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Sparkling Watermelon Margarita Recipe

Sparkling Watermelon Margarita Recipe

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Wow your friends by creating a fun watermelon punch bowl to serve your delicious margarita. Using a sharp knife, carefully trim the bottom of a seedless watermelon to make it a flat surface. Next, cut off the top (about ¼ of the watermelon) and hollow out the flesh with a melon baller. Use an ice cream scoop or large spoon to scrape the inside walls of the watermelon clean. Fill with your cocktail and enjoy!


  • 4 parts Sauza® Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila
  • 2 parts orange liqueur
  • 3 Cups seedless watermelon, chilled and cut into pieces
  • ½ Cup lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • 1 Cup ice

Watermelon Margarita Mocktails

For the simple syrup:
Combine sugar and water in a saucepan. Heat while stirring occasionally until mixture comes to a boil. Simmer for 1 minute, stirring, then remove from heat. The mixture should be clear. Pour into a container and refrigerate several hours until cold.

For the mocktails:
Place cubed watermelon in a blender. Use the &ldquojuice&rdquo button or blend for about 45 seconds until the mixture is smooth and frothy on top.

Add 1/2 cup cold simple syrup and fresh lime juice to the blender. Blend again for several seconds.

Pour salt onto a plate. Rub the rims of glasses with lime juice. Dip the glasses into the sea salt. Fill the glasses with ice. Pour margarita mixture over the ice. Garnish glasses with a wedge of lime.

Store extra margarita mix in the refrigerator. Mix in the blender to freshen.

Picture it. Sicily 1922. (Name that show.)

Wait, let&rsquos start again. Picture it. Drinking margaritas by the pool all day and waking up without a headache. This, my friends, is a reality when your margaritas are Watermelon Margarita Mocktails. Or, dare I say, mock-aritas?

I&rsquom a big fan of the mocktail. Remember Natalie&rsquos post about sparkling water mocktails? So much inspiration there. Don&rsquot you wish every restaurant offered some killer mocktails so if you&rsquore not drinking or have a bun in the oven, you could order something a little more special than water or lemonade? Me, too.

We&rsquoll start by making a simple syrup. You&rsquoll find simple syrups in many cocktails, and as the name says, they&rsquore simple. How simple? Heat up sugar and water. Done.

Keep this in the refrigerator and let it get nice and cold before whipping up your margaritas. Simple syrup can be made a few days in advance.

Watermelon is naturally sweet, so it needs a little tanginess, especially in a margarita. Hello, lime juice. Buy more limes than you think you&rsquoll need for rimming the glasses and for garnish.

Place about 8 cups of ripe, seedless watermelon cubes in a blender. Blend it all up until it&rsquos smooth and a little frothy. You&rsquoll get around 8 cups of cubes from a quarter of a large watermelon.

Those 8 cups of watermelon chunks will blend down into approximately 4 cups of watermelon juice.

To the juice, add 1/2 cup of the cold simple syrup and 1/2 cup fresh lime juice. Crank up the blender again.

For serving, salt the rims of the glasses. Rub the rims of with lime juice. Dip into a plate of salt. I use pink Himalayan sea salt because it just looks so, so cute with the hue of the drink. You can use plain kosher salt or sea salt instead. If you don&rsquot like a salted rim, try dipping the rims in sugar. (You can even go totally wild and use the chile and lime seasoning from Trader Joe&rsquos!)

Fill the rimmed glasses with ice, then fill with the margaritas. Enjoy! Extra mocktail mix can be refrigerated and then freshened by blending for several seconds. (If you really want to make this a full-on margarita, add 1 to 1 1/2 ounces of tequila per glass.)

A Classic Margarita Recipe with Some Twists

Everything that’s great about a classic lime margarita on the rocks with a few unexpected twists! This Spicy Rosé Watermelon Margarita has all the elements to make a great cocktail. And it’s quickly becoming one of my favorites!

Santa Margherita’s Sparkling Rosé adds a bit of sweetness and tons of sparkle to this take on the classic margarita. Watermelon juice is a great swap for the orange liquor typically in margaritas – it lends amazing fresh flavor and a bit of sweetness. Jalapeño tequila contrasts the sweetness with a bit of lingering spice. All of which just invites you to take another sip!

Yep, this margarita recipe is a keeper.

Sparkling Watermelon Margaritas

Enjoy the taste of summer with a light and refreshing margarita recipe.

Watermelon is a household staple in the summer. I find myself buying at least one a week. I enjoy it mixed in fruit salad, off the rind and in cocktails of course. I made this Sparkling Watermelon Margarita the other day and it was delicious.

My drink involves a handful of simple ingredients fresh watermelon and lime juice, tequila and strawberry sparkling water. I love Spindrift’s Strawberry Sparkling Water or bubly Strawberry Sparkling Water. Spindrift is my favorite because it doesn’t have any natural flavors – just sparkling water and strawberries. I really enjoy this margarita because it isn’t too sweet. Lately I haven’t been craving sugar loaded cocktails so this is perfect. If you want a little more sweetness, add another ounce of watermelon juice.

Serve this up over ice and with a nicely salted rim. Watermelon and salt are a perfect summer pairing. I usually opt for a mix of sugar and salt with some of my margarita rims, but I’m all about the salt with this cocktail.

This drink is light, flavorful and delicious. I make mine with a shaker, but you could up the ante and create these drinks by the batch. Strain your watermelon and lime juice for a pulp free margarita.

Watermelon "Manarita" Is This Summer's Best Margarita

Courtesy of Teremana

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson called this delicious margarita the official "drink of the summer" in his recent Instagram post. It features the premium Teremana small batch tequila, fresh watermelon, lime juice, and agave nectar, making it the perfect cocktail to serve at a socially distanced BBQ, or pre-batching in advance of watching 4th of July fireworks.

Makes 6 servings

How to make watermelon prosecco margaritas

To make this margarita we used fresh watermelon, tequila silver, and chilled sparkling wine. Instead of using a traditional water and sugar recipe for simple syrup, we made a prosecco syrup. To make a frozen watermelon prosecco margarita or a watermelon prosecco slushie just combine all of the ingredients to a blender and add ice. Don’t forget salt or sugar for the rim! This recipe make one drink, but you can easily scale the ingredients to make a party pitcher for Cindo de Mayo or another celebration.

For the tequila we used Roca Patrón Silver, a handcrafted tequila from 100% Weber Blue Agave at Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. The agave is baked in small brick ovens for nearly 4 days and is then pressed by a two-ton volcanic stone tahona wheel. However, any silver tequila will work. We chose to pair tequila with prosecco because of its melon flavor profile and crispy, fruity aroma. You can also use champagne instead of prosecco if you'd like.

Reviews ( 24 )

Very good and easy to make! Will be a summer regular!

Good drink for a hot day outside because there's really not much alcohol in it! Were I to make this again, I'd skip the sugar (I already eliminated the sugar rim--the thought of it was too sweet!), and I'd either put the ice in the blender for a traditional frozen margarita or pour the drink over cubes. As written, we needed straws to get through the crushed ice to the liquid. The quality will really depend upon your watermelon, so I suggest tasting it first on its own. Might try other drinks before repeating this, but it was a nice unusual treat with a simple beef taco dinner.

Great recipe. I added in some fresh mint, too.

I pureed the watermelon and added 4 chopped Serrano chillies and left overnight in the fridge. I froze a small bag of cubed watermelon that was left over. I then sieved the pureed mixture and discarded the pulp and bits of chillies the next day. Used juice of one large lime and 1/4 cup simple sugar syrup instead of the measurements given and added the tequila, triple sec and the frozen melon cubes and whizzed up the drinks in the blender. They were delicious and the chillies gave a nice complexity to the flavour. Everyone wanted the recipe and they were hands-down the most popular drink at the party. A little bit of prep required but totally worth it!

I think this would have been much better had the watermelon been tastier. It was kind of bland and not too much taste. Sugar can't make up for the lack of watermelon flavor, so a low rating on this recipe isn't exactly fair. However the recipe we made up wasn't really too good. Be sure to get a good watermelon for this recipe.

CharlieLawrence, watermelon doesn't freeze well probably why you couldn't taste it

Frozen Watermelon Margarita Ingredients

As I mentioned earlier, these margaritas are super simple to make and only contain 4 ingredients plus an optional salt garnish for the rim of your glass. Here's what goes into this frosty concoction:

  1. Fresh Watermelon – Yes, obviously! Watermelon is the star of our show here. This is a fantastic way to use up that giant watermelon sitting on your countertop, or you can go ahead and buy pre-cut cubed watermelon if you'd like – just make sure it's seedless so you don't have to spend a lot of time de-seeding or risk a crunchy drink.
  2. Fresh Lime Juice – I've said it before and I'll say it again: freshly-squeezed lime juice is a MUST for a good margarita. If your local store sells freshly squeezed (same day) lime juice, that'll do just fine, but please don't buy the stuff on the shelf, or, worse, the stuff in the little green lime bottle.
  3. Honey – Honey is my favorite margarita sweetener! It doesn't alter the flavor or the color of the drink, and it blends up perfectly every time.
  4. Tequila – After all, what's a margarita without tequila? For this recipe, I opt for a good-quality silver tequila so it doesn't overpower the drink too much. However, if you're avoiding alcohol right now this would also make a delicious mocktail!
  5. Coarse Sea Salt – If you are on team salted rim, make sure you have some good-quality coarse sea salt on hand and a few extra lime wedges.

Reviews ( 3 )

This is a poorly conceived, terrible tasting concoction that wastes a lot of good ingredients. We each poured ours out after a couple of sips.

This is a great recipe but I did things a little differently since I didn't have any Blueberries on hand & we have a ton of wild Raspberries growing in our yard (which were picked immediately before becoming ripe bc I love tart). I used approx 1 & a quarter cup(s) of the wild Raspberrie (I didn't want it to over take the Watermelon flavor). I skipped the 1st step all together & omitted the simple Syrup bc I can't stand the taste of sweet, it is a major turnoff for me (besides sugar is THE enemy so it's healthier, hehehe, a healthier Tequila Cocktail :). I added an extra lime bc like I said I LOVE tart. I increased the Tequila, using Jose Cuervo Reserva Defamilia Platino , & added a cup & a half, bc why not? I also rimmed my glass w/ a little bit of Margarita Salt. it's a nice addition for those who like saltiness. I didn't use the salted rim on my Glass for the 2nd round & it was good but not as good as the 1st (my husband doesn't like when I make Cocktails using the JC Platino but I only mix it once or twice a year so it's not a big deal if you use a more expensive better quality Tequila, it's worth it imo. I prefer Costco's Kirkland Signature Resposado but I didn't have any so I used the JC instead. If you are a Tequila lover you must try sipping it w/ Sangrita, it's a perfect paring! You can find easy Sangrita recipe's doing a quick F&W or google search.

Fresh Watermelon Margarita

Watermelon margaritas are irresistible on hot summer days. Based on the classic margarita, this recipe pairs reposado tequila, triple sec, and lime juice with the sweet taste of fresh watermelon juice. Spice it up with a chili-salt rim and add a cool mint garnish if you like. It takes minimal effort and you'll have a refreshing watermelon cocktail to enjoy in just a few minutes.

For this watermelon margarita recipe, you don't have to dig out the blender (unless you'd like to), and there's no need to process it into juice first. Instead, all you need is a muddler and a cocktail shaker. Watermelon is naturally very juicy and the easiest fruit to juice. The cubes break down easily with just a few turns of the wrist, while straining removes the seeds and pulp.

When served over a lot of ice, this makes two mellow cocktails. If you prefer to serve it without ice, it's a tall drink for one person. Whether you want to add fruit or herbs or make it spicier, there are also many variations you can try as well.


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