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Fish in tomato sauce with polenta

Fish in tomato sauce with polenta

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We start with the fish: I had hake, so we clean the fish, wash it and cut it into pieces. We give it salt.

In a frying pan, heat the oil, when it is hot, put the fish and fry it a little on all sides.

Onions, garlic and peppers, wash and cut them into small pieces. Put a pan with oil on the fire and fry them. Add the tomato juice, salt to taste, pepper. Leave it on the fire for a few more minutes.

We take a tray, we put the fish over which we pour the tomato juice. We put it in the oven for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, fry the polenta: In a saucepan put 1 liter of water and put on the fire. When it boils, add salt and cornstarch, taking care not to make lumps. Mix with a wooden spoon, quickly and leave on the fire until it thickens. I used malai for polenta-fast :). When it's ready, turn it over on a plate.

When the fish is ready, remove it, add parsley and serve with polenta.

-english breakfast 200g / 300/400
-mushroom cream soup 350ml
- chickpea meatballs with green beans, celery and sweet-sour sauce 250g / 350g / 500g
-quinoa pudding with pineapple and coconut 120g / 150g / 200g
- fillet fillets with pea puree, broccoli and baby carrots 250g / 350g / 500g

-wholemeal bread spread with cream cheese, yogurt, pesto, pepper and olive strips
200g / 300g / 400g
-potato soup with tomato juice and larch 350ml
-trout fillets with caper sauce with carrot puree, celery and beetroot salad and chickpeas 250g / 350g / 500g
-green smoothie 330ml
-salad 4 cheeses 250g / 350g / 500g

What are the girls cooking

I just got back from a vacation in the Delta. What do you have left after such a vacation? In our case: with a lot of nostalgia, lack of desire to eat in at least a month or, if you are a big consumer, with something over (much / a little - after your pocket, place in luggage or availability to eat). We are not big consumers of fish, but still our heart did not let us leave the Delta without some pike, pike and catfish. Although I served the last fish meal quite recently, I took advantage of today's celebration (Change in the Face) and the stock in the fridge and I cooked fish, more precisely, baked pike. Salami is a weak fish with few bones and white flesh. Many would say that it is a rather bland fish, but properly prepared, it becomes a delicacy.

  • 1 salt about 1 kg
  • 4-5 tablespoons oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1/2 cup white wine
  • 2 suitable tomatoes
  • & # 189 lemon
  • & # 189 parsley link
  • salt pepper

We clean the fish, wash it and sprinkle it with salt.
Leave for a few minutes, about the time we clean the garlic and cut the lemon into thin slices.

Grease the fish with olive oil, season with pepper and cut it on one side. Place slices of lemon in the notches, and in the belly of the fish we pile 2-3 slices of lemon and a clove of chopped garlic, sprinkling at the end with a tablespoon of olive oil. I also added half a red bell pepper, cut into thin slices, which was awkward in the kitchen and which, due to loneliness, had withered a little.

Not having a large enough non-stick tray, we placed the & # 8220breaded & # 8221 salad for the holiday, in a suitable tray greased with oil so that the fish does not stick and break when we take it out. Put the tray in the hot oven and bake for 15-20 minutes, until it turns a copper color.

While the fish is in the oven, clean the tomatoes and chop them finely (I put them in the blender together with the garlic and the other half of the peppers). Mix the tomato sauce with the wine and season with salt - pepper, if you think it would be needed.

Elena's kitchen

Add 50 ml of wine and 50 ml of water if needed, to penetrate the taste and form a sauce. This operation will take at least 30 minutes on medium heat. The fire should not be hot, the liquid will drop too quickly and the fish will dry, instead of marinating in the tomato sauce.

If desired, consume immediately with lemon slices and greens.

If you want to keep it, put suitable pieces of fish in jars, without compressing it too much and add enough sauce to cover. Add 1 teaspoon of oil on top and close the jar tightly, placing it on the lid until cool.
Unfortunately, I can't show you the phase with the jars because everything was eaten! It was delicious, fragrant and juicy!


I think it was delicious, fragrant and tasty. It also looks very good)
My grandfather was a fisherman ... he fished on the Prut, but now, if I'm not mistaken, it's not allowed: D

Elena, you're a fisherwoman. I didn't know, now I know. I don't like to go fishing, although George is passionate about fishing, but I really like to eat fish. Where did you fish, on what pond?
And George was last Saturday, all the caras caught. very good, I like it, it's tasty but he likes big catches.
Kiss you good evening!

with this recipe you touched me hard! I'm crazy about fish, as well as the whole family, from my ancestors.

I am not sure if I have eaten this fish before but the way it is cooked sounds very delicious.

I'm glad you had such a pleasant fishing experience. It seems that the catch was not negligible at all.
as for the recipe, I think it was very good and fragrant fish so prepared. is it kept in jars without preservatives? kisses

although I don't give a damn about fish, made like this, with tomatoes, I would eat anytime :)! very good!

Olgutza, you can't fish on the Prut for a long time. But, on the Danube, it is possible with a special permit from the border guards. Theoretically, it should be on the Prut, but the relations with their border guards are like a cat and a mouse through a fence.

Maria, the unpleasant experience was on Mogosoaia, and the acceptable one was on Frasinet, a little further, on Valea Argovei. And I like big catches more, especially since I only eat pike, catfish, perch, carp (but less often) and ocean fish. I have a tight neck and if I catch a thorn, it stays in my neck!
But the pleasure of catching fish has nothing to do with size, if I have activity, I catch the little ones and, after I stop a few for the cat, I release the rest.

Alison, it is very good, aromatic and with the sauce that is formed, tasty and sweet from carrots and tomatoes.

Ivy is delicious. Is the carp family, but is smaller and is fresh water fish, not marine.

Sarah, yes the second experience was enjoyable. And, yes, it is kept without preservatives, because it has vinegar, wine and lemon, boiled tomatoes, and if you put a teaspoon of oil on top, season it, it doesn't need anything. cooling the jars on the lid seals the gasket well and is ok.

Zazuza, I like fish, but with the amendment that I have problems with those who have a lot of bones. That is why I prefer species that have only a column with afferent spines, without other small bones. And until recently I didn't like fish with tomatoes, but it's very good, I do it, low, in concentrated sauce. And who likes it, can also add hot peppers, to be a little spicy.

Fish in tomato sauce with polenta - Recipes

  • about 400 g of beef + pork
  • an egg
  • onion
  • a carrot
  • parsley
  • dill
  • 3-4 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese
  • a slice of bread soaked and drained of water
  • a clove of garlic
  • salt
  • pepper


perfectly you made those meatballs! and everything looks in a very tempting way! I'm glad you posted, it's a good sign! :)) I kiss you and only good!

Good idea. when I make the meatballs, I will also try pasta. I've made all kinds of pasta with minced meat in sauce, but not meatballs.

Thanks Alison, you're cute as usual. There aren't many good signs, but I'm trying to recover. Kisses and a pleasant evening.

Thanks for visiting Cris, we try our best to eat pasta, deh. I married a man from the land of spaghetti, now I have to invent. A good evening !

Hi there. what we matched with the food on the plate. :))

here where I live (canada) are very popular like this! spaghetti meatballs, good food! hmmmmmm let my mouth water! looks great in pictures!

Dear Danielutza, the aroma of your meatballs has reached me :), so I'm waiting for you with a bag of autumn prizes.
Pup and have a great week!

Miho, that's why we're new, because we fit.

Just me, it can be seen that there are many Italians in Canada, in fact we also have relatives there, that's why spaghetti can be found in any corner of the world. Kisses and have a good day!

Thank you Dana, I'm preparing the bag and I'm coming to pick up the presents. Kisses and a wonderful week!

Hi Daniela, I made your recipe, this one with meatballs, it's on my blog. thanks for the idea. Kiss you!!

I'm glad you liked them, Naina! Kisses and have a good day!

I ruined the goodness of the meatballs on this combination. bleac. I only ate so as not to throw them away! and I was really excited.

If the recipe was not to your liking, it does not mean that the food is not good. Not everyone loves pasta and not in any combination. If you read the recipe, you can see that Naina, who is a perfect housewife, also tried it and did not complain that the result would not have satisfied her. The word "quotbleac" doesn't tell me anything, but I taught my little girl to never express herself in an uneducated way about food.

Green prasada

Chickpeas are a miraculous food especially for vegetarians. It is an important source of protein, minerals and vitamins especially folic acid and vitamin B complex.

For stew you need the following ingredients:

1 can of chickpeas (if you have time to boil it is even better)
1 canned peas
2 small onions
1 carrot
1 red kapia pepper
1 white potato
olive oil
water or vegetable soup 100 -150 ml
dill (frozen or dried)
spices: salt, pepper, a small teaspoon of curry, 4-6 chili flakes

Heat the julienned onion in 3 tablespoons of olive oil and a pinch of salt, then add the fish, grated carrot and sliced ​​pepper. After they have hardened, put them over the vegetable soup or water. Cut the potato into cubes and put it to boil.

After the potato is cooked, add the chickpeas (washed well before, to clean the skins) and a few minutes later the peas. Add the dill and the rest of the spices to taste. Leave it on the fire for another 10 minutes and that's it :).


1 glass of good quality semi-dry white wine. I think that most of the time pork tenderloin is prepared around Christmas when pigs are slaughtered and there is an abundance of pork organs, especially in the country, even if they are given, you can always prepare pork tenderloin because at the butchers and the supermarket. fresh organs are often found in pigs.

Tochitura Recipe From Pork Organs

I promised you that I will bring you recipes inspired by our short vacation at Baile Felix and today is the first Tochitura de porc recipe.

Pork tochitura with organs. In the recipe offered by him, the organs of the lung and liver also appear. Of course I could flourish a whole paragraph about how this recipe circulated in my family for generations and how my great-grandmother did it and then taught Buni Sia. Written by Teo on 11082016 in Food Traditional recipes House specialties.

Pork tenderloin with tomato sauce and natural potatoes. It can be served with polenta, cheese pickles and fried eggs. 1350 votes 180 673 Main course Easy 10 min 1 hour.

500 gr pork meat 250 gr pork liver 250 gr smoked sausages 1-2 pork kidneys 1 liter sweet milk 500 gr fresh sheep's cheese 5 eggs 3-4 tablespoons lard or 6-7 tablespoons sunflower oil salt pepper 10 cloves of baking soda garlic. Oct 29 2017 Moldovan tochitura traditional recipe. Meat dishes 5-600 gr pork 2 large onions 2 large tomatoes 1 hot pepper 1 kg potatoes 5 lg tomato paste spices.

Jan 17 2011 Ingredient. Jun 22 2014 Pork tenderloin with sausages and organs I trust the writings of the late great gourmet and gourmet Radu Anton Roman who also told him the story of multiple versions of this dish. Tochitura recipe Preparation Pork kidneys.

2 tablespoons grated paprika. Recipe pork organs. Pork tenderloin with tomato sauce and natural potatoes.

500 g beef. 2 cups dry white wine. Recipe pork organs.

Bucovina Tochitura with organs. Search results for pork organs recipes. 500 g lean pork.

If you have not yet participated in a pork alms I propose a recipe that looks perfect in fact it is a dish just like the big meal at the pork alms. 3 bay leaves. 500 g pork leg 300 g smoked sausages unfortunately I did not have 200 g bacon ditto 3 tablespoons lard or oil 1 glass of white wine.

Stew of pork innards f. 6 garlic cloves. Great garlic aromas of red wine and thyme.

Cury ground pepper peppercorns thyme spices for natural salt potatoes. Pork entrails for meat lovers. 12 kilograms of boneless pork or combined with 300 grams of smoked chicken.

12 cups tomato juice. Ingredient Tochitura of pork and beef. 3 tablespoons olive oil.

The tender and rosy pieces of meat, pork organs and sausages melted in lard served with scrambled eggs and grated Telemea cheese. Cury ground pepper peppercorns thyme spices for natural salt potatoes. 4 tablespoons lard.

Meat dishes 5-600 gr pork 2 large onions 2 large tomatoes 1 hot pepper 1 kg potatoes 5 lg tomato paste spices. A hearty winter meal.

Tochitura Dobrogeana recipe

Tochitura From Muscle and Pork Organs with Polenta and Cream Tasty Recipes Ro

Pork Tochitura Traditional Moldovan Recipe From Meat And Organs

Tochitura Moldoveneasca Traditional Recipe Urban Flavors

Pin On Food Recipes

Pork Organ Tochitura Petitchef Recipe

Culinary Recipes Preparedevis Ro Tochitura Cu Organe

Pork Tochitură Iuli Recipe I

Pork Tochitura With Sausages Urban Flavors

Pork Tochitura Traditional Moldovan Recipe From Meat And Organs

A delicious idea for lunch, wonderful for the stomach and liver, rich in iron, magnesium and vitamin B.

Preparation time: 50 & # 8211 60 minutes


3 tablespoons sour cream with a low fat content

1 tablespoon chopped basil

2 tablespoons olive oil

3 cups finely chopped onion

2 cups chopped red peppers

4 cloves crushed garlic

¼ teaspoon chopped hot pepper

Method of preparation:

1. Prepare the polenta, then set it aside and add the parmesan, sour cream and basil (and butter, optional). Mix well and cover.

2. Put the dried tomatoes in a bowl with a cup of boiled water and set aside for 30 minutes until soft.

3. Heat the oil in a pan over medium heat. Add the onion and leave it on the fire for 15 minutes, until it turns golden. Add the red bell pepper and garlic and leave for another 15 minutes on the fire, stirring frequently.

4. Add paprika, hot pepper, tomatoes, wine, water and artichokes and mix well. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

5. Take the mixture off the heat and add the olives. Place on plates with polenta and garnish with chopped basil.

Nutritional content per serving: Calories 360, Fiber 7.7g, Protein 13.7g, Fat 12.5g (Saturated 4.9g), Carbohydrates 52g, Calcium 216mg, Iron 2.5mg.

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