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Raspberry jam

Raspberry jam

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Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


This year I really wanted to not miss the fragrant raspberry jam from the pantry. As for her picking, I did not dare to participate, I turned to acquaintances and received her at home, ready to be picked. The first step is to clean and wash the fruits carefully, so as not to crush them. Then place them in the pan ready to boil, alternating a layer of fruit with a layer of sugar (800 g sugar / 1 kg of fruit), leave for about an hour to form the syrup. After that we add the juice of a large lemon and put them to boil, over low heat. We take care to set aside the foam that forms on top and mix it from time to time carefully, not letting the pojghita form on the walls of the pan. Boil until you get the desired consistency, then pour hot jam into sterilized jars. Keep the jars warm, covered with a blanket until they cool completely, then move them to the shelf in the pantry.

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