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Anteprima RTW Fall 2014: The Best Basics For An Ultra-Luxe Closet

Anteprima RTW Fall 2014: The Best Basics For An Ultra-Luxe Closet

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Holy lipstick, Batman! That is one fantastic color. Izumi Ogino's designs at Anteprima almost took a backseat to the beauty during the Fall 2014 show at Milan Fashion Week. Feminine silhouettes, chunky knits, bright accessories and killer lipstick made this collection one of those perfect lines we can wear right off the runway.


Although the collection mostly consists of grey and white, the pops of colors range from maroon to bright yellow, breaking up the monotony of colorless fabrics for fall. Some of the fun shades are paired with the two base colors while others are paired with each other. We couldn’t really imagine a cheerful sunshine yellow for a fall collection, but somehow, it works. Paired with long sleeves and darker hues suddenly make even the most summery shades worthy of a spot in your closet when the polar vortex hits next year.

The fabrics in this collection are basically begging for cold weather. Chunky knits, furs, leathers and wool coats are so perfect we want them now—is there a reason we need to wait until fall? Not limited to just jackets and coats, these heavy textiles are fashioned into scarves, vests, wraps, shirts and tops. Particular favorites include the black leather blouse and fur wrap styled into a vest.

Our favorite thing about this collection (aside from that windblown hair and vixen lipstick, of course), are the cuts. Structured tops paired with loose bottoms, demure pencil skirts and baggy sweaters are all lumped together in a look that seems feminine, modern and easy all at the same time. We hesitate to say it’s effortless, but it definitely has the understated simplicity of layering a few basics, throwing on some accessories and calling it a day.

Speaking of accessories, the long colorful gloves peaking from beneath sweaters and coats are one of the better ways to stay warm during the colder months. Simple leather bags either wrapped around the body or hand-held came in deep colors like pewter, oxblood or hunter green. The accessories we could do without? The chunky knit scarves, which look warm, but also have excess length and a shapeless look to them—like a first time knitter started a project and just kept going and going and going…

Basically, this label isn’t particularly popular, but there’s no reason it should be missing from your winter wardrobe—unless of course you’re more of a Cavalli fan and there’s just not enough going on here—then we get it. Other than that, pieces from the collection can be paired individually with pretty much anything you feel like wearing. Think of it as a line of ultra-luxe basics—besides, things like leather blouses and fur tank tops should be a thing already.

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