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Travel Blogs: Soto Mie in Jakarta and More Links

Travel Blogs: Soto Mie in Jakarta and More Links

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In today's Link Love, Spanish marinated carrots, plus a recipe for Greek sponge cake

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• Celebrate Jakarta's 485th anniversary with colorful festivals and homemade dishes, like Soto Mie. [Adventurelicious]

• One of Spain's best vegetarian offerings, zanahorías aliñadas, or marinated carrots, makes for an easy tapa. [Spanish Sabores]

• Make this easy dessert at home: a Revani cake, also known as a Greek sponge cake, is sweetened with an orange and cinnamon sugar syrup. [Souvlaki for the Soul]

• Head to a gelato aperitivo (ice cream happy hour) in Rome, for the best of gelato and wine. [Parla Food]

• A tonkotsu ramen joint in Singapore makes its noodles from "the essence of the pig," but is certainly a spicy meal. [Pig Pig's Corner]

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