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Walnuts filled with chocolate cream

Walnuts filled with chocolate cream

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Mix margarine at room temperature with powdered sugar. Add eggs one by one, stirring constantly. Add flour, salt and baking soda quenched with orange juice. Let cool for an hour.

Meanwhile, make the cream. I put the milk, sugar and chocolate on the fire, stirring until they melted. We add the biscuits and ground walnuts and cocoa. We also add the orange essence (or rum according to everyone's taste).

We put the form on the fire, we grease it with a little oil for the first time, then we form balls of coca that we put in each place of the form. of handles and keep on the fire for a few minutes, twisting on one side and on the other, until lightly browned on both sides.

Fill the shells in the same way with chocolate cream, then roll them in powdered sugar mixed with cocoa.


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