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Caffeinated cake

Caffeinated cake

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Prepare the walnuts: put them in a tray lined with baking paper and put them in the oven on low heat for a maximum of 10 minutes. Let them cool and grind them. Fry the walnuts for the cream at the same time, but do not grind it completely. but we leave it in larger pieces.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add the sugar and mix well until they harden. Add the yolks.

Sift the flour and mix it with the nectar, baking powder and vanilla sugar and incorporate it into the egg composition and mix gently from the bottom up. Add the ground walnuts and mix gently further.

We line a large tray with baking paper in which we pour the top composition and put it in the preheated oven until the top is baked (we do the test with the toothpick). We take it out of the form and leave it to cool.

We prepare the pudding: we put the milk in a saucepan (we leave a few spoons that we mix with the powder and the sugar that we put in the milk when it starts to boil).

Remove from the heat and add the soft margarine and stir until it melts. Add the coffee essence and gradually add the coffee, stirring gently. Finally add the chopped walnuts.

Grease the top with cream.

Put the chocolate pieces in a saucepan, add the whipped cream and mix until it melts. At the end, add the coffee essence and oil and mix well.

Pour the icing over the cream and let it cool for a few hours before cutting.

Delicatessen - David Foenkinos

Nathalie is young, has a good job in a company and is married to the man of her life. But one day, he loses his life in an accident. and everything changes. The woman takes refuge in strenuous work. Until destiny prepares something for him. The man who can restore her lust for life is right next to her. All she has to do is see him and open her heart.

& bdquoIf you order a cup of & shycofeinized coffee, I get up from the table and leave. You are not allowed to drink a cup of decaffeinated coffee at this type of meeting. It is the least convivial drink there is. Tea is no better either. We just met and we are already settling in a soft cocoon. You feel like we're going to spend Sunday afternoons watching & watching TV. Or, worse, to in-laws. [& hellip] He finally told himself that a juice would be fine. Yes, a juice is nice. Friendly and not at all aggressive. It would look like the face is soft and balanced. But what kind of juice? You better avoid the classic ones: avoid apple or orange juice. You have to be a little original without being eccentric. Papaya or guava juice makes you shiver. No, it would be best to choose something between them, for example apricot juice. That's it. Apricot juice is perfect. If she chooses apricot juice, I'll take her as my wife, Francois thought. [& hellip]
& ndash I'll get & hellip An apricot juice, Nathalie replied.
He looked at it as a burglary of reality. & Ldquo

If, until recently, we still didn't have much snow this year, it didn't make much sense for us to nestle in the stove, in our favorite armchair, or in the warm bed to read stories admiring the snow outside, in the company of hot tea or hot chocolate, now the atmosphere outside invites us. Let's prepare for the winter spirit that gives us the opportunity to make reading easier. All we need is a story, which we can find in the splendid novel signed by David Foenkinos, translated into Romanian and published by Nemira Publishing House. I read with great pleasure the novels of David Foenkinos (at a time when, in case of happiness, respectively the erotic potential of my wife, they appeared in the regretted collection of Humanitas Publishing House, The Book of the Nightmare). # 259) In which we found contemporary, melodramatic stories in which the sweetness of the concentrated French narrative syrup was balanced by the ironic tone and playfulness of the author. Delicate is no exception, it is also a story of sadness and joy in the right doses, so much so that it portrays with finesse, convincing the dimension when exasperating & # 259, when savior of love.

Nathalie is a beautiful rapper who all did well: she had a love affair of a disconcerting simplicity (no effort, no effort, no effort). nothing artificial) that was consumed with speed and the clouds brought by the routine challenge. Nathalie and her husband, living together for a long time, didn't get married as long as they both managed to keep that track. 259 freshness of the first day of their relationship. But all this beautiful dream is shattered when Nathalie's husband dies in an accident. From this moment on, the protagonist has to revive and live and talk. It's just that the period of mourning is going through a double tension: on the one hand, the course of life causes it to go on, on the other hand. part of her husband's memory motivates her to remain faithful to the past. That is why Nathalie does not seem to be easily sensitized to the conventional courtship rituals of her boss, Charles. Rather, in a thoughtless and hard-to-explain gesture, Nathalie smashed Markus, a Swedish co-worker, without knowing what volcano it was. is about to wake up. But Markus, such an organized mind, actually hides a deep fragility and emotional resentment that is beginning to emerge. In the (pseudo) relationship between Nathalie and Markus, the gestures of affection take place before the natural stages of courtship and emotional nourishment. What can I get out of this? Apparently nothing, just a tragic one-sided love, born of the unforeseen fulfillment of an employee's fantasy. It's just that Markus, in spite of the influx he feels in front of his colleague (who, of course, doesn't impress her with the beauty of grief). ), he has his own methods of emotional defense (funny caught by Foenkinos) and they are the ones who will arouse a curiosity in Nathalie. The hunting and hunting roles change, when Markus with his bizarreness and disappearances will captivate her and intrigue her in the end. on Nathalie. What will be the outcome of this love game of rapprochement and the transcendence of your life to discover.

With the same candor and natural spirit, as in his other novels, David Foenkinos integrates it into his story by playing it with his own text: footnotes that cast doubt on it. The inspiration of his narrator, who, on the contrary, encounters blatant prejudices of popular prejudices about the names of the characters, remarks on the lines inspired by the films of the protagonists, Delicious recipes eaten by the protagonists at the restaurant or details about the presidential election taking place on the open TV in the background of a scene. Nothing escapes the spirit of observation of the author who manages to integrate these elements, seemingly disparate and unrelated to the story, in the appropriate narrative times. .

Beyond the warm irony, the sympathetic story and the power of generalization, the memorable comparisons, Foenkinos' little novel makes some subtle remarks about the psychology of loss. Using the French author's metaphor, it is precisely because our life is not a flawlessly typed sheet of paper, perfectly connected to each other, but rather a human being of drafts. # 537i & # 537ters & # 259turi, of imperfect whites & # 537i most often painful, we are all, at the beginning of many relationships, we are just losers. We have, however, so much to gain, provided we meet enough delicately.

Sever Gulea, for

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Danish diet

It is said that the Danish diet can help you lose 7 to 20 kilograms if followed correctly. From my point of view, 20 kilograms in 13 days is something you should not even want, being totally unhealthy and not indicated. From my point of view, if you can lose about 5 pounds with this diet it is PERFECT.

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