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Nick Kroll and Take 5 Bars: A Match Made in Heaven

Nick Kroll and Take 5 Bars: A Match Made in Heaven

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If you’re a fan of comedian Nick Kroll and have been following him on Twitter and Instagram, you most likely know that he’s a big fan of Take 5, Hershey’s under-the-radar combination of chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter, caramel, and pretzels. Hershey’s has been looking to boost this little candy bar that could’s cache lately, so the company gave it a sleek new package and recruited none other than Kroll himself to be its new spokesperson.

“I’ve been weirdly endorsing this product for 10 years,” the Kroll Show creator told us recently over the phone. “I’ve genuinely been talking about it for a very long time, so it’s a very natural fit.”

When asked what he loves about the candy bar, the funnyman pulled no punches. “I’ve always been a big fan of sweet and salty, and it’s a real movement now, with things like sea salt and dark chocolate,” he mused. “On any level the bar is an interesting combination of flavors and textures. Most new products are weird combinations. All the components of Take 5 bars work together. And I like how they’re small; a two-biter, or three if you’re showing quality patience.”

Take 5 bars have been included in Kroll’s rider for standup acts for years (alongside turkey slices, mint tea, and whiskey, he told us), so when the offer came along to be the product’s spokesman, he jumped. “For me, personally, it was right,” he said. “I genuinely like it, so I don’t feel gross about it.”

The partnership was a fun one: It involved a sweepstakes that ran last week, in which entrants had to comment using the hashtags #sponsored and #sweepstakesentry on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, which Kroll announced via a funny video. 50 winners received a t-shirt, five dollars, and a Take 5 bar signed by Kroll himself. “I’m being transparent in that I’m being paid and that I believe in it, so now everybody can be sponsored too. It’s fun for me to do, it serves the Take 5 brand, and it’s a way for people to get free stuff!”

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