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The Ultimate Ranking of ‘The Office’s’ Jim Halpert's Food-Related Pranks on Dwight Schrute

The Ultimate Ranking of ‘The Office’s’ Jim Halpert's Food-Related Pranks on Dwight Schrute

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Jim Halpert, played by John Krasinski, is the king of pranks in the hysterical series The Office, where he frequently plays ridiculous pranks on uptight Dwight Schrute, played by Rainn Wilson. This hilarious round up of food pranks are some of Jim’s best work, and could be replicated in any office situation. We ranked his pranks on criteria of creativeness and funniness to find our top five favorites. Get inspired, and prank a coworker this week in the spirit of Halloween. They’ll never see it coming.

#5 Benihana Goose

The gang goes to Benihana, where Jim tricks Dwight into telling the waitress in graphic detail how to properly butcher a goose in “A Benihana Christmas” in season three by telling Dwight that the waitress couldn’t remember how to do it. The entire table and waitress are disgusted, and Jim has his classic prank smile on his face. This prank is a funny moment in the series, but isn’t creative or big enough to be our top prank.

#4 Meatball Madness

Jim fills Dwight’s desk with meatballs, puts a meatball on his chair, and puts Dwight’s stapler inside a meatball in an attempt to make Stanley laugh at his pranks. Turns out, Dwight and Stanley are really pranking Jim to provide them with 32 free meatballs in the episode “Pool Party” in season eight, which is why it ranked low on our top list.

#3 Magic Beans

Jim convinces Dwight that “Professor Copperfield's Miracle Legumes” are magic beans that he trades a telescope for in the episode “Garage Sale” in season seven. Jim also replaces the pots that Dwight plants the beans in with full-grown plants. This prank is so creative that it had to be high up on our list.

#2 Jell-O Stapler

As part of the pilot episode for this Emmy-award winning series, Jim encases Dwight’s stapler inside Jell-O, which starts the domino effect that we watched for nine seasons. This prank is so simple, yet hysterical that it had to take second place on our list.

#1 Vending Machine

In the episode “Booze Cruise,” Jim puts Dwight’s office supplies and personal items into a vending machine, and then gives Dwight a bag of nickels to retrieve the items. Can you imagine trying to get your wallet out of a vending machine? This idea made number one on our list with its hysterical scene and office creativity.

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