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Packages with mackerel

Packages with mackerel

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clean, wash and dry with a clean napkin mackerel. the potato and onion are cleaned and cut: the potato into slices and the onion larger fish. prepare 4 pieces of aluminum foil and grease with olive oil. on each place slices of potatoes, a sprig of thyme and spices to taste then put onion and seasoned fish with lemon slices inside.

they are packed like packages and put in the oven for 45 minutes on medium heat.

great appetite!

Marinated mackerel with dill

& Icirc & # 539i must:
6 fillets of mackerel (60 g each)
2 red onions
& Icirc & # 539i must for marinating & # 259:
150 ml of aromatic o & # 539et
5 tablespoons sugar
6 red peppercorns
1/2 tablespoon & # 539 & # 259 ground pepper
2 leg & # 259turi m & # 259rar verde
Preg & # 259te & # 537ti a & # 537a:
Cut the fillets from the 2 cm pieces and place them in a bowl, together with the chopped onion.
Preg & # 539te & # 537ti marinate a & # 537a:
Put in a saucepan a handful, 50 ml of water, sugar, peppercorns, ground pepper. Bring them to a boil and let them cool down. Put the marinade over the fish until the next day.
Before serving on the plate, sprinkle the green teacorn on top.
As a garnish, you can choose iron potatoes or black potatoes greased with butter.

Preparation: 45 minutes Recovery: 12 hours
Re & # 539eta de Lenu & # 539a Vr & acircnceanu, sat Izvoru, com. Provi & # 539a de Sus, jud. Prahova

Vegetarian spring packets with spinach

Spring packets with spinach are the vegetarian version of this dish that I really like. It is not the classic version, the one in restaurants, with rice leaves, nor are they fried in an oil bath, but made in the oven. They are a little healthier, although they have some oil in them. You will see the preparation method.

During this period, #stausieuacasa. I have to stay home for my own safety and the safety of others, although I know this is not possible for everyone. I greet those who keep the work on wheels and make us, the ones at home, a more comfortable and easier stay. I hope we get out of this difficult moment, which puts us to the test.

So I cook more and more often because I have to and because I have the necessary time. I thought I'd give you an easy and healthy recipe idea. I chose a vegetarian recipe because I didn't have much appetite for meat and I had fresh spinach in the fridge. I had to use it first. The meat-filled freezer can wait.

It takes some time and patience for spring packages, but who doesn't? This recipe will keep you busy until you forget about worries.


for 10 spring packages

1 packet of pie sheets
2 eggs (one is for greased)
4 teaspoons Greek yogurt with 10% fat
salt, pepper, paprika, sumac
100 gr. fresh spinach
2 white onions
30 gr. ripe, spicy cheese & # 8211 I used something Italian
olive oil
white sesame for decoration

  1. We cook the spinach. Heat a pan or saucepan and pour a little olive oil. We put the spinach that we washed lightly before and cook it until it softens, a few minutes. We drain it well and leave it to cool. We chop it finely.
  2. Chop the onion into strips. We salt it and caramelize it in the pan for 10 minutes or until we see that it browns and softens. Cook the onion over low-medium heat so as not to burn it. We put it aside and then cool it.
  3. In a bowl, prepare the base of the filling & # 8211 a beaten egg, spices to taste and yogurt. Add the spinach and cold onions. We laugh at the chosen cheese. It doesn't have to be ripe or spicy. This is what our filling will look like in the end.
  4. We prepare the pie sheets. We will not use them all because there is not enough filling. If you want, do more or prepare something sweet from what's left. Some spring packets of apples, nuts and cinnamon. Just an idea. Thus, for pie sheets we must have a flat and clean surface on which to work. Ideally it would be a wood chipper or a wooden table. We take a sheet first and grease it with olive oil everywhere. The rest, we keep them covered with a damp cloth so that they do not dry out. Over the first sheet, we put one more and another. We grease the third one again with olive oil. We cut our rectangle of sheets into 4 long strips, which will become our rolls.
  5. Put a little composition, about a tablespoon, at the bottom of each strip and roll twice. We tighten the heads and bring them inside. Like sarmale. Then we continue to run normally.
  6. In the end we get the rolls that look like this. Put them in an oven tray and grease them with beaten egg. Decorate with sesame.
  7. Bake the rolls for 25 minutes at 180 degrees. We want them to be rosy and crunchy.
  8. We can serve hot or cold spring packs. Next I recommend a Greek yogurt sauce with a little olive oil, sumac and sesame.

I really enjoyed preparing them and eating them especially. They are super crispy and light. Cooking is really a therapy that can help you a lot now. And it's good for your health.

Mackerel, in high demand during this period. How much will Romanians take out of their pockets for a kilogram

1,200 fishermen are on the Danube these days, looking for mackerel.

It is the truffle that all Romanians look for in Flowers, through fishing, in restaurants or in online stores. Perhaps the higher price is justified by comparison with any other country in the Danube.

One kilogram of mackerel goes for 40 lei during this period. On the other hand, it is the only protected at European level, but smoked, according to the traditional recipes from the Danube Delta.

De Florii is a release from fish, religious or not, the Romanian tradition of mackerel. One of the richest fish in the world, living in the sea, but in the summer it climbs the Danube to the Danube Delta and lays its eggs. . It is the long-awaited moment for fishermen, who are catching nets. 1,200 were authorized this year to catch mackerel.

Lucian Sanda: & bdquoWe have about 20-30 kilograms of fishing boat. It's about to catch on at this hour. "

Cite & # 537te & # 537i

By 2020, about 600 tons have been caught, according to the Federation of Fishermen's Organizations in the Danube Delta. Most at Sf & acircntu Gheorghe, where Dun & # 259rea flows into the sea. It is estimated that this year the catch will be as large.

Mackerel is the most valuable species in the Danube. From the cherhana, ie the points where the fish is collected from the fishermen, the mackerel goes on to the shops. The price differs, depending on the distance and additions. This year, one kilogram is sold, on average, for 35 lei per fishery. & Icircn online stores & icircns & # 259, a kilogram can reach & # 537i and 69 lei.

Lucian Sanda: & bdquoE & icircn around 20-20 & # 537i something at cherhana. Fishermen receive quite well, 17 lei per kilogram, 18 lei. & Rdquo

Mackerel can only be caught in two, at most three months and a year. This is justified, say the fishermen, and the high prices. Tanti Ana is from Sulina and works in a restaurant with a specific fishing restaurant in Bucharest.

It can be tried in other variants, prepared according to Delta recipes.

Local & # 259: & bdquoExista & # 537i siliotka, which is fresh mackerel & # 259t & # 259, just a little salty & # 259 & # 259 truffle of prim & # 259var & # 259. "

Mackerel has become a star in Europe. The smoked one received the recognition of the European Commission to become a product with a protected geographical indication.

Daniel Buhai: & smquoScrumbia smoked & # 259 PGI, ie geographically protected, after obtaining the certification, we registered a significant increase in interest. We've reached 15-20 tons of smoked mackerel. "

The method of preparing smoked mackerel comes from decades away & # 539 & # 259. It is smoked and smoked cold, with sawdust made of hardwood, especially beech. Her recognition came after two years of gathering all sorts of evidence and archival documents. Smoked mackerel was the fifth product from Romania and registered in the quality system. European.

Recipes with loboda

If you have the opportunity to find loboda in the market, do not hesitate to buy! Besides the fact that it tastes very good, it is also very healthy, being rich in vitamin C. Here are some ideas on how you can prepare it!

Wolf food

Ingredients: 1 kg of wolf leaves, 200g cream, a little oil, an onion, two tablespoons of flour, 20 g butter, dill, salt, pepper and a little vegeta (optional).

Preparation: Wash the leaves one by one and break the stalks. They are then scalded in salted water and cooked and left to boil for 10 minutes. Then strain and cut into small pieces. In another pot, put the onion to harden in oil and, after it becomes glassy, ​​add two tablespoons of flour, stirring quickly. Put it on the loaf and let it boil for another 10 minutes. In a bowl beat the butter with the cream, salt and pepper, and the composition obtained is poured into the pot, stirring constantly. Add chopped dill and serve with egg yolks or any type of meat. (Source:

Cream of wolfberry soup

For this recipe you need the following ingredients: 1 kg of green loboda, a bunch of parsley and a dill, a pinch of salt, a pinch of white pepper, two tablespoons of flour and two teaspoons of oil.

Marinated mackerel salad - old recipe you'll love (P)

Mackerel is a fish with many nutritional qualities, and for this reason it is recommended to be eaten as often as possible.

It can be cooked in many ways, summer for example is delicious grilled, but, being a seasonal fish, it must be preserved or frozen for the rest of the period. Popular marinated mackerel is just one of the ways we can enjoy this very tasty fish even in winter.

Marinated mackerel bought or made at home?

Marinated mackerel is very easy to prepare, for this reason the inhabitants near the Danube can prepare it quickly and can keep it for a longer time. For those in more remote areas, it is a bit more complicated, because the only way to supply fresh fish is the city market.

Mackerel is of two types, the Danube and the Black Sea, the two types can be easily confused. Also, one can meet the unpleasant situation in which the sellers in the market take advantage of the inexperience of naive buyers, and offer them for sale other fish, but claiming that it is Danube mackerel.

It's a shame to have a craving for marinated mackerel and to realize at home that you actually bought herring, rizeafca or even sea mackerel. The four species of fish look pretty good, so it's useful to buy only from a seller you trust or to document yourself very well before you go shopping.

If it is more convenient for you, you can buy marinated mackerel from stores, there is a very generous offer from which you can choose. Unlike other products or preserves available on the market (which may contain all kinds of chemicals, E or canned, which may make you want to prepare them at home), commercial marinated mackerel has the same ingredients that are used in home made recipes. .

Thus, the commercially available marinated mackerel contains dune mackerel, vinegar, salt, water and spices (black peppercorns, coriander, allspice berries and bay leaves). As you can see, nothing that is not natural or that we would not use at home.

Danube marinated mackerel salad


  • 500 gr potatoes
  • 350 g marinated mackerel
  • 2 green onion bindings
  • 100 gr black olives in oil
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Vinegar

Preparation instructions:

Boil the potatoes in their skins, and check if they are ready with a fork. If it enters them easily, then they can be taken off the fire and left to cool. After they have cooled, peel the potatoes and cut them into cubes.

The mackerel is cut into small pieces, taking great care to remove all the bones from the spinal cord. Mackerel is easy to eat, not selling small and many bones that make it difficult to find and remove from food.

Chop the onion as small as possible, so that its taste is impregnated with the other ingredients.

The olives are cut into rounds.

In a bowl, put the boiled potatoes cut, sprinkle with a little salt and sprinkle with oil.

Add the chopped mackerel, olives, chopped onion and marinade juice. Mix well and add salt, oil and vinegar if needed.

Marinated mackerel salad is delicious, healthy and easy to prepare, and you will definitely want to add it to your fast food list. All you have to do is make sure that you always have one or two jars of marinated mackerel in the pantry, so that when you feel like it you can prepare it on the spot.

Marinated mackerel from the Delta

If you have guests and you want to serve them with a tasty and filling dish, consider the marinated mackerel, which they will surely appreciate properly.

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