’s a very difficult relationship to have with yourself and can really take its toll.”

Benoit Violier with his “La Liste” award in Paris on Dec. 17. Thomas Samson / AFP / Getty Images

The job of a chef is not an envious one. Delicious and innovative dishes must be timed to speedily arrive as one on the table, despite their individual intricacies and complications. Then there’s the army of kitchen staff that needs managing in hot, loud, and cramped quarters.

In addition to the hordes of hungry customers and meticulous health inspectors, exacting critics demand perfection and can eviscerate reputations with a single review. When theNew York Times food reviewer demoted chef Thomas Keller’s New York restaurant Per Se from four stars to two in a excoriating review last month, readers salivated over every barb in the piece, which became one of the newspaper’s most read articles in January.

“One of things people forget when they’re judging a chef or restaurant is that they’re judging human beings,” Acheson said.

Acheson, who is behind a number of top restaurants in Georgia, cannot recall ever having a conversation about mental health with the more senior chefs in the kitchens in which he was trained.

“It’s been a historically rigid and masculine and tough environment,” he said. “It’s always been an industry where you have to make it by yourself, and only recently are we coming to terms with the fact that it can take its toll. The industry needs to change. It can’t be so demanding.”

Writer Kat Kinsman, who previously ran CNN’s food site Eatocracy, in addition to writing frequently about mental health, recalled interviewing numerous chefs who would take her aside for off-the-record conversations about their struggles.

“Diners are so oblivious to what’s going on. People in the back are breaking their backs,” she told BuzzFeed News. “They’re dying and no one is talking about it.”

Kinsman, who now serves as editor-at-large for Tasting Table, last month started the website Chefs With Issues for culinary professionals to find mental health support and resources. More than 600 kitchen workers have since completed an informal survey on the site, Kinsman said, revealing struggles with depression, anxiety, and substance abuse.

“People don’t want to appear crazy. They don’t want to appear weak. They don’t want someone to say, ‘You can’t hack it,’” Kinsman said. “It’s an infinitely macho culture that doesn’t allow for weakness, but if they knew the person next to them on the line was going through the same thing, it would be easier.”

Johannes Eisele / AFP / Getty Images

At least some top U.S. culinary schools are aware of the need to prepare their students for the harsh realities of the industry. Michael Sperling, vice president for academic affairs atThe Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New York, told BuzzFeed News his school has “evolved” in recent years and now includes a focus on mental health.

“There’s a culinary expression known as mise en place, this foundational concept of having food in its place,” he said. “We extend that concept to what it means to live a balanced life, a healthy life, in spirit and body.”

Students at the CIA participate in meditation workshops, play on sports teams, and speak with counselors if they find themselves struggling.

“The rigors of the kitchen are really intense and we really want students to develop a sense of balance,” Sperling said. “If they don’t have an inner sense of balance, then they’re not likely to be successful.”

The industry, though, is still catching up and needs to do more to promote a better work-life balance, according to chef Jonathan Ory, a director at the Heirloom Foundation, which works to raise awareness of mental health issues in the kitchen, in addition to youth development programs.

The Charleston, South Carolina–based chef told BuzzFeed News more restaurants need to provide psychiatric treatment under insurance policies for kitchen staff, in addition to offering better paid time off and mental health days.

“I keep looking at friends outside the industry and it’s interesting to see in perspective,” he said.

However, Ory and Acheson said much of the change needs to come from the current industry leaders, with better teaching and mentoring, as well as a shift in macho kitchen culture. “On TV and in some kitchens, it’s all about being a loud and aggressive chef,” Ory said. “I think you’ll get happier people that’ll do a better job when you take time and work with them, instead of just bullying them.”

To get a great crew, Acheson added, chefs today need show empathy and compassion.

“That change needs to come from us,” he said.

In Paris on Monday, Michael Ellis, the Michelin Guide’s worldwide director, held a minute of silence in memory of Violier before announcing this year’s stars. The rating for Violier’s Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville remained unchanged, but a star was removed from the restaurant of Bernard Loiseau, the famed French chef who fatally shot himself in 2003.

Casey Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix

The actors were close friends, though Joaquin Phoenix revealed in October 2019 he revealed he had stopped talking to Casey Affleck “many years” ago after the Boston native was sued for sexual harassment. They were also brothers-in-law, too! Affleck was married to Phoenix‘s sister, Summer, in 2006, but the couple later divorced in 2017 after having two children together.

2013 winners

  • Outstanding Chef: David Chang, Momofuku Noodle Bar, New York, NY Paul Kahan, Blackbird, Chicago, IL (Tied)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Cecilia Chiang, San Francisco, CA
  • Humanitarian of the Year: Emeril Lagasse, Emeril Lagasse Foundation, New Orleans, LA
  • Outstanding Restaurant: Blue Hill Restaurant, New York, NY
  • New Restaurant: State Bird Provisions San Francisco, CA
  • American Classic: Frank Fat's Sacramento, CA
  • Great Lakes Chef: Stephanie Izard, Girl & the Goat, Chicago, IL
  • Mid-Atlantic Chef: Johnny Monis, Komi, Washington, D.C.
  • Midwest Chef: Colby Garrelts, Bluestem, Kansas City, MO
  • New York City Chef: Wylie Dufresne, wd

  • Radio Show/Audio Webcast: Fear of Frying Host: Nina Barrett Area: WBEZ Producer: Lynette Kalsnes
  • Special/Documentary, Television or Video Webcast: The Restaurateur Network: PBS Producer: Roger Sherman (filmmaker)
  • Television Program, In Studio or Fixed Location: CBS Sunday Morning: "Eat, Drink and Be Merry" Host: Charles Osgood Network: CBS Producers: Gavin Boyle, Amol Mhatre, Rand Morrison, Amy Rosner, Jason Sacca, and Robin Sanders
  • Television Program, On Location: The Mind of a Chef Host: Anthony Bourdain Network: PBS Producers: Anthony Bourdain, Joe Caterini, Alexandra Chaden, Jonathan Cianfrani, Christopher Collins, Peter Meehan, Michael Steed, and Lydia Tenaglia
  • Television Segment: Friday Arts, Art of Food Network: WHYY-TV TV Producer: Monica Rogozinski
  • Video Webcast, Fixed Location and/or Instructional: Presents How to Cocktail Producers: Kit Codik, Scott Kritz and Noah Rothbaum
  • Video Webcast, On Location: presents The Perennial Plate: Real Food World Tour Hosts and Producers: Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine
  • Outstanding Personality/Host: Andrew Zimmern Show: Bizarre Foods America Network: Travel Channel
  • Cookbook of the Year: Gran Cocina Latina: The Food of Latin America by Maricel Presilla
  • Cookbook Hall of Fame: Anne Willan for her body of work
  • American Cooking: Mastering the Art of Southern Cooking by Nathalie Dupree and Cynthia Graubart
  • Baking and Dessert: Flour Water Salt Yeast: The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza by Ken Forkish
  • Beverage: Wine Grapes: A Complete Guide to 1,368 Vine Varieties, Including Their Origins and Flavours by Jancis Robinson, Julia Harding, and José Vouillamoz
  • Cooking from a Professional Point of View: Toqué! Creators of a New Quebec Gastronomy by Normand Laprise
  • Focus on Health: Cooking Light The New Way to Cook Light: Fresh Food & Bold Flavors for Today's Home Cook by Scott Mowbray and Ann Taylor Pittman
  • General Cooking: Canal House Cooks Every Day by Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer
  • International: Jerusalem: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi & Sami Tamimi
  • Photography: What Katie Ate: Recipes and Other Bits & Pieces, Photographer: Katie Quinn Davies
  • Reference and Scholarship: The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from Around the World by Sandor Ellix Katz
  • Single Subject: Ripe: A Cook in the Orchard by Nigel Slater
  • Vegetable Focused and Vegetarian: Roots: The Definitive Compendium with More Than 225 Recipes by Diane Morgan
  • Writing and Literature: Yes, Chef: A Memoir by Marcus Samuelsson


First Place:
Café Corazón
multiple locations

Burritos and margaritas are the Batman and Robin of Mexican fare. Conveniently, Milwaukee’s favorite rendering of this culinary dynamic duo is available at one place: Café Corazón—now located in two neighborhoods—Riverwest and Bay View. A combination so filling, nourishing and intoxicating that you hardly need consult the menu, the only challenge is not spoiling your appetite on the gratis chips and salsa. (Tyler Friedman)

Beans & Barley
BelAir Cantina
Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant

Jennie – a mysterious young woman with fair hair, a pale brown coat, and a darker brown hat, who bursts into Pleasant’s Coffee House who is simultaneously scared for her life, and stating that she deserves to die.

Hercule Poirot – the world-famous Belgian detective. He is now “retired” and staying at a boarding house across the park from his apartment as a vacation for his little grey cells – and those that still come to him for cases. He takes note of Jennie, and is very concerned about saving her before it is too late.

Edward Catchpool – Poirot’s young friend, a Scotland Yard detective who is also staying at the same house as Poirot. We hear the story from his point of view. He is the one who brings Poirot into the murders at the Bloxham Hotel where two women and a man are dead – with a monogramed cuff link in each of their mouths. He also finds out that all three victims are (or have been) residents of Great Holling.

Fee Spring – the waitress with the fly-away hair who is very observant and blunt. She can’t quite bring to mind what she observed with Jennie in the coffee house, but she is able to tell Poirot Jennie’s first name, and that “she works for a lady with a big house. Lives in. Comes right across town” & that Jennie has made a concerted effort to “talk like she’s a lady herself”.

Mrs. Blanche Unsworth – the fussy owner of the very “feminine” flounce-bedecked boarding house where Poirot & Catchpool are staying.

Mr. Luca Lazzari –. The “helpful, startlingly enthusiastic” manager of the Bloxham Hotel. While he is very concerned about the hotel’s reputation, he is adamant that all of his staff are blameless, and that they all cooperate with Poirot and Catchpool in any way they can. He reveals the names of the victims: Mrs. Harriet Sippel (Rm. 121) Miss Ida Gransbury (Rm. 317) and Mr. Richard Negus (Rm. 238).

Mr. John Goode – the clerk at the hotel Lazzari called “the most dependable man of [his] entire acquaintance”. He is also praised for his memory with guest names and faces.

Henry Negus – the brother of murder victim, Richard Negus, who was “not the man he once was” and who is rapidly depleting his inheritance while living with Henry and Henry’s wife in Devon.

Rafal Bobak – the “stout, bald man [who] …looked to be around fifty and had the jowlish tendency and mournful eyes of a basset hound”, he is the waiter who delivered the “afternoon tea” to the three victims, who had gathered in Ida Gransbury’s room (317). He later recalls some vital conversation that helps to solve the case.

Mr. Thomas Brignell – a junior clerk at the hotel, he informs Poirot that he saw Richard Negus & talked to him at half past seven outside the hotel’s dining room. This indicates Negus left Room 317 only 15 minutes after tea had been served. He is also the one who gives Negus his glass of sherry.

Mr. Samuel Kidd – a boilermaker wearing a “dirt-marked shirt with the missing button, and the partly shaven face… he plainly had trouble using a razor. The evidence suggested that he had started to shave, cut himself badly, and abandoned the enterprise.” Kidd mockingly imitates Poirot’s accent and speech, while relating that shortly after eight on the night of the murders, he witnessed a woman run out of the hotel, panting and looking frightful. She dropped two gold-colored keys that he saw long enough to tell they “had numbers on ‘em … One hundred and summat … the other, It was three hundred and summat”. He also believes he’s seen the lady somewhere before…

Ida Gransbury – through Henry Negus, we learn that she was once, years ago, the fiancé of his murdered brother. They broke up in 1913. Ida was seen to be a very self-righteous woman.

Richard Negus – the murdered man was Henry’s older brother, formerly a successful, practicing attorney. According to Henry, he had a brilliant mind, was meticulous, and everyone deferred to him. After leaving Great Holling in 1913, he turned withdrawn and dour, and began drinking heavily. Only in recent days had he seemed to “perk up” somewhat.

Mr. Victor Meakin – the mean-streaked owner of the King’s Head in Great Holling who almost makes it impossible for Catchpool to find out anything about the murder victims. He adds to the highly negative impression Catchpool has of Great Hollings.

Harriet Sippel – reputed to have been a kindly, happy person at the time of her marriage, with the unexpected death of her husband she was left a very young widow, who became more and more bitter and “spiteful and sanctimonious” in slandering other people. She was supported in this by Ida Gransbury, particularly after Richard Negus ended their engagement & left town.

Patrick James Ive – the good vicar of Holy Saints church in Great Holling who came to be wrongly accused of spiritual impropriety and more. Both his wife Frances and he committed suicide.

Margaret Ernst – the wife of the recently deceased vicar, Charles Ernst. They both attempted to repair the damage done to Patrick’s reputation, which they believe was purely vicious gossip on the part of the servant girl who first spoke of it, with flames added by Harriet, Ida, and Richard. She watches over their gravestone and supports Dr. Flowerday, who knew them well, in his view of Patrick and Frances Ive. She is also able to identify the servant girl.

Nancy Ducane – a celebrated artist, Samuel Kidd sees her picture in the newspaper and goes to Poirot to let him know that she’s the woman he saw fleeing the hotel. Her much older husband William was headmaster at the local school in Great Holling. When he died in 1912, she was still very young and visited the vicar, Patrick often. This led to the accusation made by the Ive’s servant girl, and eventually to Patrick & Frances’ deaths.

Walter Stoakley – the former Classicist and Master at Cambridge who introduced Patrick, his protégé, to his daughter Frances, and who had arranged for the servant girl there to work for Patrick and Frances in Great Holling. He now spends his life drinking in the King’s Head.

Lady Louisa Wallace – the friend and patroness of Nancy Ducane whose husband, St. John, is a fellow artist, but “an appalling snob”. He is a zoological and botanical artist who “paints plants and fish”. Together, they are able to provide an alibi for Nancy on the evening of the murder, since she was at their home from six to nearly ten o’clock.

Stanley Beer – the Scotland Yard Constable who assists Catchpool.

Dorcas – the new and clumsy maid working for Lady Louisa.

Watch the video: Norman Van Akens advice to young chefs


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