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Sour cherry jam

Sour cherry jam

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It took the longest to remove the seeds from the cherries.

After removing the seeds, I put some of the cherries in the robot and passed them, and I left the others whole.

In a saucepan I mixed the cherries with the gelling sugar and lemon juice and put them on the fire. Mix if necessary, but it did not stick to the pan.

From the moment it starts to boil, I leave it for 9 minutes. In no case write more than 10 minutes for instructions.

We test the gelling. We put a spoonful of the composition on a saucer. If it cools down after it has cooled, it is ready.

Although the sugar package says that 1 kg of sugar is used for 1 kg of fruit, I put 1 kg of sugar for 1,900 kg of cherries.

It was perfect in consistency and taste.

Sweet and sour taste, intense color and whole cherries combining with fine jelly.

I guess you will be tempted to try, at least after tasting a teaspoon of jam next to a glass of cold water.

It made me smile more to write the recipe than to make jam.

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