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Milk boiled spinach with meatballs stuffed with cheese

Milk boiled spinach with meatballs stuffed with cheese

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If the spinach is raw, clean it of the tails and wash it well, then cook it for 2-3 minutes in boiling water with a little salt. Remove from the water, leave to cool slightly and then chop finely.

If the spinach is frozen, leave it to thaw on a plate until it becomes soft (then chop finely if not chopped).

The peeled garlic is given through the press and then put in the oil heated in a pan. We don't leave it for more than a few seconds because it burns.

Add the chopped spinach and milk, mix well, season and simmer for 5-10 minutes until the milk decreases.

If the spinach is too fluid, mix a tablespoon of flour with milk and add the mixture over the spinach, letting it boil for a few minutes.

Fry the stuffed meatballs and serve with spinach.

Great appetite!

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