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Artichokes stuffed with sausages

Artichokes stuffed with sausages

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Recipe Artichokes stuffed with sausages of of 28-03-2013 [Updated on 31-08-2018]

Hello everyone, today I give you another typical Easter recipe, stuffed artichokes, to prepare them you need the violets, in Neapolitan mammarelle, a variety of artichokes typical of the month of March, these are very large round-shaped artichokes, which have fleshy leaves and a very strong taste and are well suited to be filled. In this morning's recipe I propose them with a filling of sausage and caciocavallo, a real pleasure also because of these artichokes you eat almost everything, the outer leaves are eaten at the base where they are more tender, then you get to the filling and finally you taste the core, the most tender and tasty part. Well friends today is the day of mussel soup and the preparation of the pastiera so I greet you and I get to work so I can get free soon to go and get my hands in the dough, kisses kisses; *


How to make artichokes stuffed with sausages

Wash and clean the violets by depriving them of the hardest external leaves, cut the stem (keep them aside by removing the hardest external part).

cut off the tip of the violets and beat them on a plane to make the center widen

Open them and immerse them in water acidulated with lemon to prevent them from blackening.

Place a saucepan with water on the heat, put the artichokes and a vegetable cube in it, bring to a boil, then cook for 10 minutes

Meanwhile, fry a clove of garlic in a pan and add 2 stalks cut into small pieces, peel the sausage, add it to the pan and blend with the white wine

Salt, pepper, add a little parsley and cook for about ten minutes
Turn off the heat then add the caciocavallo and grated Parmesan cheese.

Drain the artichokes and fill them with the sausage mixture

Pour a drizzle of oil into a baking dish, place the stuffed artichokes, sprinkle with more grated parmesan and place in the oven at 180 °

Cook for about ten minutes on the grill, then serve your stuffed artichokes

Stuffed artichokes: easy recipe to prepare

THE stuffed artichokes they are a second dish of meat to do baked made with chopped sausages, cheese and flavorings. The artichoke is peeled and, in the center, a groove is dug to store the breadcrumbed golden meat filling that will make the stuffed artichokes crunchy and tasty. Place this plate side by side with other seasonal dishes.

The recipes of the Chef's Test and It's always noon

If you are interested in the recipe for this delicious dish entitled "Stuffed artichokes with pinella", below you will find the list of ingredients and an exhaustive description of the procedure for cooking this delicious recipe.

  • 4 large artichokes
  • 300 g. salami
  • 200 g. Scamorza
  • 3 eggs
  • q.s. grated pecorino cheese,
  • extra virgin olive oil,
  • salt,
  • garlic,
  • parsley
  • 4 medium potatoes

Clean the artichokes by also cutting most of the leaves. Cut them in half, empty them of the beard, make a mixture of salami, scamorza cheese, eggs, parsley and grated pecorino.

Fill the half artichokes by pressing the dough well into the belly. Arrange the stuffed artichokes in a non-stick pan with oil and garlic, placing them on the oil from the stuffed side.

In the center of the pan, left empty, insert the diced potatoes. Cook covered, turning the potatoes from time to time, for about 40 minutes.

For the herbal tea, put the artichoke scraps in a saucepan and cover with plenty of water. Bring to a boil and strain.

Video of the recipe Stuffed artichokes with pinella

If you want to see the video of the recipe Stuffed artichokes with pinella by Simone Ferri Graziani proposed in the new edition of the cooking program La Prova del cuoco aired on RaiUno, below you will find the link for viewing.

Stuffed artichokes with sausage

THE stuffed artichokes with sausage I'm a second dish inviting and tasty, also excellent as a substantial one starter, or side dish. For a dinner with family or friends, they are prepared with simple ingredients.

  • 8 artichokes
  • 120 g of sausage
  • 120 g of bacon
  • 1 onion
  • the juice of two lemons
  • 1 glass of white wine
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt
  • black pepper

THE stuffed artichokes with sausage they are a truly versatile recipe. The delicate and unmistakable taste of artichoke goes perfectly with the savory one of sausage and bacon and the result is an ideal second course for lunch in the family, but which can also be served as an appetizer or substantial side dish a dinner with friends.

The artichoke it is a vegetable grown in many varieties, and is harvested in the months between December and March. Rich in fiber and iron, it has excellent detoxifying and antioxidant properties, a real ally for health. A recipe that proves this is precisely the detox Past.

To accomplish this Stuffed artichoke recipe you can choose both the Roman variety, without thorns and also known as the artichoke, or a thorny variety. The important thing is to clean the corolla well from the internal hay and the stems, which enter the filling as an ingredient, from the more fibrous and hard outer part.

Tasty and extremely versatile vegetable, it is eaten both raw and cooked and the recipes that see it as protagonist are endless, from appetizers like this delicious Tarte tatin with artichokes, to tasty first courses such as lasagna with artichokes, taleggio cheese and rolled bacon. From meat main courses such as chicken rolls with artichokes, to fish dishes such as monkfish with artichokes and ham.

How to cook stuffed artichokes

Regardless of the recipe choice, the first step is always clean the artichokes: whether we want to eat them raw in salads, perhaps combined with seared slices, whether they need to be cooked, the steps to take are more or less the same.

First, let's wash them well under cold water and dry them: then we remove the outermost leaves and leathery, eliminating at least the first two or three layers and leaving only the softer and lighter leaves, which we will put in water and lemon after cutting the stem, from which we can recover the innermost and fleshy part with a potato peeler and use it in other preparations.

Do you feel like you've eliminated too much? That's how it is with artichokes but don't despair: we can recover artichoke waste, i.e. the outer leaves and stems, blend them and give them a second chance in preparations that require very long cooking, such as risottos, soups and stews, or simply use them to prepare a good one vegetable soup.

For make stuffed artichokes, we must proceed by mixing all the ingredients of the filling in a bowl, then open the artichokes digging out the inside and then cooking them in cooking pan. You read that right: in this recipe you don't need to turn on the oven, we will do everything directly on the stove.

How? Let's see ingredients and procedure together.

But first we suggest you take a look at all of ours recipes with artichokes:

Ingredients for artichokes stuffed with sausage

Clean the artichokes: cut the upper part of the artichokes (about one cm) and the stem, and remove the outermost leaves.

Cut them in half, remove the internal beard and put them in water acidulated with lemon juice to prevent them from blackening.

In a pan, sauté a clove of garlic, remove it and brown the artichokes with the inside facing upwards and without turning them.

After a few minutes cover with the broth.

Cover the artichokes and cook over low heat for about 20-30 minutes.

Add the sausages without casings and round into a meatball shape. :)

Cook without a lid until the broth has evaporated completely.

At this point, transfer to a lightly greased bowl and sprinkle with Parmesan.

Brown the artichokes stuffed with sausage in a preheated static oven at 200 ° for about 10 minutes. :)

  • 8 Artichokes
  • 2 sausages
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 Glass of Dry White Wine
  • 1 Sprig Parsley
  • D & # 8217olive oil
  • salt
  • pepper

1) Clean the artichokes and soak them with water and the juice of a lemon.

2) Peel the sausages and crumble them.

3) In a pan brown the sausages with two tablespoons of oil and parsley, sprinkle with a little wine and salt a little and cook over low heat for 10 minutes

4) Drain cut the artichokes in half and fill them with the cooked sausage.

5) Arrange the artichokes in a pan with high sides, add the wine, half a glass of water, cover and cook for about 30 minutes, sprinkling with their sauce from time to time.

6) Serve hot but not too hot, after letting them rest for about ten minutes.

Stuffed artichokes, tips

As we have seen it is a simple, easy and quick recipe. It is not necessary to use the oven but one is enough cooking pan or pan.

Stuffed artichokes with sausage they are an excellent side dish, but also a second course, an appetizer or a single dish, since it is a very substantial recipe thanks to the presence of the sausage. The two flavors, that of the artichoke and the strong and decisive one of the sausage, combine particularly well.

This recipe can be made with all types of artichokes, both thorny and thornless ones, violets or Roman artichokes (we used the thorny variety).

They can be stored for a day in the refrigerator and then heated in the microwave oven, but as always it is recommended to consume them immediately.

Artichokes stuffed with sausages - Recipes

Artichokes will still be present on the vegetable stands for quite a while, (and everyone knows that they do very well) while the pork sausage - which once could only be bought in the colder months - today we find it always present, for everything the year on the meat displays. On the other hand, the pig is no longer fat, it is slender, slender and to find a little lard in its meat you have to work hard.
But no jokes, pork is always a little fat, but this fat, if eaten in limited quantities, serves our body. In short, every product if eaten sparingly does not hurt if you overdo it, everything can cause damage to our body. So moderation.

Then the ingredients of this recipe, which you will have to hurry to cook because with the arrival of the heat the artichokes become rare, for four people they are quite contained, as you can see. I therefore considered the following quantities:

INGREDIANTS: farfalle gr 350 raw pork sausage gr 200 artichokes 4 ricotta gr 100 fresh whole milk cc 100 grated parmesan or parmesan 50 gr dry white wine cc 100 garlic 1 clove extra virgin olive oil 4 tablespoons salt.

METHOD: put the milk in a bowl, add the ricotta and the parmesan and with a fork make it dissolve, mixing and obtaining a slightly liquid cream. Keep it aside. In a small pan, over medium heat, put two tablespoons of oil, the sausages after having deprived them of the skin, chop the meat and brown them after two minutes add the wine, let it evaporate, then over low heat continue cooking for another five minutes. Remove from the heat.
Clean the artichokes by removing the harder outer leaves, then cut the tips of the remaining leaves for two centimeters and then slice them into 2 mm julienne strips. the rest of the oil, the freshly crushed garlic, the sliced ​​artichokes and stir a couple of times over medium heat. Remove the garlic, add a glass of water, cover the pan and cook for another five minutes, but over low heat, to make them stew well.
When you are close to the time to go to the table, put the pot with the salted water on high heat, when it boils add the farfalle and cook until they are al dente. Drain them well, put them in the pan with the artichokes, add the meat of the sausages, the ricotta cream, mix everything well and sauté them over a high heat for no more than two minutes, then pass them on a serving plate and serve immediately. Serve separately the pepper mill if desired.

6 artichokes
300 g of sausages
1 clove of garlic
50 g of Parmesan cheese
400 ml of hot vegetable broth
extra virgin olive oil
lemon juice

To prepare your Stuffed Artichokes with Sausage, follow our sprint recipe and start by cleaning the artichokes. Remove the top, the outer leaves and the stem and cut the rest inside to form a hollow. Remove the internal beard and soak in water with lemon juice.

In the meantime, fry a clove of garlic, remove it and place the artichokes in a pan, covering with broth after 2 & # 8242 and putting the lid on the pan. Cook over low heat for 25 & # 8242.

Halfway through cooking, put the gutted sausages inside, then at the end, when the broth has evaporated, form meatballs to be placed inside the artichokes and put everything in a bowl and mix with Parmesan. At the end, gratin the artichokes with sausage in a preheated static oven at 200 ° and serve immediately after extracting.

Artichokes Stuffed with Sausage

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If I make sausage-stuffed artichokes, do I betray or exalt them? & # 128521

7 artichokes
200 g of minced pork
1 handful of chopped parsley
2 tablespoons of breadcrumbs
1 handful of grated Parmesan cheese

I prepared the artichoke filling by combining the ground pork, chopped parsley, breadcrumbs, parmesan, salt and plenty of oil in a bowl.
I cleaned the artichokes by ticking them 3/4 of the way from the base, removing the harder outer leaves and the thorny central ones and removing the internal & ldquobarba & rdquo.
I cut the stem of the artichoke very close to the flower's attachment.
I rubbed the clean artichoke well with a lemon.
I filled the cleaned artichokes with the prepared filling and put them in the pressure cooker upside down.
I wet the bottom of the pressure cooker with a thin layer of water.
I added a little vinegar, squeezed 1 lemon over the artichokes and passed a drizzle of squoolio.
I closed the pressure cooker and let it cook for 12 minutes from the whistle.


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