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Root vegetable salad

Root vegetable salad

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1. Wearing a pair of rubber gloves, use a Y-shaped peeler to carefully peel the carrots and beetroots over a chopping board, discarding the peelings.

2. Using the Y-shaped peeler again, shave the carrots and beetroots into nice thin wavy strips, then place in a large mixing bowl.

3. Carefully cut the tops and tails off the radishes, then finely slice and add to the bowl.

4. Trim and finely slice the celery, including any paler inner leaves, then add to the bowl.

5. Trim and finely slice the lettuce, discarding any tatty outer leaves and tough stalky bits, then add to the bowl.

6. Pick the leafy fennel tops and put to one side, then finely slice the fennel bulb and add to the bowl.

7. Cut the lemon in half.

8. Squeeze the juice into a small bowl or a jam jar, using your fingers to catch any pips.

9. Pick and finely chop the mint leaves, keeping the baby ones to one side, then add to the small bowl or jam jar, discarding the stalks.

10. Add the extra virgin olive oil and whisk together with a fork or put the lid securely on the jar and shake well.

11. Taste the dressing and season with a tiny pinch of salt and pepper, if you think it needs it, then pour over the root vegetables and taste again to check you’re happy.

12. Toss the vegetables in the dressing, then transfer to a serving bowl and sprinkle over the fennel tops and reserved baby mint
leaves and dig in.

Tip: Using a Y-shaped peeler helps slice vegetables into long thin ribbons in no time at all.

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