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Panna cotta with melon and strawberries

Panna cotta with melon and strawberries

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Peel a squash, grate it and put it in a blender, put the puree in a bowl on the fire together with 200ml sour cream, 100ml milk, 35g sugar and the seeds of half a vanilla bean, after the sugar has melted, add 3 sheets of gelatin hydrated in cold water, mix well to dissolve and allow to cool

Strawberries also mashed, the puree is passed through a sieve, the result is put in a bowl on the fire with the rest of sour cream, milk, sugar and vanilla seeds, add gelatin, mix for homogenization and set aside to cool

After they have cooled, we put in three bowls panna cotta with watermelon, they are put in the fridge to harden, in other 3 bowls panna cotta with strawberries, they are also left in the fridge

After they have hardened (it doesn't take long), put the strawberry cream in the melon bowls and put the melon cream in the strawberry bowls and put them back in the fridge, during which time the currant jelly is prepared;

Pass the fruits, pass through a sieve, put the puree obtained in a bowl on the fire together with the sugar, and after a few minutes put the bowl aside and incorporate the jelly cake according to the instructions on the envelope.

Serve panna cotta with currant and fruit jelly

In addition to the 6 bowls, because I had the composition left, I also made a panna cotta in the cup, maybe you know the method but I'll tell you

Put 2-3 tablespoons of melon cream in the cup, put the cup in the refrigerator tilted, after it has hardened add another color, this time there is no need to be tilted, only if we have 3 colors and serve with jelly.

Filipino dessert recipes with pictures

Search 29,894 recipes. dessert with pictures Page 2 of 5. You may also be interested in: dessert, kilimanjaro dessert, cakes with pictures. Recipe for the best fruit salad. When you feel like something sweet, healthy and delicious, try a fruit salad. But if you haven't tried to prepare something like this at home, you should know that it is one of the simplest desserts you can prepare at home. Ingredients 1 kg Picnic biscuits or simple Petit Beurre biscuits, 2 sachets of vanilla pudding (or any type of pudding you want), 1 liter of milk, 4 bananas, 6 tablespoons of sugar, juice of 1 lemon Preparation Put in a pot 500 ml of milk to boil with sugar. Separately in a deep bowl [

Homemade Dessert presents a variety of recipes for desserts and homemade sweets that you can cook easily and quickly. good homemade cakes, Budapest or TV cake, TV cake, cakes, Christmas cakes, picture cakes, homemade cakes, festive cakes, New Year's cakes, Christmas recipes, recipes. Desert. 7 servings. 50 min. 40 min. Very easy Pictures. Questions: 10 recipes with. strawberries How to make chocolate chips at home 15 recipes with tuna. Menu planner. Petitchef offers you the possibility to plan the menu on days, on weekdays, in advance for the holiday recipes-dessert on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. Quick recipes with pictures # 58 Quick recipes with pictures. How to prepare Salmon fillets with shrimp and blue cheese (video) 29 OCTOBER 2014. Salmon fillets with shrimp and blue cheese: How to prepare Salmon fillets with shrimp and blue cheese: How to prepare Chocolate cake (video) 29 OCTOBER 2014 An American invention with Italian name, these delicious pastas are ready in just 10 minutes and will bring you spring on your plate. Appearing as an alternative to the classic Italian variants, this formula introduced in the 70's in an American restaurant became very popular. PICTURES. Questions: Ask the author a question. Comments: 18/03/2013. 10 recipes with. strawberries How to make chocolate chips at home 15 recipes with tuna. Menu planner. Dessert Tart with apples, nuts and cinnamon. Archive of menus Print.

A collection of homemade, fasting or sweet cakes, cakes with or without baking, simple and fast, cakes and light refreshing ice cream recipes dessert-dessert Sunday, October 18, 2015. Quick recipes with pictures # 29 You may also be interested in : How to prepare Cream of corn soup (VIDEO) Cream of broccoli with cheddar cheese Cream of cauliflower with parmesan [] Tomatoes stuffed with millet and cheese. MAY 14, 2015 Do you know recipes for cakes, ice cream, cakes, sweets that endanger your weight but that are worth taking the risk of two - three extra pounds to eat? This section is reserved for Recipes of Sweets with pictures Cake with biscuits and bananas. Maria Popa feb. 23, 2019. Biscuit and banana cake is a simple, delicious dessert that is quick to prepare. It is a cake without baking, based on biscuits. A fine, delicate dessert, it is made quickly, WITHOUT OVEN, and it is very tasty. Ingredients-125gr. Yogurt, 200ml liquid cream, 1 can of condensed milk (400gr), 1/2 cup sugar (cup of tea), 1 cup chopped dried apricots, 1 cup water, 12 gr gelatin, 400gr normal biscuits

Come in to see these easy tiramisu recipes and well explained with. Cream for cakes and pies, without butter and eggs. See the most relevant pictures about tiramisu and read the best articles from home. Strawberry Tiramisu - Homemade Dessert - Maria Popa. Find this Pin and more in Pictures Saved from Pinteres at. If you like meringue cakes, then the famous Pavlova cake will become your favorite. It is very easy to prepare, it goes very well with summer fruits, especially with strawberry flavors, and looks phenomenal in pictures, being able to become a simple and delicious cake. Recipes checked with pictures on steps, carefully selected. Recipes. Recipe of the Day. Gingerbread on the tray, made of Elena Butuc wholemeal flour. I still had to use my reserves of wholemeal flour and after a few tries with other recipes, I discovered this absolutely fantastic gingerbread. Like any good recipe, it was. A variety of culinary recipes for desserts, from world-famous desserts, panna cotta or tiramisu to traditional Romanian dessert recipes - rice pudding, papanasi, pancake recipes or plum dumplings

Recipes. Low-carb sweets. (xylitol) or various combinations between them. Initially I could not get used to the taste of some of them, I had to combine them and change periodically to realize which I like more, or less. Each of these sweeteners is better suited to a certain type of dessert and it's all about testing. Traditional Romanian and worldwide recipes. Recipes for food, salads, desserts, drinks and preserves. - culinary recipes Dessert recipes: Apple pie, Tiramisu by the glass, Tender rolls with cheese

. After you have finished cooking, give yourself a few minutes and arrange your hair like in the salon with the personal care products from BaByliss Recipes with Laura Laurențiu is one of the first culinary blogs in Romanian. Launched in 2009, the blog has gathered around it an enthusiastic community of cooking enthusiasts. Recipes with Laura Laurențiu offers step-by-step recipes with photos and video recipes, for a sure success recipes with recipes with pictures. Illustrated recipes: Recipe of the day: Homemade pie with strawberries 6 MAY 2015 Homemade pie with strawberries from: flour, sugar, salt, butter, whipped milk, strawberries, sugar, brown sugar, starch, sea salt, lemon juice, ginger, egg It is forbidden to copy, reproduce in whole or in part the content (images, recipes, articles, etc.) on this site, without the written consent of the owner. Last Posts Tort Turta dulc

Romanian and international culinary recipes - Gastronomic portal with over forty thousand culinary recipes, both national and international cuisine Quick dessert recipes The faster you prepare them, the faster they disappear. Homemade ice cream recipes, quick sweets recipes, quick cakes, sweets without oven, sweets without fire, cold cakes, quick cakes, puddings, fruit sauces, fruit terrines, fruit mousse, pancakes, pancake cake, soufflés , waffles. Quick dessert recipes

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& ltp & gtHow can you make me believe that this cake is the best in the world? I said I was writing to you as if I could do more! To take pictures in such a way as to capture the delicacy of the cake. But it does not reflect even 50% of its taste! I wouldn't be able to send you at all either. How many times do we end up in the situation of throwing away the bread we didn't get to eat? You can say goodbye! I wasted! Keep the three delicious recipes below and use them with confidence. Find out how you can prepare main course, snack and dessert from dry bread. Three unique recipes with dry bread [dessert Desert Expo is a special event for those interested in fine food and dessert, cooking products, and for the business community interested in this field. The fair will take place on the 1st floor of Baneasa Shopping City. Exhibitors will come with sweets, chocolate, cakes, wafers, bi [.. Gourmandelle is a vegetarian blog with healthy vegetarian recipes, vegan recipes, raw vegan desserts, tips for a balanced vegetarian diet and a healthy lifestyle. Here you will find resources for vegetarians, fasting and lacto-ovo-vegetarian recipes, tips for vegetarians and much more.

Pictures of desserts - at home

  • In a glass jar (seen in the pictures) it is placed on the bottom of the vessel and on the walls of Nilla biscuits. Put a layer of fruit on top and then a layer of ready-made pudding. Separately, keep some fruit with whipped cream for garnish. Put some more biscuits on the walls of the bowl, then a layer of fruit and pudding
  • The best cream cake recipes: try them too! Monday, 21.09.2015. by Viorica Ghinea. 6 cream cake recipes: high-level culinary seduction You don't have to be an expert in the art of confectionery to prepare the best desserts, just know the right ingredients and combinations
  • Cake recipes. Simple and fast black cake →. We all like sweets, desserts and especially cakes so every time we look to find a recipe d

Unbaked dessert with bananas, pudding and biscuits

Cream and cake cream recipes. A collection of creams for all tastes, delicious, varied and easy to prepare. I thought that a selection of cream and cake recipes would be useful, not only during this period but also when you want to prepare a delicious dessert. So I selected from the blog recipes for quick and tasty creams. , which you should have at. Homemade cakes - simple recipes explained step by step. In this category I am waiting for you with the most delicious and tasty recipes for homemade cakes, quick and simple cakes. If you are wondering what dessert to prepare for the holiday meals, you will find here unique ideas of sweets with cream or fruit cakes Recipes with pictures - Traditional recipes Kitchen recipes prepared by special chefs. Romanian and international recipes. Recipes Desserts No recipes: 9. Grape cake For the top, break the eggs, separate the egg whites from the yolks. Whisk the egg whites with salt, add the sugar and vanilla sugar and beat until smooth. Culinary recipes in images from Romanian and International Cuisine. Food recipes, homemade cake recipes, appetizer recipes, traditional recipes

Cakes with pictures - Homemade Dessert - Maria Pop

Culinar.MD.: | :. Portal No. 1 with culinary recipes for all tastes, which can be made by beginners or advanced in dishes. Appetizers, dinner, desserts or anything you want. YOU CAN FIND IT ONLY HERE. Mar 9, 2012 - Every year on March 9, the Day of the Holy Martyrs is celebrated and I am preparing this recipe for fluffy martyrs. This recipe for martyrs actually corrupted me Categories: Dessert recipes, Fruit recipes, Dairy-ovo-vegetarian recipes, Children's recipes, Quick recipes, Simple recipes May 3, 2009 And I fell into sin and took vanilla cream from Dr. Oetker, it is excellent especially in combination with whipped cream. Here is how you can prepare this decadent dessert at home. You will surely impress everyone! Preheat the oven to 218 ° C. Cut the chocolate into pieces, then place it over the butter in a heat-resistant bowl. Place the bowl in the microwave and melt the mixture, pausing once every 10 seconds to mix.

advertorial appetizer cold appetizer cold cheese dessert fast food hot pepper meat lunch meat onion meat onion potato pastry roasted potato potato pastry roasted sweet pastry sweets ovo-lacto-vegetarian sweet video recipes with meat. recipes with PICTURES ! Electric oven meringues meringues are I think the simplest desert to prepare. Their problem is that they take a long time to make and are pretentious at baking temperature. I had 4 egg whites available and didn't know what to do with them, I decided to turn them into meringues :). Tasteful recipes. On you will find tasty, original and accessible recipes, carefully selected and personally tested by many housewives. Don't you really know how to cook? You are tired of culinary recipes without explanations and pictures Cake recipes We present you our list of recipes to satisfy your craving for sweets. Whether you are looking for homemade cakes, fast, light, fruity or classic, below you will find many cake recipes that you can cook for your loved ones & ltp & gtI found this cheesecake recipe yesterday in my notebook of the times , when there were not many ingredients in the shops, and the sweets were, as a result, first and foremost, economical. & lt / p & gt & ltp & gt.

. Pogacele with jumari, how to make Eggs, mix together with salt and sugar for about 5 minutes, until a fluffy consistency is obtained. Then add the milk, ricotta and mascarpone cheese, continuing to mix. Then add the flour and baking powder, mixing at a lower speed for 2-3 minutes

Preparation: blend all the ingredients until a homogeneous, consistent paste results. The mixture is placed in a bowl and put in the freezer for 5-6 hours, or overnight. Ice cream can be decorated with fruit or almonds or crushed cashews. Make your own combinations. For homemade ice cream you can combine all sorts of. .05.2013 - Culinary recipe Dessert cake with apricot jam from the category Cakes. How to Make Apricot Cake Dessert Jam

. Fasting recipes. Fasting recipes Fasting sweets Recipes for Slow cooker Asian recipes Drinks Diet Rina Gluten free Overnight Oats Holiday recipes Pumpkin cake * Quick dessert I said that if Christmas keeps coming I would suggest you a dessert not as scary as you will probably have the suit. If you respect, say, tradition. Whether you have a Halloween costume or not, a pumpkin cake is what you need in your belly. I'm just saying. It is a Medovik Cake is so fine, tasty and flavorful with honey. Every bit actually melts in your mouth, it's incredibly fluffy and airy. Do not hesitate to prepare it! Step by step, the recipe for honey cake (Medovik / honey cake) dictated by mom can be found here: Ingredients about 12 cakes: 3 masked eggs 120 gr melted butter about 480 - 500 gr flour 120.

This page is a continuation of a series of raw recipes, which you can find here. For more video recipes that appear in Ligia's Kitchen show, click here. The ingredients recommended above can be found at local producers and at Raw Vegan Mall, the platform where we list products used by us from more About dessert, chocolate cake recipe on Garbo. Articles about sugar, chocolate cake, flour, baking powder, butter, cocoa, eggs, cake recipes, milk s How to take effect pictures: The simple tricks that a photographer uses By Daniel Dumitrescu. I am always up to date with internal and external news. I like to bring you news from the lives of celebrities and stories from all over the world. The perfect, very creative images you see on the internet are not so.

green olives with peppers. How to prepare the Christmas tree appetizer recipe. At the base I cut a milk core in four, then I started to build the tree, alternating colors. It is important to keep the three colors specific to Christmas: white, red and green. From the smoked cheese I cut the star that comes to the top with a cookie cutter Vladu Bucataru - Quick recipes with pictures Fast and international cuisine, explained for everyone to understand! Recipes with pictures! Brick with seafood - Tunisian recipe. Earlier, a visitor asked me for more details about the Tunisian Brick. The meringues are, I think, the simplest dessert to prepare. Their problem is that it takes a long time.

10 quinoa recipes. Click on pictures for recipes! If you like these 10 quinoa recipes, do not hesitate to give 5 stars in the box below and share the post on social networks, to reach your loved ones! Thank you! Tags: quinoa legumes. Navigation in articles I remembered this semolina with fried milk (sült grizpapi her grandmother used to call it in Hungarian) which she used to make in general when semolina remained with milk (which hardens by cooling). Grandma knew how to save the situation They are a kind of croquettes or donuts shaped from semolina with milk and then rolled in semolina and fried in oil

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  • In the absence of a written agreement from Internet Corp, you can take a maximum of 500 characters from this article if you specify the source and if you visibly insert the link to the article Holiday dessert: 5 festive recipes for St. Constantine and Elena
  • The cake with cookies and chocolate is a quick dessert with only 5 ingredients and the most important is a cake without baking. I used kiwi for this recipe but you can replace them with whatever fruit you like. I didn't syrup the biscuits, I greased them directly with chocolate cream but they can be syruped with the juice of a compote or coffee
  • About cheese dessert on Garbo. Articles about chocolate dessert, chocolate recipes, dessert recipe, cinnamon, dessert and Italian recipes. Cannoli
  • We live in the century of speed, time passes us by, and we hardly manage to face it. So we have prepared for you a selection of quick recipes, perfect when you are in a time crisis. There are quick recipes, easy recipes, simple recipes, cheap recipes with simple ingredients available to everyone or fine recipes with special ingredients
  • Chocolate black pudding dessert with pudding. I apologize. Thousands of apologies! But this chocolate delicacy, the one you see in the pictures, is absolutely divine! So much chocolate, so delicious, so fluffy, so juicy, so everything expresses a great taste
  • ute meal is ready and what a delight

Are you looking for fasting recipes? here you will find everything you need to prepare a tasty fasting recipe from simple ingredients. Fasting food or sweets, apple tarts, pea or potato dish, all are presented with detailed pictures for each step pictures-recipes-3. by Manuela Dinu October 30, 2017, 10:58 PM No comments. Required fields are marked with * By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment Categories: Vegetable recipes, Fasting recipes, Cheap recipes, Milk-ovo-vegetarian recipes, Quick recipes, Simple recipes, Romanian recipes, Recipes soups and broths Fasting soup like in Salaj. It imitates the color and taste of the tastiest soup made on a chicken, but it is prepared only from carrots and celery.

Tiramisu, the classic recipe, or let's say the original recipe, meaning the recipe with raw eggs and alcohol in the composition, is an Italian dessert that has become popular all over the world. Over time, a variety of tiramisu variants have appeared, with raw eggs, with thermally cooked eggs, without eggs, with whipped cream, with fruit, with fruit syrup instead of coffee. Homemade Dessert presents a variety of recipes for desserts and homemade sweets that you can cook easily and quickly. The recipe book shared a memory. August 29, 2017 With this warmth, what you want most is to have a fresh dessert, and this homemade apricot ice cream meets all the conditions to be an ideal dessert. I have not made apricot ice cream so far, I really like this fruit in the form of Read more Dessert cake with chocolate and oreo. Believe it or not, after 3 years as a Chef in which I posted recipes one after the other with the slowest steps, I reached the number. 250. We chose this cake because we love chocolate and oreo biscuits. I don't have beautiful pictures (like d For lemon cream: we boil 300 ml of sugar milk in a double-bottomed saucepan. We mix the remaining 200 ml of milk with flour and starch. When the milk boils, we add the mixed milk with flour and mix with a whisk so that it does not become lumpy and does not stick to the bottom of the bowl.

Dessert recipes: Quick recipes with pictures # 5

Desert articles written by the recipe at home. Grease two forms with solid margarine and line with flour. Put the flour on a nylon sheet and cut the shit directly into the flour (in small pieces, as much as the corn kernel), so that the pieces do not stick together. of orange peel is older and hardened, also cut into flour.If it is with syrup (so fresher), put. Recipes with pudding on Garbo. An absolutely delicious recipe. The top is crispy, just the way I like it, creamy, fruity, soft, sweet and fragrant, and the crust on top, absolutely brilliant Filed Under: dessert, recipes Tagged With: cream cheese, rolls, cinnamon. Peasant bread with mayonnaise. My adventure in the world of mayonnaise bread had several episodes. It started from the course I attended 8 years ago, it continued with a period of about 2 years in which I made bread almost weekly. The peak is like lately. cake recipes with pictures +99. fruit dessert 93. fasting cakes 66. pie recipes 66. cakes 65. cheese dessert 55. pumpkin recipes 47. all—. My dear ones, the traditional spring holidays fill our souls and homes these days, that's why I propose some simple recipes that strengthen our immunity and help us stay healthy in these times. ☞ Raw Easter Recipe 2. ☞ Raw cream and berry cake, a fine dessert and fold

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  1. I invite you, therefore, to try unique and quick puff pastry recipes, Romanian snacks but also new snack ideas characteristic of international cuisine. The Christmas and New Year's snack recipes present in this category will give taste and color to your meals.
  2. Dessert Meat recipes Meat recipes Soups and broths Salads Pasta Over Appetizers Jam, jam and syrup recipes Fasting recipes Sauces Search by: The best homemade cocoa biscuits (chocolate crinkles) (4.9 / 5
  3. I adore them and keep pictures with them when I find them everywhere through the blogosphere, on facebook, on pinterest etc. Today I offer you some pictures of cute cats from the net, but also some pictures of my cats from the country or from my neighborhood:

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Famous cake recipes. In this category two famous cakes were almost equal, the Sacher cake created by Franz Sacher and the Dobos cake created by József C. Dobos. Although the Dobos Cake recipe is famous and the cake is super delicious, it seems that the Sacher cake came first due to simplicity of preparation and last but not least, the combination of dark chocolate and. Today I only make an update with pictures taken during the preparation. I used only half of the quantities, because I needed a single plate with the cage. Ingredients: - 1/2 kg barley - 2 l water - 250g sugar - 2 handfuls of walnut kernels, coarsely cut with a knife - smells - as mamaia says - lemon peel, rum essence *** For garnish So this dessert is for you. Of course, it is equally welcome for us, those who consume gluten. Before I give you the recipe, I will tell you that this crumble can also be made in the vegan version. Replace butter with coconut butter and you have an absolutely delicious vegan dessert! Below I leave you the recipe, some nice pictures and a short material. recipes of Video Cakes explained step with step, recipes of Video Cakes, recipes of cakes, recipes culinary video, recipes simple video

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  1. Fruit sushi! At first glance, fruit sushi is very similar to salmon or tuna rolls. In fact, frushi as it is called is cooked with pieces of fruit (strawberries, kiwi or melon) instead of raw fish and rice with coconut milk flavor instead of the simple one traditionally used in sushi.
  2. Ukraine alert: Dozens killed in plane crash. VIDEO Arafat, about a new state of emergency: If the evolution is dramatic, more drastic measures will be taken Attack on Paris: 'It was clearly an act of Islamist terrorism' Iohannis signed the decree to release Giorgiana Hosu from the position of Chief Prosecutor of DIICOT Coronavirus in Constanţa: Over 2.
  3. united from his blog: Soups, borscht, soups, steaks, dessert. Honestly, I did not know what to stop. He has a blog
  4. by reteteacasa in Desert Tags: Dessert, sweets, cake recipes, cake Recipe ingredients: chocolate, flour, milk, margarine, marmalade, ground walnut, sugar, You don't have to celebrate your birthday or get married to pamper yourself with a cake
  5. For the Russian people, these pancakes mean more than a dessert. Their origin is old, and the pre-Christians attributed religious connotations to them, resembling the solar disk. These pancakes are eaten in combination with various fillings, from sweet to salty, including the famous Russian caviar.

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  1. Simple recipes, recipes for everyone! Skip to content. Home Tag Archives: yogurt dessert. Quick dessert with yogurt and fruit. Posted on July 18, 2014 by Reteteyummy. More pictures Archives. November 2015 October 2015 January 2015 December 2014
  2. Certainly many of us have a hard time when it comes to a healthy, homemade dessert. I recently found this recipe, I really liked the fact that I only had to change one ingredient in it, in order to he was approaching a somewhat healthy recipe
  3. Recipes is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to get in touch with Recipes and others you might know. Facebook gives people the power to communicate and do ..
  4. Try this festive fasting cake recipe with red currants and enjoy a quick dessert, without sugar and with a fluffy texture! I wanted to make a festive recipe this weekend, which would make me think of the Holidays and go straight to a hot chocolate and Christmas movies. I decided to make a fasting cake, fluffy, with.
  5. Of all, chocolate cakes are my and my family's favorites, but even those who prefer a fruit cake will find something here to satisfy their tastes. Cakes for children, with various anniversary themes, will delight the little ones, but also the big ones alike.
  6. Dessert items with apples written by Reteteyummy. What can I tell you about these desserts? In a word DELICIOUS! And if you don't take my word for it, try it and you'll be convinced
  7. united. They are easy to prepare, they are flavored with lemon and orange peel and they remain soft for a few days. You can fill them, depending on your tastes with a thicker jam, marmalade, magiun or nutella. For an extra taste, you can add hazelnuts or ground walnuts to the filling

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  1. Healthy recipe ideas. A healthy diet can be very tasty, you just have to choose your food carefully and pay attention to how it is prepared. Here we offer you as inspiration a lot of culinary recipes, created with the idea of ​​a healthy menu and containing as a reference information about the most important nutritional values.
  2. Next article Black Tiger shrimp with Asian style vegetables on a bed of brown rice
  3. Romanian and international culinary recipes, explained step by step. We have prepared fasting recipes, preserves, cakes and cakes, simple and fast food. I have 30 years of experience in the food field and a great passion for Romanian gastronomic traditions

Home recipe, Your home recipe! The home recipe is where you can find recipes, starting with appetizer recipes, soup recipes, steak recipes and reaching for cake recipes and much more. Each recipe is explained step by step and exemplified with the pictures of the recipes during their making. Calories: 465 Delicious cake recipes - Culinary recipes by Unica. A collection of recipes for homemade cakes, simple, fasting cakes, fast, with fruit or chocolate, good cakes. Cream: 500 mascarpone, 400 This combination is irresistible: black. Blackberry with chocolate cream Roll with jam. I always make a roll, when I don't feel like making something more elaborate, or a cake - see the recipe. It's the simplest recipe, it's made quickly, in an hour it's ready to eat already. My mother always made us, when we were children

Homemade cakes with pictures - Homemade Dessert - Maria Pop

Let's cook with Amalia! - Culinary recipes for all tastes. Unbaked cheesecake with yogurt and chocolate is a light, fine dessert that is prepared with just a few ingredients. Sandwiches with peanut butter and bananas. by Amalia on September 10, 2020 September 11, 2020 The best and simplest Lent dessert is this Lent Chocolate Mousse. From just a few ingredients we get the best Lent dessert. In addition to dessert, we also choose an appetizer, snack, main course or even a delicious cake. That is, from a can of chickpeas we can prepare two recipes in one go

Apricot dessert - Culinary Discussion Forum - Community

Fusilli BIO with tuna and tomato juice September 22, 2020 September 22, 2020 Leave a comment on Fusilli BIO with tuna and tomato juice Fusilli BIO with tuna and tomato juice 3 tasty recipes with hummus - video recipes For today I present three recipes tasty with hummus. To us in. Read more. Layered salad for the holidays - video recipe a dessert with tender leaves. Read more. Retete Video. Red Velvet Cake / Red Velvet Cake - video recipe. JamilaCuisine-28/11/2019. Red Velvet cake.

Oct 8, 2017 - 1. Beat the yolks in a bain-marie with half the amount of powdered sugar. Allow to cool and add the mascarpone cheese, the remaining powdered sugar and the vanilla sugar. Mix lightly until it becomes a creamy composition. Prepare the cream according to the instructions on the package and easily incorporate it into the cream. After a long break, I came back in force today. I prepared 3 recipes: an appetizer, a main course and a delicious dessert. In the meantime, we didn't stay in vain, we have some recipes that are looking forward to being written on the site and shared with everyone. We start by introducing you to a traditional dessert from Transylvanian gastronomy. Fluffy papanas inside and crispy on the outside are certainly among the most popular desserts in this area. We like them, we always consume them with pleasure, that's why we will. But we're not foodies just salivating at pictures with food, are we? We are the ones who do magic in the kitchen, so heat the ovens and let it cook. Apoi imi veti putea spune cu adevarat cat de delicioase sunt pastele cu pui. Si daca vreti sa vedeti mai multe retete video, va invit sa dati Subscribe la canalul meu de.

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