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Carp caviar salad

Carp caviar salad

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Rub the caviar and when they have bleached a little, add oil, little by little, mix and then add lemon juice little by little, then the boiled and cooled semolina.

I mixed everything well.

It's getting cold.

The preservation of caviar with oil has been known since the times of the Byzantine Empire. [1] The method of preparation has been maintained in the Balkan countries, mostly under the name domain, such as in Greece or Turkey. In the past, only carp caviar was fought, in Wallachia, the Principality of Moldova such as Banat (the latest since 1919 all over the country) and with pike or pikeperch caviar as a tastier option.

In some countries in southeastern Europe today, but also in Germany, salad is increasingly being prepared from cod roe, even smoked, or other sea fish. [2] [3] The results are very questionable.

It seems that in recent years, in Romania, the version with herring caviar, often already mixed with chopped onions, finds friends. But this recipe has nothing to do with the original one, being very disgusting.

  • 200 g of carp caviar or 250 g of pike
  • ¼ oil or more
  • 1-2 tablespoons of lemon
  • Soaked bagel core
  • possibly 1-2 teaspoons of water
  • Alternative to lemon: a teaspoon of grated mustard or a few drops of vinegar

Fresh caviar is washed, drained and cleaned of skins. They are salted and then placed in a thin cloth and left in the fridge for a few hours before being prepared (or bought in a jar). After draining, the caviar is put in a bowl together with a teaspoon of lemon juice, beat well with a fork, better with a broom, then start pouring the oil, drops like mayonnaise, to bind. For an optimal consistency, put some core of soaked and squeezed bagel. The sour substance quickly emulsifies the oil, thus avoiding its separation, whitens the paste and makes it more frothy. The oil is poured a little, beating continuously. At the end, the salad should have the consistency of a hard-beaten mayonnaise (with a lot of oil). It is not allowed to flow from the spoon. If it becomes too solid, add a teaspoon of cold water or mineral water.

Carp caviar salad is placed on a plate, garnished with olives, finely chopped onion and sliced ​​lemon. [4]

In peach caviar salad, before starting the beating, separate from the caviar a little less than a quarter of their amount and set aside, mixing them at the end with the beaten ones (without bagel). No onions are served, here the garnish consists of black olives (the best are the Greek ones of the sort Kalamata), lemon and lettuce leaves. [4]

Do not mix onions with caviar before serving. If no onions are added, the salad can be kept in the jar for 1-2 weeks. Trout or pikeperch eggs can also be processed. [5]

Instead of lemon you can use a tablespoon of mustard or a few drops of vinegar, for the core of bagel, semolina, but these compositions are not very tasty.

Even in big cities or abroad there are no fresh caviar. Then carp / pike eggs are replaced with trout eggs that are sold preserved in 50 or 100 gram glass jars. In this case it is recommended to prepare with an electric machine.

Beaten eggs can also be bought in jars, tubes or cans. A certain precaution is necessary not to buy products made of cod, mackerel or those with artificial additives.

Trout eggs

Pay close attention to eggs from trout, as they can be infested with eggs of the longest tapeworm, a large intestinal parasite worm 10 m long & ndash20 m, the botryocephalus Diphyllobotrium latum.

These caviar must be salted and must be frozen or heat-treated fish before consumption, in order to destroy the parasite. Also, pay attention to pike, pikeperch or some species of salmon.

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On March 25, every year, we all celebrate, subjects of the Christian Church, the news brought by the Archangel Gabriel for the Virgin Mary, namely that the Immaculate Conception will give birth to Our Savior, in nine months, without fail, at Christmas. On the day of the Annunciation, Gabriel came to the city of Nazareth and announced to Mary that God had chosen her to give birth to His Son, saying to her: “Rejoice, you who are full of grace, the Lord is with you! The Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the Most High will overshadow you! ”

The wonderful news is accompanied by the first song of the cuckoo, which also happens to call people to good understanding and urges Nature to bear rich fruit over the year - as he tells us, in his characteristic style, Kera Calița ot Jariștea Locantă. On Blagoveștenie, the first song of the chosen bird must find the Christian dressed in new and beautiful clothes, but also barely raised from a blessed table, with a stomach full of goodies, because otherwise he will not be able to enjoy the whole year of all the riches of the deified world. And, as man will enjoy his chosen goodness, he is obliged to sprinkle crumbs of bread and salt flowers on the doorstep of the house and on the windows to feed the Angels who bring, like Gavril, news important for the fulfillment of the soul but also for well-being or as is his fate. For all the wonders of this world and of the one above us have their purpose, based on faith and love, as God has left to every being tailored in His image and likeness.

On the Annunciation, two dishes must be brought to the feast table - fish and honeycomb, because the Savior also used them to entrust his disciples with the truth of His Resurrection. Not coincidentally, the release of fish on this occasion is remembered from ancient times. According to those who zealously researched dogma, release from fish is seen as a consolation given to believers through the presence in the Church of Christ, a joy and a celebration of it, which was symbolized in the first centuries as Pisces (ICHTUS - Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior, after the initials of the Greek word).

The fish placed on the tables of the diners can be smoked, just as the houses are smoked by Blagoveștenie to drive away curses and dark thoughts. It is said that, therefore, some of our rulers, after incense their palaces and put their church hierarchs to walk with the censers full of hot myrrh through all their corners, asked, on this day of the Feast of the Emperor, as first and foremost let them taste a piece of smoked fish, for example cod fillet or trout kept in "cobza" or "harzob" made of fir cetin, after being kept for five days in cold smoke by beech chips and then two hours of hot hornbeam smoke on the sixth day.

Other recipes prepared with dichis filled the boyar tables with Blagoveștenie. For example, the lufar meatballs, in the mixture of minced meat can be dropped a few juniper berries and a handful of pine nuts, the fasting dough, being eaten is not known how, without egg, from red potatoes boiled in a copper cauldron, crushed well then with a little crushed garlic and hardened onions, dill, salt and green pepper. Or some smoked and "forgotten" sawdust to dry for a few weeks in a salt mine! The silver carp of the Danube - and not the stinky, muddy puddle! - was baked, wrapped in parchment paper, after being thoroughly cleaned on the inside, filled with the transparent blades of truffles "hunted" with Lagotto Romagnolo dogs, trained for years in Piedmont, Arborio rice boiled in champagne, then mixed, coldly, with Parmiggiano Reggiano flakes and slices of Sicilian lemon, immediately sprinkled with olive oil brought from Crete, where it had been cold-pressed from the fruit of trees at least 300 years old. For, well, the thin cheek with expense was held then as now!

To drink at such a fine fishery, a small glass of prickly pear was used on the tongue, which at that time was also called mead, the cool drink being made with his hand, from honey from a royal apiary, water from Izvorul Tămăduirii (“agheasma small ”) and must nectar from Samos grapes, by the abbot himself of an Athonite monastery! … If the angels also ate according to the earthly custom, at least on the Feast of the Annunciation, they would also like these dishes and chosen liqueurs, may my thought be forgiven!

FISH RECIPES from Kera Calița
KERA CALIȚA cultivates with a beautiful stubbornness the culinary habits of the past, bringing glory to long-forgotten tastes. Descendant from an old family from Calarasi, on the shores of Borca, who had the privilege of living for centuries in an area donated by the Atoateziditorul with so many abundant ponds and ponds sewn, near the Danube so rich in blessed creatures of the waters, DE JUP he wants to bring the wonders of fish dishes to the table and asks the chefs to recompose recipes on contemporary plates.

Golden carp
First, at the conclave of hot pots and ovens, a beautiful crunchy man with golden scales was called, at about three and a half kilos, caught with the net by a skilful donkey, accustomed as a child to the secrets of prostovol with lead tassels. This time, Kera Calița did not crave a pre-seasoned brine with large horseshoes of meat fried on a grill, rolled in coarse salt and baptized in abundance with garlic sauce, with ripe tomato juice and bell pepper, or a perfect borscht with stalks of larch floating in the enchanted pot with vinegar and well-beaten eggs, but now, in late autumn, at Lăsata Secului, just before the blessed fish sank into the mud before winter, he saw with his mind's eye sitting on a podium boiled white cabbage…

Stuffed saddle
KERA CALIȚA knows other kinds of fish dishes that can arouse your senses to leave your mouth watering. For example, the saddle stuffed on a bed of rice with oriental spices, a delicacy from the old boyar courts! Salala, the cleanest fish in the Bărăgan ponds, which spends its time on the stones washed by the deep springs, has known various preparations in our traditional cuisine. Bacalbașa himself tells us about the salami depicted with scarlet crabs and mushrooms drawn in butter with white wine by the salami baked in a champagne bath and seasoned with egg yolk sauce, butter and fresh cream from the salami in panada over which Meuniere sauce is dripped - from butter, lemon juice, parsley and capers - or “Lady of the House” stew, boiled with red aubergines and vegetables, then au gratin in the oven and served with lemon (earthy version of that French “Bonne Femme”, with mushroom sauce, butter, wine white and sweet cream). The patriarch of our old kitchen also describes the “Salad of the Refined Gastronomer”, which will also inspire Kera Calița in a new culinary enterprise under the Jariștea patent. Following in the footsteps of Constantin Bacalbașa, Calița invited the Mediterranean stuffing of salami meat filled with pieces also of salami - but minced - with white bread core soaked in milk and flavored with salted anchovy fillets preserved in extra virgin Sicilian oil. The beautifully cleaned and rinsed fish with apple cider vinegar is stuffed with this delicacy, it is closed with kitchen thread, it is pulled a little on each side in the hot pan sizzling from the favorite butter with salt, allspice and red pepper, doubled with noble white wine , then wrapped in greased paper, put in a pan in the oven for about a quarter of an hour, then turn another quarter of an hour on the other side…

Blind bat
Here's how to process the less smoked beef stew: 3 kg of fresh beef fillets that you roll and perpetuate in 0.010 grams of each salt, ground black pepper, sage, fenugreek, cayenne pepper, fennel and galangal. After you have sprinkled it well with the spices, roll each piece in the shape of a thicker roll and tie it tightly with string in a culinary ritual. Place the fish rolls in a greased pan (oven) in a greased pan, covered with a parchment and leave them to bake for a maximum of 10 minutes after the hour. The smoker is also heated over a constant heat and the batter is left for only 15 at most 20 minutes, for the good order of the taste and the musty sturgeon in the stomach.

Carp caviar salad
His Beatitude Antim Ivireanu left the foundation of the Antim Monastery, four times a year, to go to the Most Holy Metropolitan Church, four times a year. And the plocon - Kera Calița ot Jariștea Locantă tells us - was a goose of coffee and a goose of sugar, and in honor of the high faces of the church of the nation, carp eggs were spread on large and silver plates. "For ten church faces they prepare for the first light eyelash: 300 grams of carp caviar, 500 ml of extra virgin olive oil, the juice of three lemons neither big nor small and according to the monastic tradition, with a well-greased wooden spoon , the eggs begin to rub with the oil which is poured with monastic patience, drop by drop. The secret is the same for hundreds of years, the caviar is decorated with a wooden spoon in one direction, to the right with a breath of fresh air. If by chance the caviar hardens, add a little cold mineral water and at the end, the salad being ready, sprinkle it with the juice of the three medium lemons… ”

Caviar salad / with MIXSY / Zepter

-Commercial caviar salad contains E's, which I don't think you want.
-We save money.
-We know exactly what we eat, if we prepare it at home.

I give you my caviar recipe prepared with: MIXSY / food processor -ZEPTER.

Salad base:
-2 tablespoons carp carp
& # 8211 lemon juice
& # 8211 5-6 tablespoons water (if possible mineral)
-300-400ml. oil
Method of preparation:
Put the eggs with lemon juice in the robot container and attach the multicooker

(when attaching the accessories, the appliance should not be plugged in, to avoid accidents)
mix 5-6 seconds, then pour plenty of oil, the movements are done vertically, until the composition hardens.
We also add water to whiten and strengthen the composition. The bowl will be almost full of salad (the container has 800ml) in 30 seconds.

Very fast = we save time, because the rotation speed is: 16,000 rpm.

To this composition obtained, I added:
-salmon salmon,
-Smoked fish,
-salmon fillets or
and so I got 4 kinds of caviar salad.
To this composition obtained, I added: salmon caviar, smoked fish, salmon fillets or olives and so I obtained 4 kinds of caviar salad.

Carp caviar salad (100 g, piece)

One of the most famous and beloved fish - carp - has eggs as appreciated and beneficial to the body. Buy carp carp salad and let your senses explode with delight! You don't even have to wait for a favorable moment of the day to eat it, you can do it whenever you feel like it.

Magic fishery

The quality of Magic products, made according to our own recipes, is based on fish of controlled origin, Romanian or imported. Magic day by day!

The story of the Magic Fishery

Magic Fishery is a modern factory, put into operation at the end of 2015, but the company's experience in this field is over 15 years. The preparation conditions for the delivery of fresh fish and the preparation of other fish products are perfectly compatible with the most advanced technologies used in this field. Magic Fishery uses state-of-the-art technology in this industry.

Consumption of fish and fish dishes ensures the health of you and your family. The quality of Magic products, made according to our own recipes, is based on fish of controlled origin, rum & acircnesc or imported. Magic day by day!

Caviar salad with onion and semolina, fluffy and quick to prepare

ingredients: 100 g of caviar (carp or herring, fresh or salted as you wish), 100 g of semolina, 300 ml of oil, finely chopped red (or white) onions, juice of half a lemon, 2-3 tablespoons of mineral water

Method of preparationThe semolina is boiled until it becomes a fine paste, be careful not to make it with lumps, then leave it to cool. If you use fresh caviar, then you need to add salt over them, depending on the taste of each, how salty you want them. If you use commercially purchased salted caviar, they must be kept in a bowl of water beforehand and put 2 slices of bread on top of them. They are kept in water for about 3-4 hours before being processed. Put the boiled and cooled semolina in a blender, then add the caviar and blend for about 2-3 minutes. The gray has the role of thickening the salad. If you do not want to add semolina, you can add a little bread crumbs soaked in milk. After mixing well, gently incorporate the oil, lemon juice and mineral water and continue blending until the desired consistency is obtained.

You have to be a little patient and pour the oil little by little so as not to cut the salad. At the end, after obtaining the desired consistency of the caviar, stronger or creamier, add the finely chopped onion, decorate with dill leaves or black olives and serve cold.

Caviar salad 2

Another way to prepare caviar, I thought I would write you the recipe. It is the classic recipe only with oil without semolina or bread, the salad is made quickly if you use the mixer & # 8230 I think in 10 minutes.

Depending on how much salad you want to get, put more or less oil, the correct proportion is as follows: for 100g of caviar, 250ml of oil is used. You can use a maximum of 1l of oil.

If you use purchased caviar, put them in a bowl with the juice of a lemon and gradually add oil, stirring constantly. When you notice that they start to gather, add a little hot water and mix.

I use eggs bought from carp, cod, herring. The ones in the first photo are code.

If you use fresh caviar (like the ones in the photo below) put them in a fine strainer and pour a little boiled water over them. Then crush them and rub them with salt, add oil like mayonnaise little by little alternating with lemon juice and boiled water or mineral water.

The eggs are light in color and fluffy.

When you have obtained the desired amount of salad, add a small onion grated or finely chopped.

That's what it looks like in the end. After being cold, they harden.

For daily recipe recommendations, you can also find me on the Facebook page, on Youtube, on Pinterest and on Instagram. I invite you to like, subscribe and follow. Also, the group Let's cook with Amalia is waiting for you for exchanges of recipes and experiences in the kitchen.

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Fake semolina and soy caviar

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Caviar salad with onion and garlic

Caviar salad prepared with onion, garlic and lemon juice, decorated with pieces of olives.

Caviar salad is traditional at festive meals, especially when diners like fish dishes. It is a salad that allows many kinds of serving and garnishing (sandwiches, as a filling for some vegetables, mounted with pos on lemon slices or on a plate, etc.). I used the fresh caviar of a Danube carp to prepare the salad. First, the caviar is washed carefully and cleaned of any traces of skin. Salt with about 1 teaspoon of salt and leave in the refrigerator. Boil 100 ml. of water and when it boils add the semolina in the rain, stirring constantly, until it thickens well.

Allow to cool completely. Keep about 1 tablespoon of caviar, put the rest in a bowl suitable for the mixer, along with the boiled semolina, cooled (picture 1). Mix until the semolina and caviar are homogenized (image 2), add the juice from 1/2 lemon and start pouring the oil into a thin thread, stirring constantly, like mayonnaise. The composition will bind and grow (image 3). Add the finely chopped onion and the rest of the eggs (image 4). Mix briefly, so as not to break the caviar added later, match the taste with the rest of the lemon juice and salt, if needed, and the salad is ready. Store in the refrigerator, in a closed bowl, until serving (even 2-3 days).

A suggestion for a more special presentation: put the salad in a pos for decoration with a star-shaped tip and draw a fish on a plate, to which an "eye" is put from a caper grain, the "tail" is accentuated and the "swimmers" with very fine strips of carrot and garnish the plate with green onions and lemon slices.


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