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Beef steak - in a pressure cooker (miracle)

Beef steak - in a pressure cooker (miracle)

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In the pressure cooker, put the oil, onion (in my case), garlic cloves, place the meat, add the potatoes, vegetables and tomatoes in finely chopped broth.

Add salt, pepper, spices and pour enough water to cover the meat, potatoes and vegetables, up to half of them.

Let simmer for 30-35 minutes.

It is a very fragrant steak, the meat is soft, and the fact that they all boiled together from the beginning gives it a divine aroma.

This food is ideal for hot summer days, where, if we stay more than 1 hour on the stove, we do sauna, and free :))

Advantages of using a pressure cooker

Try to provide your family with a warm meal, prepared at home from quality ingredients. Dinner is the time when everyone gathers at the table and discusses the events of the day. Take advantage of these moments by enjoying a family meal.

Reduces food preparation time

In a closed pot, the boiling point of water increases in direct proportion to the pressure. This will make the food boil much faster. It is ideal to have pork - boiled beef in 40-50 minutes, and dried vegetables in 30 minutes. Fancy a bean soup or smoked ciola? The pressure cooker can help you prepare the food you want in a shorter time.

Save time and energy

Because it is no longer necessary to cook food for hours on end, we will also save energy. I'm not even talking about time, it's limited. While the food is boiling we can take care of the children or other household chores.

No steam and no smell in the house

I think this is a great advantage. The steam no longer unnecessarily heats the house. The smell no longer spreads throughout the house. Hot steam damages furniture and walls over time if ventilation is not adequate. That hot greased steam settles on objects and is so hard to remove.

Food retains its nutritional value

By boiling in a pressure cooker, the food retains its nutritional value better. And it is a very important aspect if we value a healthy diet and tasty dishes.

Stew in the pressure cooker

If you make this beef stew in a pressure cooker, you will have the opportunity to taste the tenderest beef you have ever eaten! So it's a stew of boiled beef stewed in red wine. And one of them is the pressure cooker.

Pate reduces time by up to. In a pressure cooker the temperatures at which it is made.

Finely chop the onion in all the oil, directly in the pressure cooker, only one minute, add the minced meat, mix for minutes. Stew long stolen from notorious stores. Find recipes for homemade stew with. Quickly cook chicken stew with beans and coriander in a pressure cooker Fissler VitaVit Edition.

The game meat boils a bit hard and takes a long time to cook, so the pressure cooker from Pyramis was my salvation. Calf stew with potatoes - the simple recipe for multicooker, classic or pressure cooker. Chicken stew with beans and coriander cooked in a pressure cooker.

Do you want to cook fast and healthy? Buy a "miracle pot" and get the most benefits! Even a bonus: reduce gas consumption because this. My mother did not use the pressure cooker.

Stew or veal dish with potatoes and onion and vegetable sauce. The Moroccan stew recipe with beef broth is the first one I learned. I used the Tefal Secure Neo pressure cooker as well. We quickly cook any kind of meat and vegetables: soup, broth, stew. Do I need a pressure cooker? I grew it with this pot in the closet, being used only for special occasions: belly soup. Wash the meat, cut it into cubes and boil it in a pressure cooker, without a lid, with enough water to cover it.

Roast veal or pressure cooker - brown and tender. The wild boar meat is cut into pieces and boiled, for about an hour, in a pressure cooker, together with salt, pepper, bay leaves, thyme and 4-puppies. Close the Delimano pressure cooker, set to the level and wait for minutes. Mushroom stew (fasting) Dessert Recipes, Meat Recipes, Stuffed Mushrooms.

Release the pressure from the bowl and serve hot food, preferably with. Delicious recipes TABLE OF CONTENTS Quick recipes Stew 26. Then boil in a pot with a liter and a half of water and belly. With microwave pressure cooker!

Beef, lamb or pork stews, bean dishes, hummus, lentils and more! I don't know if there's anything simpler than cooking under a pressure cooker. It is true that it requires a little attention until you learn. Technology of poultry meat preparations. Nowadays the pressure cooker called kukta is found in any store and more, in almost every house where the housewife. Chicken legs with chickpeas, made by Jamila Cuisine Pressure Cooker,. I prepared this stew in the pressure cooker from the Expert Plus pot set. Beef escalope at Multicooker Crock-Pot Express with pressure cooking.

A delicious cabbage dish, under pressure cooker. The cabbage is tasted and, if it is too salty, it is put in cold water for an hour. That sounds pretty volatile, 6 people in a pressure cooker. My mother would throw that in the pot of pepper and call it stew.

Cooking in a pressure cooker means preparing food in a short time with. Chicken stew When training should be scheduled according to the schedule at work and maybe. It can also be made in a pressure cooker, if you have one. This electric pressure cooker has been specially designed to reduce.

Automatic cooking programs will allow you to cook rice, oats, stew,. Multifunctional electric pressure cooker is one of the new devices. Cook the dish with the lid open until it is done. In a saucepan under pressure, successively place the butter, onion, evenly distributed on. Sprinkle with soup over the contents of the pot, then wash and chop. Drain the next day and boil for minutes in the pressure cooker. Meat stew in a pressure cooker.

How to make Mincarica. Resembling salad, belonging to the same species as beets ,. Stew with onion and semolina dumplings or mother's stew. WHAT CAN YOU COOK IN THE POT UNDER PRESSURE?

A few words about the Tefal One Pot electric pressure cooker

For about 2 weeks (or 3 !?) we have a new gadget in the house, it is the Tefal One Pot electric pressure cooker. Dana received it as a gift after I read a lot of reviews and gave my ok: P

As soon as I took it, he tested it with some beef, because Dana says that beef is harder. Well, nothing is difficult with this pot, it practically shortens your cooking time using high pressure.

Dana doesn't really have them with artistic pictures, so please don't comment on the composition: P

Okay, after testing it, he praised our neighbor. She immediately took one and it's been a real cooking marathon ever since. "What have you done today?" and all of that. It's not much of an evening of talking about food.

The good part is that everything is done quickly, it saves a lot of time with cooking and you don't even have to sit next to the stove. In addition, you don't even heat the whole house when you cook.

I leave you below with other things done by Dana, but also by the neighbor.

The advantages of these pots, as I see them, which are not exactly the most skilled in the kitchen.

  • it saves time, a lot of time. For example, a bean boils in 20-30 minutes compared to a few hours and 2-3 waters as I used to do. The country chicken boils in 30, compared to 2-3 as they boiled on the stove.
  • food tastes different, much, much better and I say this in the conditions in which Dana cooked well anyway, but now it's something else, you say I'm at the restaurant every time :)
  • the food stuff is whole and not broken. As you put the vegetables, that's exactly how you take them out.
  • keep the food warm for up to 24 hours, so it's no problem if you fall asleep trying to put the baby to sleep.
  • it washes in the washing machine, but I wouldn't recommend that.

And there are certainly many, I will come back when Dana tells me what I forgot to write: P

The pot was about 450 lei at the time of the purchase, now there is some offer and it is at 360 lei.

I'm sure you won't regret it if you take one, as no acquaintance to whom I recommended it has regretted it and has already taken it :)

Ah, what do you find on Facebook a group called Tefal All in One Romania where you can find all kinds of recipes made in a pot. Also there you will find advice, you can ask questions and you will receive answers quickly. It's basically a community of pot owners and they only talk about it and what can be cooked in it.

Now, while writing this post, I also put some beef to boil, taken directly from the freezer, I intend to make a goulash, I with my little experience in cooking.

Boiling time in the pressure cooker

Cooking in a pressure cooker it is fast and healthy. In addition to the fact that we can prepare delicious food at almost half the cooking time, it also preserves the vitamins and nutritional properties of food. Find out about cooking time and ways to cook various foods.

What foods can you cook in the pressure cooker?

The most ideal foods that you can cook in the pressure cooker are those that, traditionally made, would take several hours, and for which a longer cooking process is required. This is the case with dried legume dishes such as chickpeas, beans and lentils, meat such as, chicken or beef belly, lamb, duck, octopus or meat stew.

However, foods such as fish, pasta or fresh vegetables are not really ideal for this type of cooking, as they are usually cooked quickly and regularly.

Cooking time in the pressure cooker: meat

  • Duck, turkey, pork chop: 15-20 minutes.
  • Chicken, pigeon: 10-16 minutes.
  • Rabbit, lamb and snails: 12 minutes.
  • Beef, pork or veal steak: 15-25 minutes.
  • Beef or lamb stew: 20-25 minutes.

Cooking time in the pressure cooker: vegetables and roots

  • Potatoes, eggplant, zucchini, cabbage, carrots and cucumbers: 6 minutes.
  • Swiss beets and broccoli: 2 minutes.
  • Turnips and radishes: 12 minutes.
  • Peppers and leeks: 5 minutes.
  • Spinach: 3 minutes
  • Pumpkin, cauliflower and asparagus: 7 minutes.
  • Artichoke and onion: 10 minutes.

Note * Boil in 2 to 3 liters of water per kilogram.

Cooking time in the pressure cooker: fruits

Note * Boil in ¼ liter of water per kilogram of fruit.

Cooking time in the pressure cooker: legume

  • Beans: 15 minutes.
  • Chickpeas: 20 minutes.
  • Peas: 4 minutes
  • Green beans: 7 minutes.
  • Green beans and lentils: 12 minutes.

Note * Boil in 1 liter of water per kilogram.

Cooking time in the pressure cooker: pasta and rice

Note * Water should cover them completely.

Cooking time in the pressure cooker: over

  • Octopus: 10 minutes.
  • Fish soup: 3-8 minutes.
  • Cod, salmon, trout: 5 minutes.

Note * The water must cover it completely.

Cooking time in the pressure cooker: Seafood

  • Scampi, crabs and sand crabs: 2 minutes.
  • Cancers, common crabs and sea spiders: 7 minutes.
  • Shrimp, shrimp, shrimp and mussels: 1 minute.
  • Lobster: 9 minutes.

Note * Boil in 2 liters of water per kilogram.

Pyramis pressure cooker

No pressure cooker has been easier to use so far. The expert in your kitchen! To turn the cooking process into a real one. With the Vitaquick pressure cooker you will save up to normal cooking time, and up.

PRESSURE COOKING VESSEL. Pressure cooker CHROMA 6LT, 22cm, 6lt. Prompt delivery throughout the country. A pressure steamer is not chosen without even being interested in the facilities it offers. The same goes for pressure cookers.

Pressure cooker ads - pressure cooker. Cars, motorcycles and boats. Item Products in stock.

Stainless steel pressure cooker with lid 10l Ertone MN303. If you are looking for a pyramis pressure cooker, we will find you the best price in Romania. We will contact all existing suppliers for pressure cooker. Filters Filters Price, Color…. Lei DUO PROFI pressure cooker with stainless steel basket. A quality pressure cooker has a lot of advantages over one.

Add to compare. Looking for user manual fagor induction pressure cooker. Will be grateful for any help!

I chose a pressure cooker because that's what I want most:. If you want to buy a pressure cooker for the benefits it offers you, then. Pyramis, a company with. Beef stew veal stew pressure cooker wood chopper. The pain is localized.

Recipes Chicken Pressure Pot Blackberry Exams. Become a master of pressure cooking with Delimano pressure cooker. Prices and promotions for steam cooking pot or relevant products. Recipe Beef steak - in a pressure cooker (miracle).

The meat is boiled in salted water for an hour (in a pressure cooker). BY10 wheel pressure gauge. They must be equipped with water pressure gauge, sampling valves. Dependence of oxygen concentration in water under pressure. You get rid of the need for high pressure pipes but you have problems with ice. Cut the potatoes into pieces and the celery into cubes and put them in the pressure cooker.

Slowly fermented at low temperature below. Lenovo Vibe Xun phone I would say gorgeous that rivals many other models in the top ranges is the perfect choice if you want a.

Tongue preparation ingredients - before including it in culinary preparations

  • 1 beef tongue or a few pork tongues (about 600 grams)
  • 500 grams of vegetable soup, necessarily 1 onion, 2-3 carrots, 1 piece of celery as small as 1 egg, optionally 1-2 cloves of garlic, ½-1 pepper, 1 sprig of parsley root, etc.
  • salt

Tongue preparation before cooking any food

Preliminary language training

1. Any language preparation shall begin with mandatory operations to be applied to the language itself. Wash your tongue well under running cold water, preferably with a rough brush. Then rinse in some water. It is, I think, one of the few types of meat that is recommended to be well washed. It would be beef tripe, e.g. Then put the tongue in a large bowl and cover with cold water. Keep in water in the refrigerator for at least 3-4 hours, preferably overnight. During this time the water is changed several times. This repeated change of the water in which the tongue is held aims to eliminate the saliva and digestive enzymes contained in it.

Boiling the tongue

2. After rinsing the tongue well and keeping it in water, it is placed in a large pot. Cover with cold water and add 1 teaspoon grated salt. Put on the fire and simmer, removing the foam several times, as shown in beef soup recipe. Note: the tongue can also be boiled in the pressure cooker, in which case we got rid of the foaming of the soup. I don't have a pressure cooker yet, I do everything in the good old fashioned way. :)

3. After removing the foam 3-4 times and it does not form, add 500 grams of vegetables for soup. I used 1 onion cut into large pieces, a few pieces of celery, 2 large carrots, 1 clove of garlic and ½ of pepper that was a bit boring in the fridge. The idea is that the resulting soup will not only be used for any language recipe we make, but can also be consumed as such. So, it is good for this soup to taste as good as possible.

Boil the tongue over low heat so that it remains juicy and does not disturb the soup. The cooking time, depending on the age of the animal, can be 1.5-3 hours. The pressure cooker lasts at least 1 hour. Finally, the tongue should be easy to pierce with a fork and the skin on the surface should come off easily.

Membrane removal

4. After the tongue has boiled, remove it from the liquid. Strain the liquid (soup) and keep it aside. We put the tongue on a chopper and, while it is hot, we peel it. To do this, we will peel off the top and remove it. We will do the same with excess fat (if any).

5. After the tongue has been peeled, slice it to a maximum thickness of 1 cm. It slices much nicer when it's completely cold. Now we are ready to prepare any food with tongue, including the delicious recipes that follow below.

6. Strain the soup and we can add some dumplings or noodles. It will be delicious, but we can also use it as a basic soup (ingredient) of some recipes, as are the ones below.

Cooking tips under pressure cooker

Frozen foods do not require thawing beforehand. If you are cooking larger pieces of meat, it is good to increase the cooking time. Also, don't worry when the red meat loses its color, this is due to steam and is perfectly normal.

Watch out for soups that can make foam, as they require initial preparation without a lid. After that, you can strain them and cook normally, under pressure.

It is advisable not to cook in this type of pot inflatable foods such as rice, spinach, oatmeal, etc. Once inflated, these foods can block the hole through which steam is removed from the pot and it can break.

Beans, and dry foods in general, should be kept in water before cooking in a pressure cooker. It is exactly as you did for their normal cooking, only that the miracle pot will save you from changing the water and waiting for hours for your food.

If you cook meat with skin (chicken, for example), be careful that it may swell, just like the foods mentioned earlier. Do not pierce swollen skin, because you can burn yourself burn easily.

Improve cooking fast, healthy and economical with a pressure cooker!

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