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Timballini of pasta with broccoli

Timballini of pasta with broccoli

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Recipe Timballini of pasta with broccoli by of 23-11-2009 [Updated on 11-04-2018]

The other night I went to dinner at Mum's house and we were in the mood for a delicious first course to prepare, so we improvised these timballini of pasta with broccoli and mozzarella. They were mouth-watering! So this morning here is the recipe for the timballini of baked pasta with broccoli to start the week well;)


How to make timballini pasta with broccoli

Procedure for preparing the timballini of pasta with broccoli

Sauté the broccoli florets with a clove of garlic in a pan with 2 tablespoons of oil

In the meantime, prepare the béchamel by forming a roux with the butter and flour

Add the milk, salt the béchamel and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly.

Pour the béchamel into a fairly large bowl and add the diced mozzarella (dried out of the water) and the eggs

Mix everything and add the broccoli florets

Cook the tagliolini (or spaghetti alla chitarra in my case) in abundant salted water, drain them al dente and pour them into the bowl with the sauce.
Season with salt if necessary, add pepper and mix.

Grease the muffin tins and fill them with the broccoli pasta

Bake the pasta timballini with the broccoli at 180 ° and cook for about 20 minutes or until the surface of the timballini is au gratin

Allow to cool for a few minutes, then serve the timballini of pasta in the oven

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The potato croquettes or to put it in the Neapolitan style .. the panzarotti,. so we improvised these timballini of pasta with broccoli and mozzarella. . Quick and easy recipe. You can cut the slices of bread into multiple squares. Cauliflower is one of the few foods that I just can't swallow. . details

1) For i timballini of pasta with broccoli, clean and chop the onion, brown it in a pan with 2 tablespoons of oil, add the pork pulp, leave it to flavor for a few moments and sprinkle it with wine. Let it evaporate over high heat, add the tomato pulp, lower the heat and cook for another 30 minutes.

2) Wash and boil broccoli in boiling salted water for about 20 minutes, drain and mix with 1.5 dl of broth, salt and pepper.

3) When the ragù it is lukewarm, add the ricotta and parmesan.

4) Incorporate the juice of half a lemon and a little grated zest into the bread dough, knead it for a few minutes, then roll it out into 4 thin discs and, with each of these, line the bottom and sides of 4 8- 9 cm with high and smooth walls, greased with oil, letting the dough overflow for a couple of cm. Fill them with the filling and fold the excess dough into the center. Seal it, prick the surface with a toothpick and cook the timballini in the oven at 220 ° for 25-30 minutes.

5) Heat the broccoli cream, combine 4-5 tablespoons of oil, salt and pepper. Remove the molds, let them cool slightly, unmold the timballini of pasta on plates and serve them with broccoli cream.

Timballini of pasta with broccoli - Recipes

The single portions are a good trick when you are on a diet, these timballini are really light, even if you eat two it is not serious!

ingredients for 6 timballini:

300 g boiled cauliflower florets
200 g of sheep ricotta
2 tablespoons of milk
1 yolk
1 white snow whipped
1 clove of garlic
extra virgin olive oil
bread crumbs
salt and pepper


I love the single portions, not only because they are excellent for the diet, but also because I find them elegant :) These timballini are worth trying. They must be very good indeed

thanks Paola, try them, you will like them! Have a good week

How beautiful they are, especially when presented to a dinner with friends! And if that's not enough, just take another one :)

always better to do some more, thanks for visiting, have a nice week!

Single portions always make a good impression. They are also perfect for the Easter table, light with taste and presence :) A big kiss, good week

thanks Federica, a big kiss and good week!

Three is fine too :)
Then the cauliflower is so good.

thanks Francesca, good week!

I love single portions, actually I cook practically almost everything, for me, in single portions, to definitely try also because I love ricotta, a hug SILVIA

thanks Silvia, a big kiss and good week!

lovely presentation. and also the recipe! Have a good week!

thanks Serena, good week!

The single portions? how to blame you are cute and make you feel less "guilty". already. cauliflower and cottage cheese? never tried again. honestly though & # 39 having to try this recipe I would opt for the cow's milk ricotta, I prefer it. cabbages instead? I also eat them plain I like them so much ^ ____________ * kisses Chiara Giovanna

dear Giovanna, you can use the ricotta you prefer, you will see that you will like them, a big kiss and good week!

I love cauliflower and I love ricotta. and then it seems such an easy and spring recipe. almost almost Sunday I try it.

thanks Chiara, I'm sure you will like them, have a nice week!

Really delicious these patties!
A kiss Chiara!

thanks Emanuela, good week, a big kiss!

Today I also posted a single portion hihihih thing .. Your timballini are delicious. smack and good week :-)

I pass to look. thanks Claudia, good week!

Chiara what goodness! You're right light but with taste! I'll sign them! A big kiss

thanks Ely, good week, a big kiss to you too!

I love single portions .. even when I'm not on a diet! My little girls like cauliflowers very much too and that sheep's milk ricotta must give you the taste you don't expect. Tactical Timballini !!

thanks Clara, good week!

Cute, also beautiful to serve single-portion, I like that you used nutmeg, I have cauliflower, I prepare them for tomorrow! what satisfaction when I read a recipe that I like and at home there is everything to make it!

Then tell me if you liked Lilli, thank you and have a good week!

thanks Alessandra, good week!

Very good Chiara, I think it is also very soft, in short, a real cuddle

very soft Stefania, thanks for visiting, good week!

Only two? I would eat at least three! How beautiful! A kiss

thanks Giovanna, good week!

Definitely, I'll try this timballino, even if I can't find sheep ricotta here. I'll use the cow one. Very good recipe.

goat one is fine if you find it, thanks Linda, good week!

I love single portions and these timballs are delicious!

thanks Alice, good week!

How beautiful! I of these would eat one after the other, like biscuits! :-)

thanks Francesca, good week!

Very nice, nice recipe.

thanks Giuliana, good week!

good, tasty and healthy. cauliflower is one of those vegetables that I did not eat as a child, but now it is the king of my table. I grab the recipe: * big kiss honey and good week :)

dear Simona, I also like it very much although its perfume is a little strong, good week, a big kiss

Coupons good. and then the single portions are always impressive.

thanks Silvia, good week!

Your Chiara timballini are delicious! I really like the single portions. they are elegant and practical! See you soon, Mary from Unamericanatragliorsi

welcome Mary, thanks for your kind visit!

The mini portions are delicious. In addition, cauliflower and ricotta are two ingredients that please me so much!

thanks Laura, good week!

Great dish and good pairing.

Do we make 3? for cauliflower and ricotta (sheep as well!) is not enough.

it's true one pulls the other Margherita! Have a good week

What a great idea, very tasty and with a splendid presentation. A hug Daniela.

thanks Daniela, a hug and good week

I like it for its consistency because it is beautifully colored and brings children closer to cauliflower, when creativity is very useful

thanks Günther, good week

the single portions are always nice, then if they are as good as these of cauliflower, even better.

thanks Giovanna, good week

the caovlfiore is not the best for my taste but when I do it I would eat it is more pleasant

I'm sure you would like it! Have a good week

Both the recipe and the presentation are beautiful!

Chiara, look perfect and delicious !! locve it !!

a great idea for husband and children to eat cauliflower
they are nothing short of beautiful and very elegant

thanks Veronica, good week

They are so cute! I would also see them well as an appetizer, it would be an original idea!

Timballini of pasta with broccoli - Recipes

cauliflower does not make me crazy but if cooked as in your recipe it could also make me water, hello a hug Chiara and good weekend

believe me Catherine, so it is very tasty, good weekend!

Ideal for a light but tasteful dinner. Big kisses

it's true Giuliana, good weekend, kisses!

good. if we don't eat it now that's its season when.
a kiss

in fact Irene, good weekend, a kiss to you too!

Simply good. I love cauliflower.

thanks Francesca, good weekend!

how much they taste me! I love cauliflower! delicious and beautiful to look at!

thanks Vicky, have a nice weekend!

a healthy and tasty recipe to use cauliflower, a hug SILVIA

thanks Silvia, good weekend, a hug!

Really cute. I never have new ideas for cauliflower. this is really worth trying !!

thanks Sabrina, good weekend!

here is a great way to propose cauliflower in a different way!

thanks Alessandra, good weekend!

Very good Chiara! a great recipe. Not being particularly fond of mozzarella I could put some Emmental in it, what do you say, could it be fine?

hello Paola, I believe that the emmenthal has a rather strong flavor, it would almost cover the cauliflower. You can use any cheese that can melt easily such as taleggio, il bel Paese or the like, a hug and thank you for visiting me, have a nice weekend

Your tinballini are fabulous, a fantastic recipe to be replicated as soon as possible. Greetings, Daniela.

thanks Daniela, a big kiss and good weekend!

Chiara will also be a quick recipe but how much I like it. Good weekend!

thanks Chiara, good weekend to you too!

a nice alternative to the possibility of cooking cauliflower

thanks Carmine, good weekend!

I also love cauliflower very much, I will definitely try your recipe :)

tell me Laura, have a nice weekend!

Hello dear, what a beautiful girl I am!
A hug and good evening

thanks Manu, good evening to you too!

Delicious they are. Can't wait to try it.

thanks Linda, have a nice weekend!

Excellent and very beautiful, I'll copy them to you :)
A kiss!

thanks Valeria, good weekend!

Hi, I come to you because I saw that you are also part of AIFB as I am. I joined your readers and I would love for you to do the same. See you soon, Claudia.

welcome Claudia, thank you for joining my followers (I checked, I am already among yours) and thank you for visiting me, have a nice weekend!

I'll copy these to you for sure. i like cauliflower too, i would always eat it. a quick and good recipe: P

thanks Lety, happy Sunday!

If it weren't for the fact that I hate cauliflower I would eat these wonders right away! Do you think that with the aubergine they would be good by adapting the recipe a little?

I think so, but do not boil the aubergines, pass them first in the pan and then in the casseroles, try! Thanks for visiting, happy Sunday!

A different and very tempting way to eat cauliflower, I take note! Good weekend

thanks Mariangela, happy Sunday!

. and you searched very well. I really like this recipe and I love single portions very much. A kiss, good weekend

thanks Giovanna, a big kiss, good weekend!

Really delicious Chiara :)
Um hug!

thanks Gloria, a hug!

Beautiful to bring to the table and certainly very tasty, I also love cauliflower and this recipe I sign it, very good.
big kisses.

thanks Ely, kisses to you too, happy Sunday!

Hello Chiara, good morning. We love these quick and succulent recipes, real breakthrough recipes. The boiled cauliflower is a must for us so cook in hand and bake these little gems of flavor !! A super bacon hug

thanks girls, have a happy weekend, a big kiss!

I really like cauliflower. these cocottine are so delicious. kisses and happy saturday .-)

thanks Claudia, good we to you too!

Dear Chiara, Very delicious and very satisfying. xo Catherine

Hello, dear Chiara, these timballini of yours are fabulous, apart from that I love cauliflower and I use it often, but the idea of ​​making them portioned makes it very good and I love it! Many thanks
A big kiss and good Sunday

dear Bruna, thanks for visiting, happy Sunday to you too, a big kiss!

delicious timbales of cauliflower :-)

thanks Günther, good week!

Today we both had a craving for cabbage and florets! You know how much I love cocotte, next time I'll put the Romanesco broccoli in the oven, instead of blending it! -)

here Romanesco broccoli is hard to find, I'm waiting for your recipe, I'll eat it with my eyes! Have a good week !

Un gratin de chou-fleurs plein de saveurs. J & # 39aime.
A bientot

The idea of ​​making them single-portion is excellent!

thanks Alice, good week!

simple, light and tasty recipe. Good idea.

thanks Giovanna, a big kiss!

how good these flans. with prague then, yum! say I can also make them with broccoli? I take this opportunity to wish you a happy 2015 Chiara, a hug.

surely you can also use broccoli, best wishes to you too Carlotta!

Timballini of pasta with broccoli - Recipes

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And here's a taste of this excellent & quotreally delicious & quot cuisine!


Pasta with zucchini and breadcrumbs is a variation of the classic pasta and zucchini. I don't really like eating plain pasta without something that binds the pasta well, so when I can't use the sauce, I go for cream or breadcrumbs or the like. And this time in fact I did so and the result satisfied me to the point of ending the simple recipe here on the blog.

Cut the courgettes into slices and brown them well

Season with salt and add the chives

Mix well, cover with a lid and cook for about fifteen minutes. If it gets too dry, add a little water

Timballini of pasta with broccoli

The timballini of pasta with broccoli come with a good and tasty dish that winks both at vegetarian cuisine and at the palate of curious people. All that remains is to understand how to bring & # 8230 to the table

THE timballini of pasta with broccoli they come with a good and tasty dish that winks a lot at vegetarian cuisine as for the palate of curious people. All that remains is to understand how to bring this delight to the table!


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Phase 1

Preparation of the timballini
Clean and boil the broccoli al dente. Blend it, add the lightly beaten eggs and mix until a homogeneous cream is obtained. Season with salt and pepper.
Grease 4 molds, fill them with the broccoli cream. Immerse them in a boiling water bath and put them in the oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes. Turn them upside down on individual plates.
Preparation of the gorgonzola fondue
Heat the cream without exceeding 80 ° C. Add the gorgonzola cut into small pieces. Stir and mix to get a tied sauce. Season with pepper.

Preparation of polenta discs
Mix the two flours together. Add the salt and oil and then some lukewarm water, enough to obtain a soft mixture. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin. Create discs with a round pastry cutter. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 ° C for 30 minutes.

Preparation of the dish
Turn the timballs upside down on individual plates. Cover them with the gorgonzola fondue. Serve with 3 polenta discs.

Salt and pepper as required

It would seem a summer dish, considering that the cakes are picnic food and the like, but the presence in the mixture of broccoli and Speck di Carrè Bernardi from the Esperya shop, tied and smoked still in the traditional way, make these cakes warm and comforting at the right point.


But how beautiful these cakes!
You did it really well, I was struck by the leavening, when there is a moist ingredient in the cakes, they usually remain low -)
Really beautiful!

great appetizer. and then I would put broccoli everywhere :)

Thanks Cocò.
These cakes are gorgeous.
With great pleasure, I have included your link in the collection or)
A kiss

@Lory that's why the broccoli florets I first fried are less watery as well as more flavorful of course
@Lo me not really but I like them anyway
@Antonella the pleasure was mine believe me

It is a truly elegant way to taste broccoli, a vegetable that is so good but not very pleasant in taste.

this wonderful cake to try for sure .. I guess the smell !! kisses imma

beautiful flans. I haven't even had breakfast yet, but I would eat someone like this with a cup of American coffee right away ..

@Lenny so prepared are great
@Imma but not a joke eH! They smell great, seriously
@ Sciopina I stopped at a cafe horrified then I read American and that's fine

I see your new oven is working great. Hello bride, I'll copy this for you Eh! Eh! I have a supply of cabbages that I brought from downstairs. Kisses) Rossella

no no no, dear Cocò, savory cakes go all year, I'll tell you haha! what goodness, guys, broccoli and speck !! they are like black, they look good on everything! really cute!

They are really beautiful Cocò, to see and I just imagine what a goodness to eat, it is true perfect for these upcoming holidays!
big kisses

w winter cakes! who knows what broccoli and speck flavor is a heavenly combination! maybe on a warm hot fondue they rework the recipe in a perfect way for the winter!

@Rossella it is true the oven gives me satisfaction, the broccoli thinks they were just those of your dad so imagine the taste
@Arietta reading I am like black I did not understand at first but then I started laughing, good example apt
@ Dida70 you just have to try them
@Vanessa the fondue would become the master's touch to bring them to the table as an appetizer, don't you think?

I who am a speck fanatic can only like this cake. it is really perfect to serve as an appetizer!

In addition to being beautiful to look at and certainly tasty, they also look very soft!

@Camomile in mini muffin version also goes great with an aperitif
@ Dolcetto in fact the dough gave me satisfaction

Read recipe and archived. I really like these unusual mixes. Every now and then I experiment with savory muffins with whatever comes to mind inside. And I guess I'll make these cakes in muffin tins.

@anonimo 00 is fine
@Marina are suitable for muffin molds and you can transform them however you like is a good base

I took a cue and I also made a plum cake with broccoli! yummy even if not really light -) On my blog post I referred to your recipe! Ciaooo.

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