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Snow White Cake

Snow White Cake

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For sheets mix eggs, sugar, oil and milk in a bowl.

Beat everything well with a fork so that the sugar melts. Add the salt and ammonia dissolved in a little lemon juice and then add the flour little by little until you get a homogeneous dough, suitable for hard that does not stick to hands.

Let the dough rest for 30 minutes, then divide it into 3 and spread each part of the dough on a piece of baking sheet until the dough becomes very thin and matches the size of the tray in which you want to bake the sheets. bottom up and place the sheet well stretched, along with the baking sheet. Bake the sheet for 15 minutes on low heat (150 degrees) until the sheet hardens and colors very little. Do the same with the other 2 sheets.

For the cream put in a pan the flour, sugar, lemon peel and pour the milk little by little to form a paste. Continue to pour the milk until the paste dilutes more and more and until you add all the milk. Put the pan to boil. , on low heat and stir continuously until the cream thickens. Cover the cream with a plastic wrap, directly on the surface of the cream and let it cool. When it has cooled, mix the cream by adding a little bit of butter at room temperature.

To assemble the cake, line the tray on the back of which you baked the sheets, with plastic wrap, put one of the sheets then a layer of cream (a little less than half of the total amount), put the second sheet and again a layer of cream keeping some cream and for the last layer and the last sheet, and on top of the rest of the cream we spread it well and sprinkle a lot of coconut or you can sprinkle ground walnuts or grated chocolate. another weight (for example 1 kg of flour or corn, etc.) and leave the cake in the fridge overnight until the sheets soften.

Then cut the cake to taste and serve cold with hot coffee, tea or milk.

Good appetite!

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