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Lemon cake (video recipe)

Lemon cake (video recipe)

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Lemon cake is our favorite. We love the aroma of lemon and the fluffiness of this cake. To tell you the truth, I love lemons, I love them and I would use them every day for every dish. Unfortunately I can't do this, but I try to use lemon as much as possible in desserts and soft drinks. You can see my recipe for mint lemonade, it is extraordinarily refreshing and super delicious. The lemon cake is suitable for breakfast, along with a good coffee, but I like it the most with a glass of cold milk. It is brilliant, fragrant and fluffy and keeps well for several days in a hermetically sealed box. It's so easy that it's a shame you don't stop it.

Video: Κέικ λεμονιού με σιρόπι της Αργυρώς. Αργυρώ Μπαρμπαρίγου


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