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Aromatic lemon sorbet

Aromatic lemon sorbet

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In a bowl, beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. Add the sugar, little by little, stirring constantly until you get a meringue-like composition. Add the 2 sachets of Finesse Bourbon-Vanilla Aroma and mix well.

Mixing gently, slowly add the lemon juice and 150 ml Bacardi Tropical Lime. Then boil the composition in a bain-marie, mixing continuously for 6-8 minutes, until the egg whites swell and make a light and liquid foam. Pour the composition into a plastic bowl and put it in the freezer until it hardens. , stirring occasionally to break the ice crystals formed.

How to make fruit sorbet at home & # 8211 Best Tips & Tricks

1. How to make sugar-free sorbet

I have to admit, sugar is very important when it comes to homemade fruit sorbet because sugar syrup is not only responsible for the taste, but also for the creamy texture of the sorbet.

But don't be afraid, because I have a solution.

You can make fruit sorbet without sugar by replacing it with honey, but keep in mind that it will no longer be vegan. If you want to stay vegan, use maple syrup as I did in these fruit sorbet recipes.

As I said before, these sweeteners have an important role in the composition of sorbet, they are not just for taste.

If you want to make fruit sorbet without any other sweetener, you can remove the maple syrup from the recipe, but you will need to serve the sorbet immediately. Otherwise, if you leave it in the freezer, it will not be as creamy and will make ice flakes on the surface.

Of course, this also depends on the fruits you use. If you make banana and mango sorbet, these fruits are creamy, so they will most likely maintain the texture.

But if you use watermelon or lemon, it will not come out creamy, because these fruits are low in pectin and fiber, and contain a lot of water that will form ice flakes. In addition, they will melt very quickly after you put them on the plate.

And here's another super useful trick. Add a little vodka to prevent ice formation and make it more creamy.

Of course, you should know without saying it, do not serve it to children if you put vodka in it.

Now let's move on and see how to make fruit sorbet without an ice cream machine.

2. How to make fruit sorbet without ice cream

You have probably served sorbets in many restaurants and thought that there they use professional appliances to prepare them. In fact, it is very easy to make fruit sorbet at home without using a professional device.

You can use any kind of food processor or blender and there will be absolutely no difference in taste or texture.

However, you will need to use ice cream instead of the fresh fruit puree that is usually used when making sorbet in the ice cream maker.

First you will need to freeze the fresh fruit and then process it with a blender or food processor to turn it into an ice cream puree. Then you can serve it as it is or leave it in the freezer to get a more consistent texture.

3. What is served with fruit sorbet

Homemade fruit sorbet is a light dessert that can be served after any meal. Now seriously, give me an example of a food that wouldn't suit him. I don't think you'll find it.

And what food you serve it depends only on you. For example, I prefer a lemon sorbet after a meal with fats like this chicken with mushrooms and sour cream sauce. And if you add a little vodka, it will be perfect as a digestive.

As a dessert, you can also serve it with fresh fruits, such as raspberries and a teaspoon of jam. It also goes perfectly with chocolate blacks or chocolate muffins.

I usually like to serve it with bananas, yogurt and granola or with a little melted chocolate on top and believe me, you should try it too.

That was all for today, dear ones! Now I'm sure you know how to make sorbet without an ice cream machine, so let's get to work and make these 4 fruit sorbet recipes.

Ah, and don't forget! If you liked this video recipe and want to see others like it, please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Lemon & # 8211 appetizing and especially delicious! An exotic delicacy of only 3 ingredients!

Here is a recipe for a delicious lemon jam. Get a real delight, fresh and fragrant, from just 3 ingredients. The jam is absolutely delicious, with a sweet-sour taste and a high content of vitamin C. Enjoy the taste and benefits of lemon jam, which will surely be adored by the whole family.



1. Wash the lemons well (pour boiling water over them and leave for 2-3 minutes). Cut the lemons into thin slices. Remove the seeds, otherwise the jam will be bitter.

2. Arrange the lemon slices in an enamel bowl. Pour the water into the bowl and leave it at room temperature for 24 hours.

3. After a day, put the pot on the fire. Cover with a lid and simmer the jam (in the same water) until the lemon peel can be crushed with your fingers.

4. Add the sugar to the bowl and cook for another 20 minutes.

5. Pour the jam into clean, dry jars.

6. Arrange the jars in a bowl of hot water and leave them in the water until they cool completely.

Fresh and flavored apple compote with lemon and cinnamon & # 8211 grandma's recipe

Fresh and flavored apple compote with lemon and cinnamon & # 8211 grandma's recipe. How to make apple compote for immediate consumption? How much do apples boil for compote in the pot? Post desert. Compote recipes. Apple recipes.

My grandmother used to make me fresh apple compote in the pot when I was cold or when I just wanted it. Apple compote was a universal medicine, especially when made by my grandmother. He would bring me to bed the bowl of lukewarm apple compote, placed on a tray, and sit with me until I ate everything. He stroked my head and said to me: you will see, you will feel better! And he was always right & lt3 This compote is very healthy and nutritious and is given to children when they have a fever because it moisturizes them very well.

In our house (and not only) apples are always cooked with cinnamon and lemon. From the apple or strudel cake to the compote, everything has cinnamon. The compote also had cloves or star anise and, of course, vanilla.

Also according to her recipe I put apple compote for the winter (in a jar) but only when I have many apples from my own garden. In general, apples are found all year round, plus they are kept very well raw, in the pantry, so I didn't make much canned apples. This is the recipe for apple compote for winter & # 8211 see here.

From these quantities results 4 servings of fresh and aromatic apple compote.

Cooking lesson: looking for summer dessert - sorbet

Simple, refreshing, easy. The perfect definition for sorbet, a dessert that attracts more and more people, conquers with its texture and is extremely easy to prepare.

I had the revelation of sorbet when I bought a box in a hurry without realizing that it does not say ice cream. Slightly dissatisfied with the appearance, I was completely captivated by the taste and when I feel like something cold, sweet but with fewer calories, I return to sorbet with great pleasure.

Sorbet is part of the large family of ice cream dishes, in the category of those made from water, just like a border. Not to be confused with granita (drink with a lot of crushed ice), because sorbet is much denser than this.

The essential things to know about sorbet are that it has more sugar, but less fat than ice cream, has no dairy (milk and cream) and is flavored with fruit. The basic formula is water + sugar + flavor and you don't need a special ice cream machine to prepare it.

Calyx recipes are those with lemon and citrus, but sorbet can be made with almost any kind of fruit, fresh or frozen.

Sorbet recipe with berries

Ingredients (for 4-6 servings):

  • 340g frozen berries
  • 480ml water
  • 200g sugar (more or less depending on how sweet you want it to be)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

Mix the berries, water and sugar in a pot, add salt and vanilla bean core. Put the mixture on medium heat and let it boil until the sugar dissolves. Reduce the intensity of the fire and let it boil until the fruit softens a little. Allow to cool to room temperature.

When it is cold, turn the mixture into puree, in a blender and add the lemon juice. Strain the puree through a thick sieve so that the seeds remain separate from the berries.

Pour the mixture into a shallow tray and place it in the freezer, stirring in it every half hour with a fork, for the first 2 hours, to prevent the formation of ice crystals. After this period you can transfer the sorbet to a deeper tray (even the cake or cake tray), cover it with aluminum foil and leave it to freeze overnight.

If you want to try other flavors you can make combinations of lemon and mint, currants and red wine, pears and cardamom, blackberries and pomegranates, strawberries and basil or you can make a simple sorbet from melon or melon.

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Lemon peel in jar & # 8211 the flavor of old cakes

They are part of the old generation, the one that grew up with cakes and cakes flavored with grated lemon peel and vanilla pods split in two lengthwise. Nothing will convince me not to put lemon peel in the donut dough, or with the lemon cream tart or the wonderful Catalan cream.

I don't miss a jar with a lid in the fridge in which I put grated lemon peel mixed with sugar whenever I have the opportunity. How I caught a lemon in the fridge, how I peeled it! Then I use it well-thank you for salads, fish, ginger tea or what it was meant for when I put it on the shopping list.

The other day my luck smiled and I & # 8220s shot & # 8221 two lemons from a fire. Even as I was grating them vigorously, I wondered how many people still use lemon peel for dessert?

Our grandmothers used it almost exclusively as a flavoring, because they had nothing else and they died of old age. Our mothers have also used it successfully for years and perfumed our childhood with it. More recently, however, it has been found that it is not good and that although we keep it in water with baking soda before use, this is not enough. That washing thoroughly with the abrasive sponge is not enough either. So it would be better to use new bottle essences, bought from the supermarket, cheap fire, 100% artificial and that did not even pass any lemon or vanilla pod.

Okay, each with his own beliefs or fears. I have plenty of others, but I don't have that, baking soda and an abrasive sponge are enough for me. But to be at peace with your conscience, especially if you have children in your family, it would be best to use organic lemons. I think they can be found in our stores now.

There is no simpler recipe like this! Or & # 8230 I know? Maybe just homemade vanilla sugar is easier to make. Or lavender sugar. Or home-made vanilla extract. Come on, because in the end all the flavors are very easy to make at home, it's all about worrying a little about the problem and not being fooled by consumer ads.

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