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Attend Talks Led by Ruth Reichl, Molly O'Neill, and Others for Free at Foodstock

Attend Talks Led by Ruth Reichl, Molly O'Neill, and Others for Free at Foodstock

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Wesleyan University presents an all-day extravaganza dedicated to literary food lovers

On Saturday, May 5, Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn., will host Foodstock, an all-day conference led by some of the biggest names in food journalism and cookbook writing. But that's not all — the event is also free to the public. Registration is currently open and will remain open through April 27 or until the event reaches capacity.

The impressive lineup of guest speakers includes Ruth Reichl, Faith Middleton, Molly O'Neill, Dorie Greenspan, and many others. The discussion topics include everything from "food as a topic of academic pursuit" to "the craft of food writing," with book signings and interviews with the speakers interspersed throughout the day.

A collection of Connecticut's finest food trucks will be selling food during the lunch break, and additional food and beverages will be provided throughout the day. The Wesleyan Farmers Market and other food vendors will be on hand as well.

The university asks that each attendee brings one non-perishable food item to donate to the Amazing Grace Food Pantry in Middletown — in exchange (as if they're not already providing plenty!) you'll get a raffle ticket.

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