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Where to Get the Cheapest Beer

Where to Get the Cheapest Beer

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Bloomberg finds that some Walmart stores are selling cheap beer almost at-cost

Where can you buy the cheapest beer?

Looks like Walmart is really upping their booze game; Bloomberg did a case study on several Los Angeles stores, only to find that Walmart is pricing their alcohol lower, relative to other non-boozy products.

In fact, they found that the markups on cheap beer were oftentimes far lower than the markups on items like Flaming Hot Cheetos, or even Coca-Cola.

According to documents uncovered by Bloomberg, a 36-pack of Tecate or Coors Light was only marked up 0.6 percent from its cost, meaning Walmart's profit is only 0.6 percent of the actual price of those 36-packs. Corona Extras were marked up 1 percent for 24-packs.

Compared to regular items (Hot Cheetos were marked up 16.2 percent, Bloomberg says, while Coca-Cola 20-ounce bottles were 29.9 percent more than the cost), this is a steal.

Bloomberg has yet to find out if these pricing margins are the same across the board, but Walmart spokesperson Deisha Barnett noted that pricing is determined by markets. "This is nothing new that we're investing in price in adult beverage," Barnett told Bloomberg. So if you just so happen to be around Los Angeles in the near future, check out their cheap beer prices. It might be the cheapest you'll find (save for wholesale buyers).

10 Cocktails Recipes That Are Cheap To Make At Home

It’s always good to have some cocktail recipes ready to mix up when friends come round. Making your own drinks is so much fun and a lot cheaper than buying them out. However, a lack of fancy liquors and mixers might leave you a little stuck for ideas. To help you out, we’ve come up with a list of 10 great cocktails recipes that are cheap and easy for you to make at home.

Birdie’s Beer & Cooking Guide

Cooking in Black Desert Online is my favorite AFK Life Skill. It’s rewarding for a number of reasons. The biggest advantage Cooking brings, is that it rewards Contribution Points. It’s also a very easy Life Skill for beginners to BDO. Cooking ingredients are easily obtainable and it can even be profitable if done correctly. If you have a worker empire, you’ll soon find Cooking Beer to be a regular activity, unless you want to spend silver on buying Beer at the Marketplace.

One of the first things you learn when you start investing in nodes and assigning workers, is that they get hungry (and thirsty). For BDO newbies, cooking beer is a smart choice. This worker food recovers 2 worker Stamina (aka Action Points). If you are a beginner cook, this is one of easiest worker Stamina foods you can craft. Beer is a good Stamina food to level cooking, because grains are easy to obtain and the cost per Stamina is one of the cheapest of all worker foods.

BDO Beer Recipe (1 Batch of Beer) Acquired By
5 Grain (aka Cereal or Starch: white/normal grade)
(you may substitute 2 high-quality grains or 1 special grain or 1 high-quality + 2 white grade grains)
6 Mineral Water Vendor
2 Leavening Agent Vendor
1 Sugar Vendor

Grilled Bird Meat
2x Chicken Meat
6x Deep Frying Oil
2x Cooking Wine
1x Salt

NOTE: As of the July 18, 2018 patch, beginner cooks can make Grilled Bird Meat, which is also a good and inexpensive Stamina food for workers. Most players, who are interested in cooking, already send workers to the two Chicken Meat nodes outside of Velia, because they provide a valuable rare food of Eggs.

Grilled Bird Meat Recipe: Chicken Meat x2, Deep Frying Oil x6, Cooking Wine x2, Salt x1

Chicken Meat Node List: Bartali and Finto Farms (Velia)

Grilled Bird Meat is a good worker stamina food to make. There are few uses for Chicken Meat and this is one of them. Grilled Bird Meat might not be as convenient to use because it recovers 3 Stamina instead of Beer’s 2 Stamina. For example, when you go to recover your worker stamina, a worker who only needs 2 Stamina will not automatically eat this food via the feed all workers button unless you manually force him to. Forcing him to eat it by right clicking the food icon next to his icon would forfeit the 1 extra Stamina since he only needed 2 Stamina. But Grilled Bird Meat is an awesome food to use, especially when all your workers are running on empty from a long over night work session. The critical version recovers 4 Stamina.

BDO Grilled Bird Meat Recipe (1 Batch of Grilled Bird Meat) Acquired By
Chicken Meat x2 Nodes
Deep Frying Oil x6 Vendor
Cooking Wine x2 Vendor
Salt x1 Vendor

Step By Step Beer Making Plan

1. Gather & Stockpile grains (or Chicken Meat if making Grilled Bird Meat)
2. Purchase Residence in town
3. Purchase Cooking Utensil and Ingredients
4. Install Cooking Utensil in Residence
5. Get Cooking lots of Beer!

Asda’s best cheap alcohol

Extra Special Sweetshop Gins £18

New for summer 2020, you can now buy Cola Cube, Rhubarb and Custard and Strawberry Laces gin, pictured left. These flavours join the three existing flavours: Pear Drop, Lemon Sherbert and Parma Violet. Serve with tonic for a classic sweetshop G&T or experiment with your mixers to create a fun new cocktail.
Asda Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur – £12

Gin remains one of the UK’s favourite spirits and as supermarkets keep bringing out bargain bottles of the stuff, the craze shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Asda’s latest offering costs just £12 and combines the fiery flavours of ginger with sweet rhubarb for a match made in gin-Heaven.

Fillipo Sansovino Prosecco Magnum

It’s no secret we’re a Prosecco-obsessed nation, and ASDA is finally giving the people what they want.

The supermarket is now selling magnums of bubbly – 1.5L of the good stuff, compared to the common 75cl bottles – for £16.50, so you get more booze to enjoy on a special occasion, or just on a sunny day…

ASDA describe their giant Prosecco as being ‘soft and appley’ and recommend it should be enjoyed as an aperitif or with light fish and pasta dishes. Sounds good to us!

Extra Special Asti Sparkling Wine – £7

At under £10 a bottle this Italian fizz is a great value option to serve alongside fruit, light desserts or as an aperitif. It’s on the sweeter spectrum of sparkling wines and is the winner of the IWSC 2019 Bronze, Decanter 2019 Bronze and IWC 2019 Bronze.

Wine Atlas Feteasca Regala – £5.25

This Romanian wine is a must-try for wine enthusiasts. It’s a firm favourite of Saturday Kitchen’s Olly Smith and who can blame him. It’s won the Decanter 2019 Gold award, an IWSC 2019 Bronze and an IWC 2019 Bronze.

Progrigio – £5.50

ASDA is another great supermarket to get your cheap booze fix from. The supermarket allows you to order wine by the case, with a minimum order of six bottles, which gives you small discount on every bottle.

For some of their wines, you can get 6 for £25, which means just £4.16 per bottle, for wines that can cost almost £8 if bought individually.

Their ‘Progrigio’ – a cut-price version of Prosecco that blends the sparkling wine with Pinot Grigio, costs £5.50.

Step 3: Bottle Your Beer and Get Ready to Drink It!

6) Before you bottle your beer, you’ll prepare a sugar-based solution that will help carbonate the beer. In your saucepan add 2 cups of water and ¾ cup dextrose or corn sugar. Bring to a boil over medium heat, and then let it cool for 30 minutes. Pour it into the bottling bucket. The yeast will eat up the sugar and turn it into carbon dioxide.

7) Next you’ll transfer your beer from the fermenter into a bottling bucket. Not only do bottling buckets help make the bottling process easier, they also allow you to separate the beer from the sediment that will have formed at the bottom of your fermenter during fermentation.

Fill your siphon hose with water and then place one end of the siphon into your fermenter and the other into the bottling bucket. Make sure the bottling bucket is lower than the fermenter. Your beer will immediately start siphoning into your bottling bucket.

8) Now that the beer is in your bottling bucket, grab the bottles you’ve set aside to fill with your beer. A 5 gallon mix of beer will yield 53 bottles. To make this step easier, you can bottle your beer in empty soda bottles – they work just as well as beer bottles and are a lot simpler to fill. Five gallons of beer will fill 8 or 9 soda bottles. Fill each bottle leaving 1 inch of air at the top. Cap securely and make sure there are no leaks.

9) Right now if you taste your beer it will taste pretty flat. It’s not quite time to drink it yet. You need to put your bottled beer in a cool dark place for carbonation to occur. Don’t put it in the fridge as that’s too cold. Basements work great. It now needs to sit for 2 more weeks. And then it will be time to enjoy!

How to Make Beer

As I mentioned earlier, I planned to make a porter. I found an interesting recipe on the internet:

6 pounds plain amber malt extract
8 ounces crushed crystal malt (60 L)
4 ounces crushed chocolate malt
4 ounces crushed black patent malt
1 ounce cluster hops (bittering)
1/2 ounce Williamette hops (finishing)

Along with these ingredients, there are a few standard items you’ll need for any beer making journey: a grain steeping bag (essentially a teabag for steeping the grains in the water), priming sugar, yeast, and caps.

All of these items are available at a beermaking supply store. I acquired all of the above for roughly $35.

A big part of the fun of homebrewing is that you can experiment with the recipes as much as you want. For example, my wife and I made an oatmeal stout that went off the recipe quite a bit and it turned out sublimely delicious.

Boil the Water and Steep

Most beer making recipes follow a pretty standard procedure. Just pour two gallons of water into your large pot, heat it to 160 degrees F (80 degrees C) or so, put the grains in the grain bag and tie it off, then drop the grain bag in the water to steep for twenty minutes or so.

Above, I took the picture just after dropping the “tea bag” into the water. The steeping will cause the water to change color, usually to some shade of brown. Here’s what it looks like after the steeping.

Financial Wellness
Save More Money

Adding Malt

Once the steeping is finished, you simply bring the pot up to a low boil and add the malt extract (a brown liquid) and the bittering hops. Leave this at a low boil for an hour (stirring it regularly), then five minutes before the end, drop the finishing hops into the mix. Once it’s finished boiling (it’s now called “wort”), you’ll need to cool it down to 70 degrees – I usually do this by dunking the stock pot into ice water in the sink. I then pour this into the carboy, though you can also do it in the bucket if you don’t have a carboy, then I add two to three gallons of filtered water. I then drop in the yeast, stir it a bit, then put the bubbler on top and let it ferment. Here’s a picture of my porter in the carboy at the start of fermentation.

Wait Two Weeks!

Then you wait. Usually, you’ll wait for roughly two weeks. What you’re looking for is whether or not there are bubbles coming through the bubbler. Watch it for a minute – if you see no bubbles, wait another three days and you’re ready to finish it up.


When you’re ready to finish it, you simply add the priming sugar to two cups of boiling water, boil the priming sugar/water solution for a few minutes, then add that to the beer. You can then bottle it – if you’re not going to bottle it, you should serve it in the next couple of days.


Bottling is similarly easy. You just thoroughly clean 50 to 60 beer bottles, fill each one carefully, then put a cap on each one with the capping tool (basically, you just put a small disc on top of the bottle, put the capping tool on top, and squeeze). Let the bottles sit for a few weeks and then it’s ready to drink.

Hacks For When Your Bank Account Balance is Low:

There’s nothing worse than a Chick-fil-A craving that can’t be satisfied because your current budget won’t cover it. You know you’re a college student when you can’t even afford some Chick-fil-A fries.

Lucky for you, however, there are a few ways to still get what you want from your favorite fast food joint – either with less cash or no cash at all. Low-cost Chick-fil-A is the best Chick-fil-A.

A Cheaper Chicken Sandwich

If the regular Chicken Sandwich is your Chick-fil-A go-to, this hack is for you. $3.50 for a sandwich might not seem like much, but if you’re balancing your money for other necessities, it can add up. Save some cash by instead ordering four chicken strips, two buttered buns, and of course, you gotta throw the waffle fries in there too. Layer the chicken strips onto the buns with your favorite sauce (I’m biased for Chick-fil-A sauce) to create a classic chicken sandwich at a lower cost. This rings in at $4.69, while two Chicken Sandwiches would be $6.10. You save about enough for an Ice Dream cone, which you definitely deserve.

The cheapest place to find food on any menu is the kid's menu. Chick-fil-A’s kid's menu still has all of your favorites, like chicken strips, nuggets, and waffle fries, just in smaller portions and at lower prices. All kid's menu items come with a toy, but rumor has it that any toy can be replaced with an ice dream cone or cup. Honestly, what child would prefer a toy to ice cream anyway?

A former Chick-fil-A employee released a secret, yet spectacular customer service policy. Apparently, it’s a rule that if a customer forgets their wallet or card, the Chick-fil-A workers must give them their food anyway or else the food would just go to waste.

So the next time you go through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru and you just so happen to “forget your card” you’ll still probably get all the chicken you were dying to eat for FREE. However, you might want to do this only once in a while or switch up your locations so you don’t get caught. Keep in mind this isn't the most ethical hack, so up to you if you want the bad karma.

When a New Chick-fil-A is Opening Near You

First of all, I assume when you hear that a Chick-fil-A is opening near you, you jump for joy and cry tears of happiness. Well, get ready to cry even more happy tears because if you’re one of the first 100 customers at the grand opening, you get a year’s worth of Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich meals. A “years worth” is considered 52 meals, even though I for one could probably smash more than that in a year, but it’s still an amazing deal.

When It’s Cow Appreciation Day

One of the best holidays, other than Christmas, is Cow Appreciation Day, when those who go to Chick-fil-A dressed in a cow costume get a free breakfast, lunch, or dinner entree. It’s also a great day to appreciate all those cows you see on billboards on the side of the road urging you to “eat mor chikin.” Always listen to the cows.

7 Butterbeer Recipes To Enjoy This Fall

Harry Potter fans first read about Butterbeer in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Students took trips to Hogsmeade, where they tasted the sweet beverage at the Three Broomsticks. Harry believes it is “the most delicious thing he'd ever tasted” and describes how it “seemed to heat every bit of him from the inside.” So how does it really taste, and how can you make Butterbeer? I'm here to tell you.

Obviously, Potter fans were entranced by this beverage. If something is described as the most delicious thing someone has ever tasted, readers aren’t content to just accept that — they want to taste it for themselves. And though you can now purchase Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it’s a foam-topped cream soda type beverage that doesn’t quite match the book description (though it is honestly pretty delicious).

Luckily, there are tons of Potter fans who are also fantastic chefs, and number one on the list of Harry Potter food and drinks to cook is Butterbeer. Forget pumpkin juice, fire whisky, and any of the various confections described at Hogwarts feasts (well maybe don't completely forget them, because there are so many opportunities to make great HP-inspired cocktails) — the truly great beverage in the Harry Potter universe will always be Butterbeer. It signified Harry’s rebellion and freedom when he escaped to Hogsmeade, the thrill of exploring the magical world, and the comfort of friendship. This is a truly magical beverage. Here are a few enchanting recipes that will warm you from the heart — and the stomach. The best part is that many of them use similar ingredients, so you have the perfect excuse to try them all.

1. Universal-Style Butterbeer

This is the classic recipe that tastes like the Butterbeer you'll find at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Find the full recipe from Bake Me Away.

2. Frozen Butterbeer

Ingredients needed:

This one's also served in the parks, but the only difference is that you'll need a blender to mix the frozen concoction. Find the full recipe from No Biggie.

3. The Butterbeer Milkshake

Ingredients needed:

  • Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Cream Soda
  • Butterscotch Syrup
  • Whipped Cream
  • Butterscotch Chips

If you love the idea of frozen Butterbeer, but you want to go full milkshake, this is the recipe for you. It blends the butterscotch and cream soda flavors with actual ice cream, so you get full frozen perfection. Find the full recipe from The Disney Diner.

4. Vegan Butterbeer

Ingredients needed:

Just sub out the butter and you have an alternative, vegan option for everyone's favorite wizard drink. Find the full recipe from I Eat Grass.

5. Boozy Butterbeer

Ingredients needed:

  • Butterscotch Schnapps
  • Whipped Cream Flavored Vodka
  • Cream Soda
  • Marshmallow Fluff

Want to amp up your Butterbeer recipe? This boozy, sweet recipe is great for parties. Find the full recipe from Intoxicology, and find the enchanting Butterbeer bottle above from TheGloomyLight on Etsy.

6. Boozy Vegan Butterbeer

Ingredients needed:

  • Bottled Dark Beer
  • Nutmeg
  • Cinnamon
  • Ginger
  • Dairy-free Soy Margarine
  • Dairy-free Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Dairy-Free Vanilla Soy Milk

Butterbeer recipe, this one is sure to please. It gets extra points, because it uses actual beer as an ingredient. Find the full recipe from About Food, and pour your finished creation into the above mug by OhSoCraftyByJennie on Etsy.

Moscow mule

If you notice any copper mugs behind the bar, you should do yourself a favor and order up a Moscow mule. Believe it or not, the mug itself is actually an integral ingredient in this inexpensive cocktail. When it's not served in copper, a Moscow Mule is just a refreshing combination of vodka, ginger beer, and lime. Put it all together in a copper mug with crushed ice, and this drink becomes legendary. The copper keeps the drink extra cold, chilling your lips from the moment you take a sip. It also keeps the ginger beer as fizzy as possible, as cold temps help carbon dioxide bubbles stay in suspension.

Like other inexpensive vodka drinks, the flavor of the ginger beer can cover up the lackluster flavor of cheap vodka, so sip away without blowing your budget. The other great thing about a Moscow mule is it's often featured during happy hour, so this inexpensive drink can become even more affordable if you time it out right.


Add one drop of green food coloring to a clear glass.

Pour the beer into the glass. That’s it!

Choosing the Right Beer

Any beer will work when making green beer, however, some produce a brighter green color than others.

To get the greenest of beers, begin with a light-colored brew. This includes any of the popular American lagers like Budweiser, Miller, Busch, or Coors. Those are favorite beers and, given the novelty aspect of green beer, may be the best choice.

However, do not forget about all of the great pale-colored craft beers, the amazing German pilsners, and any of the other higher quality beers that are available today. The beer market is vast, and there are many more choices than those from the giant breweries.

If you would like to play around with a darker beer, you will find an interesting effect. Stouts and other dark beers have a rich color that is not transparent enough to allow the green food coloring to give that signature emerald green beer look.

However, the body of the beer will turn darker and have a slight evergreen hue in the right light. The coolest part is the head because the ​foam will pick up the food coloring, and though it may not last long, take on that green color.

Green beer is fun, and food coloring is cheap, so feel free to play with it.



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