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Bread-Flower with sour cabbage

Bread-Flower with sour cabbage

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Put all the ingredients for the bread (except the egg, paprika, poppy seeds and sesame seeds) in the bread machine and select the kneading and leavening program.

Meanwhile, prepare the cabbage: finely chopped onion and carrot put on the grater with small mesh put to harden in a little oil, then add finely chopped cabbage and let it boil with a little water until ready. Add more water from time to time and then let it drain well. Add the tomato juice and spices. When it is ready, let it cool.

From the dough are made 3 bigger balls and 4 smaller ones. Spread one at a time on the floured table, put it on each cabbage, roll it and then squeeze the roll like a snail. This is done with all dough balls. They are placed in the form of a flower in a taller vessel lined with baking paper. Leave to rise in the bowl for about 30 minutes, then grease with beaten egg with paprika and sprinkle with poppy seeds and sesame seeds. Bake over low heat until golden brown.

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very good amalia cabbage recipe, especially now during the big week when fasting takes place. I kiss you sweet to have a beautiful and sunny day (not like in Ploiesti where it rained very badly)

Alina I thought it was already & # 8222 passed & # 8221 :), during this period it is made with new cabbage, but if I still did it I can give an idea to someone else :). You should know that it is cloudy here too but it is still not raining, anyway there are no more chances of sunshine :(.

To understand, she is good for fasting. In the Kingdom it is made with lard or ham (bacon) which you fry until it reaches the jumeri. Try only with lard or salted meat cut into small pieces and browned and then man talk. Anyway, thank you Amalia for the effort. Put your scents to the test and customize the food as you want. (Let it be tasty and flavorful).

Cabbage & # 8211 traditional recipe

Pickled cabbage recipe, how to put pickled cabbage for the winter The traditional recipe of Moldovan sauerkraut, an old recipe, without chemical preservatives. How much salt do we use and what spices, how does the cabbage taste? What is the best sauerkraut?

Traditionally, the cabbage is pickled after the frost falls, in October, of St. Dumitru. Then it is said by the people that it comes out the best sauerkraut for the winter, keep the mill (juice) clear and do not drizzle, do not spoil the cabbage until late spring.

We bought some cabbages now, which we found here in Italy and we picked them at home. I can't find here the type of cabbage with fine leaves, as in Romania, the cabbage is slightly bitter, but it is good. & # 128578

My mother will put it on sauerkraut and send it to me ready pickled in December. & # 128578 Now let me show you How to put pickled cabbage for the winter 🙂

A secret for sauerkraut

In the spring, when it starts to heat up outside, the households throw away the cabbage if there is anything left in the barrels. Those who live in the block, know what pleasant aromas are on the stairs, when the neighbors take the cabbage leftovers to the garbage & # 128577. I recommend that you do not wait for the heat, for the cabbage and pickles to spoil. I drain the juice well, then put them in bags in the freezer.

So as not to take up much space, I choose the leaves for the sarmale and put them in separate bags, cleaned of ribs, exactly as I need for the sarmale. The rest heel and put in bags, very well squeezed, for salad and sauerkraut & # 128578 I put labels on each bag, to know what I have in them. That way, I have sauerkraut for a long time and I don't worry about it spoiling if it's hot outside.

It stays excellent in the freezer, think that cabbage freezes in winter and when it thaws it has nothing & # 128578. Pickles in brine, as well, if you stay, you can put them in the freezer. & # 128578

More Pickle recipes & ndash see here. & # 128578 You will find all kinds of goodies, cooked and explained in my unmistakable style. & # 128578

And a beautiful final gift: THE ALBUM WITH CANNED RECIPES FOR WINTER! Click on the writing in red and save it somewhere, so that you always have it at hand. It is a free album, in which you will find over 100 canned recipes for winter, nicely placed by categories: compote, jam, zacusca, liqueur, syrup, vegetables and canned vegetables. It is always updated when I publish a new recipe & # 128578

I put pickles on it and don't forget to smile today, life is so beautiful! & # 128578

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